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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Court Cases PoliticalPartiesElections Forms of GovernmentVoting Key Terms.

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Court Cases PoliticalPartiesElections Forms of GovernmentVoting Key Terms

4 C1-$100 - $100 A state that does not consistently vote either democratic or republican in presidential elections What is a swing state?

5 C1-$200 - $200 An alliance between Republican and Conservative Democrats What is a conservative coalition?

6 C1-$300 - $300 Placing a certain slant on a story to deflect negative public attention against a candidate or office holder What is spin control?

7 C1-$400 - $400 Casting votes for candidates of ones own party and for candidates of opposing parties What is split ticket voting?

8 C1-$500 - $500 Political districts in which candidates elected to the House of Representatives win in close elections, typically by less than 55 percent of the vote. What are marginal districts?

9 C2-$100 - $100 Ordered state legislative districts to be as near as equal as possible in population What is Baker v. Carr?

10 C2-$200 - $200 Ordered House districts to be as near as equal in population as possible. What is Wesberry V. Sanders?

11 C2-$300 - $300 Race cannot be the sole or predominant factor in redrawing legislative boundaries. What is Shaw v. Reno?

12 C2-$400 - $400 Use of the 14 th amendments equal protection clause to stop Florida recount in the election of 2000. What is Bush v. Gore?b

13 C2-$500 - $500 1 st Amendment protects campaign spending; legislatures can limit contributions, but not how much one spends of his own money on campaigns. What is Buckley v. Valeo?

14 C3-$100 - $100 The association with liberal political ideology whom favor greater government action to promote the welfare of the people as a whole. What is a democrat?

15 C3-$200 - $200 Political ideology associated with conservatism, resistant to quick change What is a republican?

16 C3-$300 - $300 Political ideology associated with those that favor slow or moderate change and limited government power. What is conservative?

17 C3-$400 - $400 Political ideology associated with those that favor more government involvement and action. What is a liberal?

18 C3-$500 - $500 A vote in which a majority of Democratic legislators oppose a majority of Republic legislators What is party polarization?

19 C4-$100 - $100 What is the senate? Two representatives are elected from each state to represent each state

20 C3-200 - $200 A person who is not registered with a political party and hold no consistent patterns for voting What is an independent voter?

21 C3-$300 - $300 What is House member requirements? This member must be 25 years of age and a citizen of the U.S for at least 7 years.

22 C3-$400 - $400 This member must be a U.S citizen for at least 9 years and must be at least 30 years of age and holds 6 year terms. What is a senator?

23 C3-$500 - $500 Difference in voting patterns for men and women, particularly in the greater tendency of the latter to vote for democratic presidential candidates. What is a gender gap?

24 C4-$100 - $100 Integrated set of beliefs that shape our point of view What is an ideology?

25 C4-$200 - $200 A political theory advocating state ownership of industry, connected with communism which counters individualism. What is socialism?

26 C4-$300 - $300 The way which you quire political beliefs such as family, school education etc. What is political socialization?

27 C4-$400 - $400 A political ideology which gives preeminence to individual rights, particularly in the economic sphere, and advocates for the strict limits on the state size, powers, and responsibilities What is libertarianism?

28 C4-$500 - $500 What is Marxism? The political ad economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, later by their followers to form the basis for the theory and practices communism.

29 C4-$100 - $100 The process by which people choose either to reelect candidate who they believe have made efforts to pass policies that benefit them. What is retrospective voting?

30 C4-$200 - $200 An election in which there is a long term change in party alignment. What is realigning?

31 C4-$300 - $300 Having more votes than anyone else, but less than half. What is plurality?

32 C4-$400 - $400 Occurs when a presidential nominee chooses a vice presidential running mate who has different qualities. in order to attract more votes for the ticket What is balancing the ticket?

33 C4-$500 - $500 Contention that parties are less meaningful to voters, who have abandoned the parties in greater numbers to become independents. What is the dealignement argument?

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