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Georgia Geospatial Advisory Council August 3, 2010.

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1 Georgia Geospatial Advisory Council August 3, 2010

2 Purpose of the GIS Inventory Track the status of GIS in state and local government All stakeholders can access the system Aid the planning and building of Spatial Data Infrastructures Work in concert with Geospatial One-Stop and other Federal programs for broader data discovery Have a single inventory tool –Unique state identity (promote buy-in) –Reduce the need for the multiple ad-hoc inventories conducted by federal and state agencies

3 User Statistics FeatureMar. 2008Apr. 2010Percentage Increase Registered Users3,1324,32989% Actual Users2,3483,06731% Framework Layers4,0697,83793% Other Layers3,2357,144121% Published to GOS Portal2,3978,941273% Users/Layers Per Jurisdiction Users With Layers Documented Number of Framework Layers Number of Other Layers North Carolina2039271448 Indiana1601320564 Wisconsin10911061145 Iowa109756227 Kansas89611809 South Carolina33204125 Arizona3216382 Georgia29362383 Utah2012331443 District of Columbia6259 Mississippi103227 National Statistics Leading State Users GOS Harvesting Report 2010 CAP Award > Weekly GOS Harvesting Summary Documents Harvested 81 Documents Validated67 Documents Published67 Documents Added21 Documents Updated46 This Harvest Was On7/31/2010 4:43 Last Harvest Was On7/24/2010 4:40

4 Interoperable FunctionWho PerformsFrequency Harvesting GIS Inventory Web Folder for GOS PortalGOS PortalWeekly – Friday early am hours Harvesting for MIP, NDEP, NDOPMIP Catalog Web ServiceOn Demand Federal Programs

5 Geospatial One Stop Portal Abstract: This starter metadata was automatically generated through the Ramona GIS Inventory System….

6 Important Features Simple and intuitive web interface Inexpensive to modify and maintain –Funded by NOAA, FEMA and DHS (Principal Funding Source) No cost to users (or organizations) except their time Connected to GOS, NDEP, NDOP – could be more Training available on demand (Georgia – Sept. 3) Helps ensure compatibility (national capability) Promotes application development Consistent information for all users Helps avoid duplication of effort Open Source 99.99% Uptime

7 Primary Components of the GIS Inventory Separate User and Administrator Interfaces Inventory of –Users –Organizations –Systems –Policies –Geography –>480 Data Layers Status Maps and Query Capability Directory of Users Reports User Support Newsletter Tool Administrative Tools Metadata Generation Tool Metadata Repositories (Web Folder and CSW)

8 User Interface Currently 96 Total Users

9 Status Map Visualize status of particular data layers Map can be customized Information reports on all data layers Multiple entries are easily handled

10 User Profile User completes information Categories –User –Organization –Systems –Policies –Geography 10 to 25 minutes to complete a profile

11 Data Documentation >480 Layers – Only document what you produce 6 standard questions 6 layers have additional questions 30 seconds to 2 minutes per layer to document Publish your information from this screen Best Practice: Only document data your organization produces

12 Directory Search tool to find any user registered in a state Listings are graphics to prevent data mining on the site Links to E-mail and Organization Web Address

13 Getting Started Guide and User Support Form Online E-Mail

14 Administrator’s Panel Separate Web Service

15 Users Tab List all users Various Search Functions Add Users Reassign Profile to a New User Modify User Accounts Set Administrative Privileges List all users Various Search Functions Add Users Reassign Profile to a New User Modify User Accounts Set Administrative Privileges

16 Data Layers Tab

17 Reports Tab

18 State Questions Tab

19 Unique State Questions Ability to add questions that are important to the state. Formats –Single answer multiple choice –Multiple answer multiple choice –Free text answer

20 Support Forum

21 Support Forum (Super Users Only) Users request support on problems or report bugs in system Super Users get E-mail alerts from the Support Forum and respond to requests Maintain a complete record of the dialogue Can close and re-open tickets as needed

22 User Guide

23 Customers State and local governments and their partners from many sectors, including private business Select Federal Agencies (FEMA, DHS, NDOP, NDEP) FGDC Cadastral Committee GOS Portal General Public Georgia Legislature

24 How or why are they using the system? Data Discovery Meet specific Business Needs Strategic and Business Plan Development Building Spatial Data Infrastructures Research on Status and Trends

25 Management Information Good decisions generally result from some combination of skill, instinct, timing and accurate information. The GIS Inventory can provide the accurate information for your geospatial community if they participate in its maintenance.

26 Examples from North Carolina Report based on the GIS Inventory Total number of responses: 88 Total number of responses: 82 (6 responses were blank)

27 North Carolina Tabular Reports Organizations That Create GIS Data Organizations That Currently Create FGDC Metadata Organizations That Make Data Available For Download Organizations That Have a Written Data Distribution Policy County Parcel Attributes County Road Centerline Attributes County Road Centerline Types More….

28 Example from Wisconsin Report based on the GIS Inventory


30 Testimonials Look at what others say about the GIS Inventory

31 Questions ? This presentation was funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

32 Availability System is publicly available for all stakeholders NSGIC and/or NSGIC State Representatives decide who should have Administrative Privileges @

33 Software Specifications FunctionSoftware Operating SystemCentOS Enterprise (Linux) Application ScriptPHP/Apache DatabaseMYSQL Map ServiceMapserver Catalog Web Service OpenGIS® Specification/Tomcat Web Host ManagerCPanel Provider System AdministratorRun Skip LLC Helpdesk SupportBurGIS, LLC/Run Skip LLC

34 Hardware Specifications FeatureDescription ProcessorsQuad 2.8 GHz (Dual Core AMD Opteron) RAM4 GB DDR DrivesDual 120 GB SATA RAIDYes – Level 1 Remote BackupYes Helpdesk Support24/7/365 Service Monitoring24/7/365 Uptime Guarantee100% Hardware Replacement30 minutes SLA Bandwidth400 GB Provider ISP and Hardware ProviderLiquid Web Inc.

35 NDOP and NDEP Tracking Systems

36 National Cadastral Inventory National Cadastral InventoryNational Cadastral Inventory Moved to GIS Inventory in 2009Moved to GIS Inventory in 2009 Separate Inventory SystemsSeparate Inventory Systems Common PlatformCommon Platform Maintained by State Cadastral ContactsMaintained by State Cadastral Contacts

37 Reminders Reminders Customizable “reminders” are available throughout site where white space is available Customizable “reminders” are available throughout site where white space is available

38 National Cadastral Inventory

39 Newsletter Tab Create and send newsletters to all users in the state or to a select group (i.e. just the administrators) HTML or Plain Text options

40 Marketing Materials Customize for each state


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