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Mercer Island Youth & Family Services

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1 Mercer Island Youth & Family Services
Tips for Tolo Presented by Chris Harnish BA, CC Mercer Island Youth & Family Services Tips for Tolo

2 Did You Know? Research shows that parents are still the most influential role model for teens. Teens who believe their parents strongly disapprove of drug use are less likely to use than are teens who don’t think their parents have such strong feelings. National Survey on Drug Use

3 Access to Alcohol Would you miss a bottle or two?
Older Siblings, Friends or Neighbors Fake/Shared IDs “Garaging” and Shoplifting

4 Access to Marijuana Increased Access and Availability Green Cards
“Edibles” or “Medibles” Legal vs. Safe DUI Laws

5 What’s The Plan? Find out what the plan for the group is early on.
Network with other parents in the group. Review ground rules with your teen for the evening. Discuss possible situations where your teen may need to call you for a ride - no questions asked. Establish a code word. Discourage party hopping. Agree on a curfew time – no sleepovers. Be awake or have your teen wake you up when they arrive home. Tips for Tolo

6 Party Buses Check the company out with the BBB.
Ask how the company screens it’s drivers. Get a signed contract. Meet the driver and specify the expectations for a substance free evening. Exchange cell numbers with the driver. Inform the driver that if any drugs or alcohol are found the ride is over and parents should be contacted. Tolo Tips

7 Hotel and Cabin Parties
Teens often drink or use more without a curfew Hotel parties often result in evictions = impaired driving Damage and Theft charges Party Crashers Teen Drama Lack of cell coverage and access to 911 services Tolo Tips

8 The After Party

9 Tips for the After Party Host
Invitation only No “Opens” Limit the size of the group No in and outs Designate off limit areas Secure your alcohol and RX drugs No water bottles or other open containers Invite other parents to help supervise Role model by not drinking alcohol yourself If you discover substance use end the party and call parents Tolo Tips

10 What can you do? Be clear about family rules/expectations
Its unsafe, it’s against school rules, it’s against the law Discuss possible consequences MIP/MIC, DUI, Social Hosting, Athletic Code Violations, Alcohol Poisoning The punishment should fit the crime Avoid rescuing Be consistent and follow through Tips for Tolo

11 Good Reads What’s Wrong With My Kid? by George Leary
Marijuana: What’s a Parent to Believe? by Timmen L. Cermak Signs and Symptoms

12 Resources Mercer Island Youth & Family Services 206-275-7611
SAMA Family Navigator Youth Eastside Services Signs and Symptoms

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