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Dream, Design, Deliver Elementary PD Plan Courtney Bitar Tonya Cox Jay Nocco Barb Walker Suzanne Whaley.

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1 Dream, Design, Deliver Elementary PD Plan Courtney Bitar Tonya Cox Jay Nocco Barb Walker Suzanne Whaley

2 Starting a new school year is like…

3 A ripple…. And connecting the dots!

4 Consider 21 st Century Skills Critical thinkingCreative thinking CommunicationCollaboration


6 What implications does the message in this video have for teaching?

7 Instructional Services Instructional Improvement Focus FCPS professional development will prepare teachers to build quality relationships with students and develop students’ critical thinking skills through engagement in high level tasks, access to supportive tools, and opportunities for productive talk.

8 Focus integrated into the instructional cycle Recognize the 21st Century Skills within our curriculum (CURRICULUM) Plan lessons that teach 21st Century Skills (INSTRUCTION) Choose assessments that allow students to demonstrate the 21st Century Skills at high levels (ASSESSMENT)

9 An overview of August 28 –

10 Powerful Thinking Begins with Talk

11 What is happening in the brain?  Reading words or looking at a picture (Visual cortex)  Understanding words (Wernicke’s area)

12 What is happening in the brain?  Speaking words (Broca’s Area)  Explaining thinking to a partner (Widespread activity)

13 How do we engage more activity in the brain?  Collaborating with others  Communicating our thinking in our own words


15 The focus for teachers –To build a shared understanding of 21 st Century Skills –To increase repertoire of structures that support purposeful talk –To learn specific aspects of the physical and emotional environment that promote effective talk –To learn strategies that build content knowledge through student communication


17 Zwiers’ article – please all read the first page! # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4  What Makes a Good Conversation?  Scaffolding Conversation Skills  A Typical Lesson and Conversation  An overall Enhancement Look for the MIP !!

18 Five Core Conversation Skills Elaborate and Clarify Support Ideas with Examples Build On or Challenge Partner’s Ideas Paraphrase Synthesize Conversation Points

19 What does purposeful talk look like? Reading – Interactive Read Aloud Mathematics – Open-ended Tasks 21 st Century Skills -- critical and creative thinking

20 The Logistics

21 What will this look like?  Seven sessions and the first is on August 28 -- followed by six Designated Mondays  Plan developed by ISD, DSS, and PLA with teacher input and data collected from principals and CAS  Facilitation by instructional coaches/ classroom teachers

22 Target  Grade level teams in each cluster – 56 locations  Led by teacher- coach facilitating teams

23 Objectives for Professional Learning Embed knowledge of 21 st century skills Address the increased rigor of SOLs Increase content knowledge and pedagogy of staff to teach higher level skills

24 Training for Facilitators August 1 and 2 OR August 12 and 13 Training goals for August 28 Knowledge about 21 st Century Skills Facilitation of large groups Connection to mathematics and language arts Kick off -> Purposeful Talk Time to meet with partners

25 Where you can find information

26 Find additional resources on 24-7 Elementary Curriculum and Instruction Quick Link

27 Leadership Team Agreements  All teachers will engage in professional development activities focused on FCPS’ instructional improvement priorities and Teacher Effectiveness Standards  Countywide in-services will be offered on Designated Mondays to elementary school teams  Efforts will be made not to schedule conflicting sessions  A Principal PLC will be formed to support principals in leading the work  PD will be a coordinated effort among Departments, Clusters and Schools.

28 Elementary PD PLAN Summarize important part/points Connections to your work Questions? Needed clarifications? Predictions/ inferences and why?

29 Questions you might have?

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