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COMPANY PRESENTATION Experts in Antibodies and ELISA kits 1.

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1 COMPANY PRESENTATION Experts in Antibodies and ELISA kits 1

2 2 Founded in 1993,Boster Biological Technology, Ltd. has been manufacturing and supplying antibodies, ELISA kits, Detection kits and related products to the life sciences research community. The company was founded to empower scientists by bringing certainty into the researching of the unknown.

3 3 We had successful experience with this products, it worked excellent. And we are working on a NIH grant about NT-3 gene therapy Lei Chen I have several questions about the G-CSF ELISA kit (Cat # EK0360) Our customer bought four G-SCF kits two months ago. Yesterday, they told us that they got the good results using this kit. And they are preparing to do extra-experiments with this kit. Stanley the rat TGFb1 ELISA Kit, cat no. EK0514 gave a good standard curve, but the samples showed very low levels of TGFb1. Since the standard curve performed well, the problem was not with the kit, but with the biological samples. Serena Concerning your ECM-WS Kits we had a good feed- back from all our customers!!! Katherine Immunohisto chemistry Immunohisto chemistry Western blot ELISA Research Literature Review Resource Management Customer Requirements & Suggestions Product Manufacturing Operations Initial Lab Test Collaborators Feedback Further Test Customers Feedback Comparison w/ Competitors Continual Improvement Products

4 Polyclonal antibodies - 839 Monoclonal antibodies - 115 ELISA kits - 275 Secondary/assistant reagents -140 4

5  Cancer  Cardiovascular  Cell Biology  Developmental Biology  Epigenetics and Nuclear Signaling  Immunology  Metabolism  Microbiology  Neuroscience  Signal Transduction  Stem Cells  Tags & Cell Markers 5

6 6  Boster believes in providing good quality antibodies and ELISA kits with transparency. All of our antibodies are validated with WB and IHC against a panel of 250+ cell and tissue samples.  We test the ELISA kits thoroughly. Each batch is tested for typical standard curve values & for range of highest and lowest well, intra and inter assay variability, and sensitivity.

7 7 CodeNameSizePrice EK0326m. EGF1×96T$380 EK0327h. EGFR1×96T$320 EK0329h.Eotaxin1×96T$320 EK0330m.Eotaxin1×96T$320 EK0331h.Eotaxin-2/CCL241×96T$430 EK0333m.EPO1×96T$430 EK0335h.FAS1×96T$300 EK0336m.FAS1×96T$300 EK0337h.FAS-L1×96T$420 EK0348h.FGF91×96T$430 EK0349h.Fibronectin1×96T$230 EK0350r.Fibronectin1×96T$250 EK0351m.Fibronectin1×96T$250 EK0356h.Fractalkine/CX3CL11×96T$400 EK0357m. Fractalkine/CX3CL11×96T$400 EK0360h.G-CSF1×96T$250

8 8 CodeNameSizePrice EK0301h.Activin A1×96T$320 EK0302m.Activin A1×96T$320 EK0303r.Activin A1×96T$320 EK0305h.ANG / Angiogenin1×96T$400 EK0663h.BAFF1×96T$400 EK0664m.BAFF1×96T$400 EK0307h.BDNF1×96T$270 EK0308r.BDNF1×96T$270 EK0309m.BDNF1×96T$270 EK0311h.BMP-21×96T$400 EK0312r.BMP-21×96T$400 EK0313m.BMP-21×96T$400 EK0314h.BMP-41×96T$400 EK0310h.BMP-51×96T$400 EK0884h.BMP-71×96T$400 EK0325h. EGF1×96T$320

9 9 CodeNameSizePrice EK0363r.GDNF1×96T$380 EK0364h.GM-CSF1×96T$400 EK0365m.GM-CSF1×96T$350 EK0366r.GM-CSF1×96T$350 EK0770h.HBEGF1×96T$369 EK0369h.HGF1×96T$320 EK0881h.HSP271×96T$380 EK0370h.ICAM-11×96T$320 EK0371m.ICAM-11×96T$400 EK0372r.ICAM-11×96T$400 EK0373h.IFNγ1×96T$250 EK0374r.IFNy1×96T$333 EK0375m.IFNγ1×96T$400 EK0377r.IGF-11×96T$320 EK0378m.IGF-11×96T$320 EK0380r.IGF-21×96T$400

