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Porosity Charbeneau, 2000..

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1 porosity Charbeneau, 2000.

2 Figure 15.1

3 Types of Porous Media n = VV / VT = Vol Voids / Total Vol
Freeze and Cherry, 1979.

4 Porosity - not good indicator of flow
Bedient et al., 1999.,

5 Pressure and Elevation Heads - Field
 = pressure head z = elevation head h = total head Freeze and Cherry, 1979.

6 Two Confined Aquifers with Different Heads
Groundwater will tend to flow from the top aquifer to the bottom aquifer. We can’t make any conclusion about horizontal head gradients from this picture. Charbeneau, 2000.

7 Horizontal and Vertical Head Gradients
Freeze and Cherry, 1979.


9 Other Aquifer Features

10 The Major Aquifers of Texas
Ogallala Carrizo-Wilcox Edwards Gulf Coast

11 Recharge Artificial Natural Precipitation Recharge wells melting snow
Infiltration by streams and lakes Artificial Recharge wells Water spread over land in pits, furrows, ditches Small dams in stream channels to detain and deflect water

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