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Fahrenheit 451 Vocabulary Check your definition! There will be a quiz Friday.

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1 Fahrenheit 451 Vocabulary Check your definition! There will be a quiz Friday.

2 Week 1 1. Venomous (adj): Poisonous; malicious 2. Minstrel (noun): a comedic musician or poet 3. Lubricate (verb): to apply something oily or greasy to avoid friction 4. Waft (verb): to carry lightly over the air or water 5. Illuminate (verb): to make light 6. Refract (verb): to deflect something (usually light) 7. Imperceptible (adj): not easy to sense (see, smell, hear) 8. Mausoleum (noun): a large, gloomy room (like a tomb) 9. Cataract (noun): an eye condition where the lens is clouded 10. Inclined (verb): leaning in the direction of; having a tendency 11. Nectar (noun): the juice from a fruit or from a flower that is sweet 12. Olfactory (noun): pertaining to the sense of smell 13. Proboscis (noun): a long flexible appendage (like an elephant trunk

3 Week 2 Vocabulary 1. Proclivity (N) – natural inclination (She has a proclivity for art.) 2. Condemn (N) – Expressing a strong disapproval 3. Ravenous (Adj) – very, very hungry! 4. Fathom (V/N) – come to understand/measurement of depth 5. Centrifuge (Adj) – moving away from the center 6. Cacophony (N) – Sounds that are discordant and loud 7. Feign (V) – to pretend 8. Pratfall (N) – a humiliating defeat 9. Breach (V) – to break or rupture 10. Censor (V) – to forbid the public distribution of 11. Combustible (Adj) – capable of catching on fire

4 Week 3 Vocabulary 1. Monologue (n) – a long dramatic speech 2. Suffused (v) – to spread or flush (color) 3. Vacuum (n) – a space devoid of matter 4. Gorge (v/n) – stuffing one’s self with food/ a narrow passage 5. Retaliation (n) – seeking revenge (pay back) 6. Submission (n) – the act of yielding 7. Strewn (v) – to scatter 8. Saccharine (n) – overly sweet 9. Jowls (n) hanging cheeks (dogs) 10. Intuitive (adj) – describing a person that has hunches 11. Profusion (n) – a plentiful supply 12. Mediocre (adj) – average or ordinary 13. Loam (n) – a rich soil

5 Week 4 Vocabulary 1. Insidious (adj) – gradual and harmful 2. Treason (noun) – betrayal of one’s country 3. Linguist (noun) – a person skilled in language 4. Complement (noun/verb) – that which completes or perfects, speaking highly of someone 5. Filigree (noun) – a mesh of a fine metal 6. Invigorate (verb) - to fill with energy 7. Distill (verb) – to purify 8. Hone (v) – to sharpen 9. Scripture (n) – sacred writing 10. Torrent (n) – a flood or rush of water (words) 11. Oracle (n) – wise saying/ a person of wisdom 12. Discourse (n/v) – a conversation, act of conversing 13. Moor (n) – an area of open land

6 Week 5 Vocabulary 1. Perfunctory (adj) – done as a routine 2. Vantage (n) – a favorable position 3. Concussion (n) – impaired function in your brain 4. Chaff (adj) – trivial or worthless 5. Phosphorescent (adj) – glowing in the dark 6. Valise (n) – luggage 7. Perpetual (adj) – lasting forever or a long time 8. Aesthetic (n) – philosophy of art and beauty 9. Anesthetized (v) – to cause loss of consciousness 10. Penance (n) – voluntary self punishment 11. Excursion (n) – a short trip 12. Thoroughfare (n) – public street open on both ends

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