10 10 CodeNameSizePrice EK0383m.IGFBP-11×96T$380 EK0386h.IGFBP-31×96T$350 EK0387m.IGFBP-31×96T$380 EK0577Gp130/IL6ST1×96T$369 EK0389h.IL-1a1×96T$260 EK0390r.IL-1a1×96T$350 EK0391m.IL-1a1×96T$350 EK0392h.IL-1b1×96T$260 EK0393r.IL-1b1×96T$380 EK0394m.IL-1b1×96T$420 EK0782h.IL-1 R antagonist / IL-1RA1×96T$400 EK0397h.IL-21×96T$250 EK0398m.IL-21×96T$290 EK0399r.IL-21×96T$250 EK0400h.CD25/IL-2sRα1×96T$369 EK0915m.CD25/IL-2sRα1×96T$369

11 11 CodeNameSizePrice EK0403m.IL-31×96T$380 EK0404h.IL-41×96T$250 EK0405m.IL-41×96T$320 EK0406r.IL-41×96T$320 EK0407h.IL-51×96T$320 EK0408m.IL-51×96T$320 EK0410h.IL-61×96T$250 EK0411m.IL-61×96T$320 EK0412r.IL-61×96T$380 EK0777h.IL-6R alpha1×96T$369 EK0779h.IL-71×96T$350 EK0780m.IL-71×96T$400 EK0413h.IL-81×96T$250 EK0416h.IL-101×96T$250 EK0417m.IL-101×96T$350 EK0418r.IL-101×96T$350

12 12 CodeNameSizePrice EK0423h.IL-12p401×96T$250 EK0425m.IL-131×96T$430 EK0900r.IL-131×96T$400 EK0426h.IL-151×96T$300 EK0430h.IL-17/IL-17A1×96T$320 EK0431m.IL-17/IL-17A1×96T$400 EK0864h. IL-181×96T$400 EK0592r.IL-181×96T$400 EK0866m.IL-231×96T$400 EK0799h.IL-271×96T$420 EK0816h.Kallikrein 3 / PSA1×96T$400 EK0880m.Kim-11×96T$380 EK0882r.Kim-11×96T$380 EK0835h.KIT/SCFR1×96T$369 EK0434h.Laminin1×96T$420 EK0435r.Laminin1×96T$260

13 13 CodeNameSizePrice EK0438m.Leptin1×96T$350 EK0439h.Leptin R1×96T$320 EK0440m.Leptin R1×96T$380 EK0452m.MIP-21×96T$420 EK0441h.MCP-11×96T$300 EK0568m.MCP-11×96T$400 EK0442h.MCP-2/ CCL81×96T$430 EK0443h.MCP-3/CCL71×96T$430 EK0444h. M-CSF1×96T$320 EK0445m.M-CSF1×96T$390 EK0807h.CSF1R/M-CSFR1×96T$369 EK0808m. CSF1R/M-CSFR1×96T$369 EK0446h.MDC1×96T$350 EK0447m.MDC1×96T$380 EK0812h. MICA1×96T$400 EK0813h. MIF1×96T$400

14 14 CodeNameSizePrice EK0455r.MIP-3a1×96T$420 EK0458h.MMP-11×96T$380 EK0459h. MMP-21×96T$380 EK0460m.MMP-21×96T$400 EK0639r.MMP-21×96T$400 EK0461h.MMP-31×96T$380 EK0462m.MMP-31×96T$380 EK0464h.MMP-81×96T$430 EK0465h.MMP-91×96T$430 EK0466m.MMP-91×96T$430 EK0468h.MMP131×96T$400 EK0469h.NGF/NGFβ1×96T$260 EK0470m.NGF/NGFβ1×96T$300 EK0471r.NGF/NGFβ1×96T$300 EK0472h.NT-31×96T$260 EK0473m.NT-31×96T$290

15 15 CodeNameSizePrice EK0480h.OPG1×96T$320 EK0481m.OPG1×96T$380 EK0482h.OPN1×96T$350 EK0483m.OPN1×96T$380 EK0859h. PAI-11×96T$400 EK0861h.PTX3/Pentraxin 31×96T$369 EK0862m.PTX3/Pentraxin 31×96T$369 NEW! EK0484h.PDGF-AB1×96T$300 EK0485r.PDGF-AB1×96T$320 EK0486m.PDGF-AB1×96T$400 EK0490h. PLGF1×96T$380 EK0494h.Rantes1×96T$350 EK0495m.Rantes1×96T$430 EK0496r.Rantes1×96T$430 EK0501h.E-Selectin1×96T$300 EK0503h.L-Selectin1×96T$350

