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Sociologists & Deviances

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1 Sociologists & Deviances
Sociologists believe that deviance comes from people within Genetic Predispositions- inborn tendencies to commit deviant acts 1. Intelligence (low leads to crime) 2. “XYY” Theory (extra Y chromosome leads to crime) 3. Body Type (people with muscular bodies)

2 Psychologists & Deviances
Personality Disorders- personality disturbance causes an individual to violate social norms Subconscious motives drive people to deviance Not always true Both Psychologists, sociologists and sociobiologists search for outside factors Why people commit crimes

3 Symbolic Interactionist Perspective
Differential Assoc. Theory- We learn to deviate or to conform to society’s norms mostly by different groups we associate with. Families play a role in our deviance Neighborhoods, Friends and Subcultures Most parents don’t want their children to grow up in bad areas

4 Prisoners of Socialization
We produce our own orientations to life We choose our own path in life

5 Control Theory Why do we have strong desires to do things to get us in trouble? Inner drives Temptations Urges Hostilities

6 Control Theory The idea that two control systems-inner controls and outer controls- work against our tendencies to deviate Inner controls: morality, conscience, religious, principles, ideas of right and wrong and fears of punishment Stronger bonds with society, the more effective are inner controls are

7 Bonds Based on our attachments Based on our commitments
Affection & respect for people Based on our commitments Stake in society you don’t want to risk Based on our involvements Putting time & energy into approved activities Based on our beliefs Believe some actions are wrong

8 Labeling Theory Labels that people are given affect their own and other’s perception of them Most people reject negative labels Slobs Whore Pervert Cheat

9 Labeling Theory Some people are able to deflect the labels and consider themselves conforming members of society (Techniques of Neutralization) Denial of Responsibility Denial of Injury Denial of a Victim Condemnation of the Condemners Appeal to Higher Loyalties

10 Labels Embrace Labels: Biker Gangs in which they view themselves as losers which supports their deviance Labels give people

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