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Extended REFER draft-olson-sipping-refer-extensions-01 draft-mahy-sip-remote-cc-01 François Audet

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1 Extended REFER draft-olson-sipping-refer-extensions-01 draft-mahy-sip-remote-cc-01 François Audet Orit Levin Rohan Mahy

2 draft-olson-sipping-refer-extension-01 Replacing Refer-To URI Syntax with a MIME Body Suppressing the REFER Implicit Subscription with norefersub Binding Arbitrary Event Packages with REFER Applying REFER to SIP Response Codes Adding call-id and tag Parameters to Refer-To Header

3 Replacing Refer-To URI Syntax with a MIME Body Requirements: Rough Consensus –REFER was intended to be a general mechanism –REFER needs to be able to specify both generalized operation and generalized target Mechanism: Still needs polishing –“Extended-refer” Option Tag –Refer-To: –cid can be placed in the body and be expressed in XML format

4 Suppressing Implicit Subscription Status: Consensus Mechanism: Rough Consensus –Use GRUU for forking prevention no extension required –“Norefersub” Require: Option Tag –or Refer-To header parameter?

5 Binding Arbitrary Event Packages with REFER Functionality can be achieved by explicit subscription to any event package Reusing “Allow-Events” and “Event” headers in REFER

6 REFERring SIP Responses with Codes Requirements: Debatable Mechanism –“refer-response” Option Tag Not for provisional responses

7 Adding “callid” and “tag” Parameters to Refer-To Header Requirements: TBD Mechanism: TBD –call-id=123;remote-tag=aaa;local-tag=bbb

8 draft-mahy-sip-remote-cc-01 “Manipulation of conversations and session-oriented dialogs by a UA that is not directly involved in any of the relevant conversations, dialogs or sessions” “Controller” is a regular UA (not 3rd party call control)

9 draft-mahy-sip-remotecc-01 Loosely coupled UAs presenting a coordinated user experience: –SIP Phone, Internet appliances –General purpose computer, PDA Can be bidirectional (e.g., phone ↔ PC) May use dialog package, norefersub Builds on draft-olson-sipping-refer-extensions-01

10 Remote Call Control Operations Make Call Answer Call Clear Connection Deflect Call Single Step Transfer Hold Call Retrieve Call Conference Call Single Step Conference Set Do Not Disturb Set Forwarding Alternate Call Consultation Call Only “Typical use cases”

11 Implementing operations Use Refer-To-URI only helps for the simpler operations –Refer-to: sip:....;method=INVITE;response=200 –;call-id=123;remote-tag=aaa;local-tag=bbb –urn:ietf:params:sip:remotecc:operation? Some operations require REFER Body –Too complex escaping in REFER –More abstract –UA controller doesn’t want to know too much about remote controlled UA

12 REFER REFER sip:reg2@ SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK-a-1 To: "Alice's phone" From: "Alice's PC or PDA" ;tag=abc Call-ID: CSeq: 2 REFER Max-Forwards: 70 Contact: sip:alice1@ Accept: application/dialog-info+xml Require: extended-refer Refer-To: ; call-id=123;remote-tag=aaa;local-tag=bbb Content-Type: application/remotecc Content-Id: Content-Length:... ---------------------------- | Remote Call Control Body | ----------------------------

13 To Do (draft-mahy-sip-remote-cc) Can we use more generic operations? –Don’t want to get into “well-defined features with names” –Should address in next revision Define XML bodies for operations

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