16 16 CodeNameSizePrice EK0506m.P-Selectin1×96T$320 EK0829h.RANK / TNFRSF11A1×96T$380 EK0840h.TFPI1×96T$369 EK0511h.TGFa1×96T$380 EK0513h.TGFb11×96T$300 EK0514r.TGFb11×96T$320 EK0515m.TGFb11×96T$320 EK0517m.TPO1×96T$340 EK0519h.Tie-21×96T$380 EK0520h.TIMP-11×96T$350 EK0583r.TIMP-11×96T$390 EK0522h.TIMP-21×96T$380 EK0523h.TIMP-31×96T$400 EK0525h.TNFa1×96T$250 EK0527m.TNFa1×96T$320 EK0528h.TNFsRI1×96T$400

17 17 CodeNameSizePrice EK0921h.TNFSF13/APRIL1×96T$333 EK0532h.TRAIL1×96T$400 EK0535h.uPA1×96T$370 EK0536h.uPAR1×96T$370 EK0537h.VCAM-11×96T$300 EK0538m.VCAM-11×96T$340 EK0539h.VEGF1×96T$300 EK0540r.VEGF1×96T$320 EK0541m.VEGF1×96T$320 EK0543h. VEGFR1/Flt11×96T$370 EK0544h.VEGFR2/KDR1×96T$400 EK0557h.ACE1×96T$450 EK0558m.ACE1×96T$369 NEW! EK0561h.E-Cadherin1×96T$430 EK0562m.E-Cadherin1×96T$430 EK0563h.CT-11×96T$420

18 18 CodeNameSizePrice EK0573h.CD40L1×96T$430 EK0575h.EG-VEGF1×96T$400 EK0578h.GH1×96T$430 EK0581h.Resistin1×96T$430 EK0582m.Resistin1×96T$400 EK0584h.TNFb1×96T$260 EK0588h.VEGF-C1×96T$430 EK0595h.Adiponectin1×96T$430 EK0596m. Adiponectin1×96T$430 EK0641h.Survivin1×96T$430 EK0642h. Thrombospondin-2/TSP-21×96T$320 EK0644h.Endoglin/CD1051×96T$400 EK0658h.APP1×96T$400 EK0667h. P-Cadherin1×96T$400 EK0668m.P-Cadherin1×96T$369 EK0670h.Cathepsin B1×96T$400

19 19 CodeNameSizePrice EK0678h.Cystatin C1×96T$400 EK0679m.Cystatin C1×96T$400 EK0565h.CCL11×96T$430 EK0450h.CCL4/MIP1β1×96T$430 EK0684h.CCL17/TARC1×96T$400 EK0555h.CCL21/6Ckine1×96T$430 EK0912h.CD23/FCER21×96T$369 EK0926h.CD244/2B41×96T$369 EK0696h. CD26/ DPP41×96T$369 EK0702h.CD40 / TNFRSF51×96T$400 EK0703m.CD40 / TNFRSF51×96T$400 EK0706h.CD561×96T$420 EK0708m.B7-1/CD801×96T$400 EK0715h.CD1631×96T$369 EK0722h. CXCL1/GROα1×96T$400 EK0723m. CXCL1/GROα1×96T$400

20 20 CodeNameSizePrice EK0919m.CXCL5/ENA-781×96T$333 EK0359h.CXCL6/GCP21×96T$333 EK0732h. CXCL91×96T$400 EK0735h.CXCL101×96T$420 EK0736m. CXCL10/IP-101×96T$400 EK0741h.CXCL161×96T$333 EK0742m. CXCL161×96T$400 EK0744h.C-Met/HGFR1×96T$400 EK0745m.C-Met/HGFR1×96T$400 EK0923m.Clusterin1×96T$399 EK0914h. Clusterin1×96T$369 NEW! EK0867h.DKK-11×96T$369 EK0925m.DKK11×96T$369 EK0749h.Decorin1×96T$420 EK0750m.Decorin1×96T$369 EK0751h.Emmprin / CD1471×96T$400

