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ANR projects on coastal vulnerability: from past to future programs Patrick Monfray - ANR Prepared for the Symposium “Vulnerability of coastal ecosystems.

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1 ANR projects on coastal vulnerability: from past to future programs Patrick Monfray - ANR Prepared for the Symposium “Vulnerability of coastal ecosystems to global change and extreme events” Biarritz, 18 October 2011

2 ANR in brief 2

3 3 French Research Agency Created in 2005 A tool for funding French Research and Innovation

4 ANR in figure 629 M€ for all sciences in 2010 49 calls for proposals 6390 submitted 1373 funded 21,4 % average success rate Peer review 13 5000 reviewers 2 116 independent committee members Project average size 0.5 M€ (but large spectra) 38 months (up to 60) 45 thematic colloquium

5 Social Sciences & Humanities Engineering, Processes and Security Blue Sky Program (all sciences) Biology & Health Ecosystems & Sustainable Development Sustainable Energy & Environment Information & Communication Sciences & Technologies Competitive Research > 8% International Research

6 2006-2008 VMCS program on “Vulnerability : Environment, Climate and Society” 6

7 Some priorities of VMCS 2006-08 Theory and concepts sensitivity analysis, reversibility/irreversibility, resilience, capacity for adaptation to change, threshold effects, estimates and propagation of uncertainties, risk analysis,… Understanding basic processes and developing predictive tools combined and interaction processes, vulnerability of environments to extreme events, dynamic indicators for use by public bodies,… Socio-economic impacts and adaptation strategies influence of change scenarii on the use of natural resources, perception of social groups to face with their environment, reactions and capacity building of societies to adapt to global change, cost of damage and of adaptation and mitigation measures 7 > 139 submitted, 44 funded, 7 related to coastal vulnerability

8 2009-2011 CEPS program on “Global Environmental changes & Societies” 8

9 Some priorities of CEPS 2009-11 Combined effect : multiple stressors Intra- to inter-decadal variability Vulnerable areas: mediterranean, subtropical, mountainous, polar, coastal and island Potential mitigation areas: urbanized areas in post-industrial or emerging countries. Attract Social Sciences and Humanities Develop international collaboration > 127 submitted, 31 funded, 5 related to coastal vulnerability

10 Some projects related to coastal vulnerability 10

11 Thematics Estuaries changes CHACCRA on carbon (lead LSCE) EXTREMA on pollutant remobilization (lead IRSN) EEL-SCOPE on eel success (lead EPOC) Coast line vulnerability VULSACO on sandy coast (lead BRGM) MISEEVA on inundation (lead BRGM) CECILE on sea-level rise and subsidence (lead BRGM-LEGOS) Coastal ecosystems EVOLFISH on Atlantic sole & flounder (lead LEMAR) PEPS on Peru upwelling (lead LOCEAN) EPURE on Morocco upwelling (lead LEMAR) Coastal management and decision making COCORISCO on Brittany Region (lead GEOMER) ADAPT’EAU on Gironde estuary (lead CEMAGREF) 11


13 Website references CHACCRA: E/ E/EXTREMA VULSACO: MISEEVA: EEL-SCOPE: EVOLFISH: 3/projets/ 3/projets/evolfish PEPS: CECILE: COCORISCO: ADAPT’EAU: www.agence-nationale- selection-2011.pdfwww.agence-nationale- selection-2011.pdf EPURE: www.agence-nationale- selection-2011.pdfwww.agence-nationale- selection-2011.pdf 13

14 Some results from VMCS 2006 14

15 VULSACO: Assessment of the vulnerability of sandy coastal systems facing undergoing climate change & anthropic pressure until 2030 Morphology modulation by NAO Parisot et al., 2010, VULSACO

16 CHACCRA: The fate of Rhone river carbon and nutrients in the coastal Mediterranean seas, and its relations to climatic parameters 16 Isotopic evolution of benthic accumulation from Rhone river to shelf CHACCRA : C. Rabouille (leader) et al.

17 EXTREMA : Extreme meteo-climatic redistribution of sedimentary masses and associated pollutants in Lion Gulf system 17 21/01/0725/01/07 18/02/07 Simulation of Rhone sediment fate after wind events Symphonie model, LA, Toulouse

18 EVOLFISH: Effects of global warming and local contamination of evolutionary responses of two coastal fishes (sole vs flounder) 18 Flounder more contaminated by PCB than sole, due to higher trophic level and more based-river food EVOLFISH : Jean Laroche (leader) et al.

19 Towards 2012-2014 ANR programming 19

20 20 Epistolary Consultation Research Organizations Alliance Compagnies & Clusters MInistries Foresight Council International Advisory Panel Foresight Workshops Follow-up & Monitoring Exercises 1 Strategic Scientific Committees ANR Workshops ANR GB 4 56 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 1.Digest 2.Reports 3.Public policies 4.ANR Programme Planning Framework 5.ANR Programme Planning Document 6.Calls for proposals The ANR Program Planning process

21 Earth System Science SSC 2012-14 propositions to 27/10/11 GB Systemic changes Climate & Global Cycles, incl. water Biodiversity & Ecosys. Serv., incl. food Societal Dynamics, incl. human dimension Advanced Technologies Observing/ discerning Forecasting/ projecting Innovating/ transforming Responding/ governing ICSU Grand Challenges Land, Urban & Coastal Dynamics, incl. soils Sustainable Cities & Housing Technologies & Services for Environment Facing Societal & Environmental Changes All JPI Climate IGFA/Belmont ERANET Innovera Confining/ limiting ARP Earth complexity & Mathematics ARP on Geo- Engineering ARP on Biodiversity Global Values IGFA/Belmont

22 Towards a collective funders’ vision for “Mobilising international research on global environmental change" Actually: Australia, Department of Climate Change; Austria, Ministry for Education, Science and Research; Brazil, FAPESP; Canada, NSERC and CFCAS; France, ANR and CNRS; China, NSFC; European Commission, DG Research; Germany, BMBF and DFG; Japan, MEXT; India, MoES; Norway, The Research Council of Norway; South Africa, NRF; UK, NERC (co-lead); USA, NSF (co-lead)

23 The Belmont Challenge “To deliver knowledge needed for action to avoid and adapt to detrimental environmental change, including extreme hazardous events” This requires: Assessments of risks, impacts and vulnerabilities, through regional and decadal analysis and prediction Information on the state of the environment, through advanced observing systems Interaction of natural and social sciences Enhanced environmental information service provision to users Effective international coordination mechanisms

24 BF Collaborative Research Activities (CRA) to be launched in 2012 CRA on Freshwater security (lead NSF) Workshop, 30/10-01/11, 2011, London (NSF, NERC) CRA on Coastal vulnerability (lead NSF) Workshop, 2-4 November 2011, Paris (NSF, INSU & ANR) > Ideas from Biarritz Symposium should be helpful! Propositions to be submitted to 5 th Belmont Forum, 17-18 January 2012 Launch plan at UN Conference “Rio+20”, May 2012

25 Thanks for your attention ! 25

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