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Stream-like movement of water

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1 Stream-like movement of water
Let’s Review! 1) Please take out your Ch Column Notes. 2) Spend a few minutes reading the content for review. 3) Open book to p. 416. Ocean Currents: Stream-like movement of water

2 Surface Currents 2facts: caused by wind
Stream-like movement of water at or near the surface

3 Surface currents are controlled by:
Four Things: 1. Global winds- winds that blow across the surface, creating ripples



6 Surface currents are controlled by:
2. Coriolis Effect: Earth’s rotation causes wind and currents to curve. Coriolis Effect

7 Currents and Temperature

8 3. Continents deflect the current, changing its direction
4. Water temperature- Cold water from poles displaces rising warm water at equator warm water from equator is pushed back to poles

9 ?Deep Currents? Stream-like movements of ocean water far below the surface. Caused by differences in DENSITY. Density in ocean water caused by: temperature and salinity differences

10 More Deep Currents… 1. decreasing temps near poles-cold water is denser so sinks to bottom 2. increasing salinity thru freezing-as ice forms, salt squeezed out, increases the salinity, changing density, water will sink 3. increasing salinity thru evaporation-salt left behind, denser, will sink

11 Cold Water Currents Cool land near coastal areas that would otherwise be warmer

12 Density Serious Saltiness lab Summary:
If temperature goes down, density goes ____________. If salinity goes up, density goes _________.

13 Upwelling Cold, nutrient-rich water from the deep ocean rises to the surface, replacing warm surface water. Caused by wind Extremely important for organisms

14 Currents and Temperature

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