21 21 CodeNameSizePrice EK0763m.Galectin-11×96T$400 EK0764h.Galectin-3/ LGALS31×96T$369 EK0765m.Galectin-3/ LGALS31×96T$369 NEW! EK0767h.GDF-151×96T$369 EK0810h.Mer1×96T$430 EK0817h.KLK51×96T$400 EK0824h. LOX-1 /OLR11×96T$369 EK0825m.LOX11×96T$420 EK0827h.Rage1×96T$430 EK0830m.Rank1×96T$420 EK0831h.RBP41×96T$400 EK0832m.RBP41×96T$420 EK0846h.TrkA1×96T$420 EK0847r.Trk A1×96T$420 EK0849m.Trk B1×96T$400 EK0850h. Myeloperoxidase/MPO1×96T$400

22 22 CodeNameSizePrice EK0854m. Lipocalin-2/NGAL1×96T$400 EK0855r. Lipocalin-2/NGAL1×96T$400 EK0873h. PECAM-1/CD311×96T$420 Catalogue Changed! EK0874m.PECAM-1/CD311×96T$420 Catalogue Changed! EK0883h.KIM11×96T$380 EK0895h.P531×96T$420 EK0899h.THBS1/TSP11×96T$369 NEW! EK0903h.KLK11×96T$420 EK0904h.CEA1×96T$430 EK0905h.Angiostatin K1-31×96T$430 EK0906h.TLR21×96T$400 EK0907h.TLR31×96T$400 EK0913h.COMP1×96T$369 EK0916h.Furin1×96T$369 EK0922h.SCGB1A1/uteroglobin1×96T$369 EK0928h.Tissue factor/F31×96T$333

23 23 CodeNameSizePrice ST0000-1Lyophilized recombinant standard1ng/vial$120 ST0000-4Lyophilized recombinant standard4ng/vial$120 ST0000-10Lyophilized recombinant standard10ng/vial$120 ST0000-20Lyophilized recombinant standard20ng/vial$120 ST0000-50Lyophilized recombinant standard50ng/vial$120 ST0000-100Lyophilized recombinant standard100ng/vial$120 AR1100 96 well plate (did not precoated with antibody) 1 plate$10 AR1103Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Complex (ABC)130μl$50 AR1104TMB color developing agent10ml$40 AR1105TMB stop solution10ml$20 AR1106-1Sample diluent buffer30ml$40 AR1106-2Antibody diluent buffer12ml$40 AR1106-3ABC diluent buffer12ml$40 AR1107Biotinylated antibody130μl$120 AR0030PBS Buffer2000ml/pouch$3 AR0031TBS Buffer2000ml/pouch$3 Kit Buffers and Solutions Available Separately

24 24 2013 is a year of product expansion 100-200 new antibodies per month 20-30 new ELISA kits/month If you would like to see a particular product added, please let our Sales Associates know.

25  Boster Immunoleader website has been redesigned to help you find products faster. Gives more details on the product as well as protocols. It also features an ecommerce platform to select, buy and pay for product while on website.  The emphasis on technical expertise is deeply rooted in our culture, and most of our employees get oriented in technical positions. It is because of this technical emphasis that Boster has developed extensive capacity in customer support and can provide exceptionally fast and customized technical support. 25

26 “As a small lab in the Veterinary school, funding is harder than you can imagine; which is why Boster kits with their reasonable pricing were purchased by us. The kits arrived on time and the customer support and personal attention given to me were outstanding. Boster’s human CD40 kit was tested using dog samples and it worked great. This was especially thrilling since another kit that specifically was for dog samples had such disappointing results. All in all I would totally buy from Boster again since their product worked great, their customer and tech support was phenomenal and, they seem to genuinely care about their customer’s needs.” Prof Lavergne, Univ of Illinois “The product performed well above our expectations, and the datasheets and instructions included with the product were good as well. They did not have enough validation data such as with using Serum, Urine, etc. samples but their tech support was very willing to help find more info as well as relevant literature. Eventually we used it for the sample type specified and were happy with the results. We would recommend this product to other researchers.” S.M., Taiwan “It is a great privilege to write this review for Boster Immunoleader. I am a postgraduate student in the University of Mosul, Iraq. Boster Immunoleader, whose ELISA kits I have used are very user friendly. They were delivered promptly, their tech support was very fast in solving problems and the kits had very good results for my research. I highly recommend any researcher who needs to get a good and reasonable price ELISA kit to use Boster Immunoleader.” Harith Dahham, University of Mosul 26

27 27

28 Boster Biological Technology, Ltd 40459 Encyclopedia Circle Fremont, CA 94538 Fax : 510-445-1163 Toll Free 88-446-3604 Phone 510-445-1120 | 510-445-1157 Technical support: Orders:; Business Development:

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