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By: Harry Bui, Lauren Eppinger, Ted Oleynick, Anwar Harris, and Janet Cahilly.

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1 By: Harry Bui, Lauren Eppinger, Ted Oleynick, Anwar Harris, and Janet Cahilly

2 The watch worn by Roger Moore in “Live and Let Die” was a 1972 Rolex Submariner which had a 40mm diameter & 15mm thickness. ( & James Bond &


4  James Bond will be standing 10 meters away from the gun when the bullet is shot.  He will be wearing a watch that has a magnet made of a current loop, which is supposed to produce a magnetic force to stop the bullet.  Theoretically, as seen in the next slide:


6 1.Find the force of the bullet 2. Find the magnetic force of the watch 3. Find the area of the current loop placed inside the watch, which will serve as a magnet when the current is induced. 4. Find the current induced into the loop in the battery. 5. Find the magnetism of the bullet.

7 F= Force I = Current Area = Distance in Loop F = 3 * I * Area * B distance

8 Work = Force * Distance Assuming a gun fires a bullet mass 26 grams out of a barrel knowing that the speed of the bullet is 238 m/s 32 cm long after traveling 10m F * d = ½ m (v²) F * 0.32m = ½.026kg * (238m/s)² F = 2301 N

9 The battery used in the Rolex Submariner was a button cell one, with the following properties: Zinc – Air Capacity 620 mAh = 0.62 Ah 11.6 mm diameter V = 9 v R = 10Ω I = V/R = 9/10 = 0.9 A

10 Diameter = 40mm Radius = 20mm = * 0.0210 ² m ² = 0.01256 m ²

11  Magnetism, B is basically the property of an object being able to attract another object.  Assuming that our bullet shot from the gun is made of either nickel, cobalt or iron. Thus as it shot and come into the magnetic field produced by the watch, the bullet can be induced by magnets to become a magnet itself.  Thus we can see that from the formula and the number we have for other properties, the value of the magnetism of the bullet should be a very big number, which will not be practical for the watch to create a force strong enough to just stop bullet (2301N)

12 F = 3 * I * Area * B distance F = (3 * 0.9A * 0.01256 m² * B)/10 I = 0.9 A A = 0.01256 m² B = X(has to be a VERY big number)


14 Harry Bui It is an interesting idea, but not very practical with today’s technology. But who knows what tomorrow will bring? Maybe we will discover some kind of technology to discharge into a superconducting magnet coil operating at room temperature. And then minimize all that down into a pair of coils small enough to put into a watch, and maybe you could use it to stop bullets. Besides, we will have to take into account that there will be different angles that the bullet is shot thus in reality it is much more complicated than our hypothetical situation in our project. From this I know that moving a conducting material through a magnetic field will induce a current that generates a magnetic field, which will interact with the original field to slow down the object. Need a strong magnetic field over a long distance to slow a bullet much. Thus it is possible to stop the bullet but it is not really practical and might just appear in movie like Matrix.

15 Through this project, we learned how to further apply the equations and concepts we learned in class. Using the knowledge of work, electricity, magnetism, force, and impulse, we were able to determine that a watch with an electro-magnet would not possess the force required to deflect a bullet off its given path. In the James Bond movie Live and Let Die, the gadget is described to Bond, but not actually utilized on screen. Based upon our calculations, this gadget would not work. Perhaps the most important lesson we learned from doing this project is to “not try this at home.”

16 I learned about the crazy and somewhat unbelievable things that magnets are capable of doing with the right amount of force. While James Bond’s watch could not have had a magnet strong enough to change the trajectory of a bullet, there are magnets that have strong enough fields to change the path of the bullet and cause it to hit the magnet. Couple that with the fact not all bullets have ferrous metal alloys and it seems very unlikely the watch would have worked.

17 I learned that you can increase the magnetic field of some magnets by increasing the electric current. Although electromagnets can not deflect bullets, they can still produce stronger and more malleable magnetic fields, than there permanent counterparts.

18 Throughout this project I learned how to apply some physics to the James Bond and the bullet deflecting watch mystery. James Bond and his gadgets have captivated its audience for many years. Although, we were unable to determine the magnetic field of the speeding bullet, we do know that it would need to be a VERY big magnetic field! For now we will continue to be amazed and awed only during a movie. It is obvious to me just how complex and intricate physics really is. We stretched our problem solving skills during this project and we hope you have enjoyed it.

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