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At a glance Prepared for New Board Members | June 2013.

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1 at a glance Prepared for New Board Members | June 2013

2 Contents and agenda Agency overview Purpose and roles Agency structure Budget and finance Litigation Current projects 2013 legislation Questions and answers

3 AGENCY OVERVIEW History and major events

4 History and major events 1937-1979 1937: TBAE created by Legislature to regulate architects 1969: Landscape Architecture becomes a regulated profession (TBLA) 1979: Landscape Architects moved to TBAE

5 History and major events 1989-2001 1989: Architects’ Practice Act 1991: Interior design regulated by TBAE 2001: Landscape Architects’ Practice Act 2001: TBAE implements SDSI

6 History and major events 2004-2007 2004: All 3 professions now pay professional fee 2005: TBAE creates in-house database 2007: TBAE reduces renewal fees to 2003 rate

7 History and major events 2009-2011 2009: “Registered Interior Designer” title restriction change 2009: Annual criminal background checks on all registrants 2011: Legislature effectively ends the “overlap” dispute

8 Agency snapshot, 2013 Authorized for 26 FTEs; operating on 19.5 (was 22 FTEs back in 2002) Led by Cathy Hendricks since 1994 93% overall customer satisfaction

9 Agency snapshot, 2012 Haven’t raised renewal fees since 2004 (and reduced them in 2007) Raised standards for continuing education in 2012

10 PURPOSE AND ROLES Why we are here

11 Three professions Architects (roughly 12,600 registrants) RIDs (roughly 5,000 registrants) Landscape Architects (roughly 1,500 registrants)

12 HSW Mandatory CE (increased by 50% to 12 hours) “3-legged stool” for licensure: Education/Experience/Examination Investigations and enforcement – Compliance checks – Complaint investigations – Annual criminal background checks – Outreach and deterrence

13 Enforcement priorities Fiscal Year20042011 Total cases filed 554139 Penalties assessed $25,350$88,800 Per capita penalties $46$638 Avg. penalty (cases heard by Board) $517$2,690 Focus on more egregious cases in which the public is more directly at risk.

14 Limited, effective, efficient In-state architect renewal costs today what it cost in 2003—a decade ago 60% of revenue flows through to the State 93% of survey respondents report overall satisfaction TBAE-produced low cost CE course online (plus, our outreach counts as CE too) Technology and automation (renewal reminders, breaking news, etc.)


16 Major functions Central Administration – IT, Communications, HR, Finance, General Counsel, Administrative Support Registration – Examination, renewals, reciprocity, CE Enforcement – Investigations, Legal, Business Registration



19 Budget overview Fiscal Year200920102011 Revenue $3,251,164$2,917,458$2,845,731 Expenditures (incl. GR payment) $2,917,912$2,772,001$2,581,399 General Revenue Payment $510,000 Fund balance $2,273,982$2,419,439$2,683,770 Source: Annual Financial Reports 2009-2011

20 LITIGATION Overview of recent

21 Recent litigation (2007-2011) Architectural/engineering “overlap,” now resolved – HB 2284 “EE List” and Task Force Interior Design title litigation, resolved 2009 – HB 1484 “Registered Interior Designer”

22 CURRENT PROJECTS What we’ve been up to lately

23 What we’ve been working on Agency-wide Policies and Procedures overhaul Performance Measures assessment (twice) MIP software Business Registration automation Cloud and online services HB 2284 implementation – Excepted Engineers List – Task Force

24 Focus: HB 2284

25 New legislation to implement TBD until after Sine Die.

26 (and answers)

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