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U.S. Strategic Vision.

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1 U.S. Strategic Vision

2 Who are Al and Betty? Description
AL: Is the customer who needs it now. Time is important. Example: Al works for a manufacturing company that is dependent on machines. One of the motors for the machines broke, and they cannot produce anything with out one. He needs this motor NOW! BETTY: Has the time to shop around, and sees the benefit in getting the item for the best price. Example: Let’s come up with one.

3 Al and Betty get a Relevant Offer
Relevant Offer: Making certain the products we are providing is something that is the best fit for the customer, and that Grainger is providing the customer with the right solutions.

4 Al and Betty get AMAZING customer Service
Amazing Customer Service: Grainger strives to provide customers with exceptional customer service every time every location.

5 Al and Betty Mutliplies!
REACH: Grainger strives to expand our reach to attract new customers.

6 Employees First Choice!
Profitability grows and Grainger becomes the best company and attracts the BEST employees! (LIKE YOU!)

7 More for Al and Betty SCALE INNOVATION Innovation: New ideas.
Scale: Grainger's Size and what we distribute Continuous Improvement: Improving upon the way Grainger does business. SCALE INNOVATION

8 Al and Betty Go on vacation

9 Grainger is Al and Betty’s 1st Choice

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