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SpaceExtrusion Design Automation for Extrusion Dies.

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1 SpaceExtrusion Design Automation for Extrusion Dies

2 SpaceExtrusion 2009 Features Acceleration of 3D extrusion die design Easy to use Dynamic changing of values Cover as many die types as possible Customizable Open for further development

3 SpaceExtrusion 2009 Flow of Design Process Design of cylindrical part Design of punch geometry Design of cone Design of legs Design of blends Additional functions

4 SpaceExtrusion 2009 Step 1: Design of rough cylinder

5 SpaceExtrusion 2009 User can interactively change every parameter and see the result immediately

6 SpaceExtrusion 2009 Step 2: Interactive Design of 2D geometry for punching …

7 SpaceExtrusion 2009 … at every parameter change …

8 SpaceExtrusion 2009 User can see the cross section of total punch area (legs are not considered)

9 SpaceExtrusion 2009 Cross Section Ratios.. if a profile cross section is entered, user can see the ratio between profile and actual cross section immediately and can optimize the design interactively

10 SpaceExtrusion 2009 result of step 2 …

11 SpaceExtrusion 2009 Step 3: Design of middle cone

12 SpaceExtrusion 2009 Step 4: Design of legs

13 SpaceExtrusion 2009 …leg geometry is easily designed and changed interactively

14 SpaceExtrusion 2009 result of step 4

15 SpaceExtrusion 2009 Semi-automatic creation of blends and additional functions finishes the die completely. Step 5: Design of blends

16 Our Services Installation CustomizationTrainingConsultingMaintenance

17 MIP solutions SpaceCable Cabling and Harness ProgressivePower Progressive Die Design SpacePipe Piping SolidGenius Standard Parts Library and Productivity SpaceExtrusion Alumunium Extrusion Die Design Leading solutions for engineers from concept to manufacturing SpaceCable SolidGenius SpaceExtrusion ProgressivePower SpacePipe

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