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November 2011MOGISA1 MOGISA Group Modeling, Optimization, and Integrated Management of Systems of Activities Toulouse, France.

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1 November 2011MOGISA1 MOGISA Group Modeling, Optimization, and Integrated Management of Systems of Activities Toulouse, France

2 November 2011MOGISA2 LAAS-CNRS LAAS = Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems Founded in 1967 Laboratory of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) Associated to: Université Paul Sabatier (UPS) Institut National Polytechnique (INP) Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (ISAE) More than 650 persons: Research scientists (  100) Faculty members (  100) Graduate, PhD students, and postdocs (  300) Engineers, technicians, and administrative clerks (  100) 4 thematic research areas: Micro and Nano Systems (MINAS) Modelling, Optimisation and Control of Systems (MOCOSY) Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (RIA) Critical Computer Systems (SINC)

3 November 2011MOGISA3 Decision and Optimization theme Discrete and continuous optimization Constraint satisfaction Performance evaluation Robust, non-linear, saturated control Model-based diagnosis 3 research teams: DISCO (diagnosis, supervision) MAC (control) MOGISA (discrete optimization, discrete-event dynamic systems)

4 November 2011MOGISA4 MOGISA: Members (February 15, 2012) Research scientists BRIAND Cyril (Pr) ESQUIROL Patrick (Mcf) HEBRARD Emmanuel (CR) HOUSSIN Laurent (Mcf) HUGUET Marie-José (Mcf) JOZEFOWIEZ Nicolas (Mcf) LOPEZ Pierre (DR) MERCE Colette (Pr) MONCEL Julien (Mcf) NGUEVEU Sandra (Mcf) Secretary MOUCLIER Christèle Head: Head: ARTIGUES Christian (DR) PhD Students (year of defence) CHABAANE Nadia (2015) BEN RAHHOU Touria (2013) GAOUA Yacine (2014) MALTA Leonardo (2015) SARPONG Boadu (2013) SIALA Mohamed (2014) TANGPATTANAKUL Panwadee (2013) TROJET Mariem (2013)  Post-doc SIMONIN Gilles 11 research scientists – 8 PhD students – 1 post-docs

5 November 2011MOGISA5 Scientific objectives Research domains Operations Research Artificial Intelligence (Constraints) Control Theory (Discrete-Event Systems) Research topics Discrete optimization & Constraint satisfaction Supply chain management Scheduling Transportation General stakes Advances (models, algorithms, general methods) for fundamental problems Tackling complex constraints and multiple objectives for real-world applications Coping with uncertainty and dynamics

6 November 2011MOGISA6 Objectives General methods for solving: NP-hard discrete optimization problems min f(x)x  X NP-complete satisfaction problems  x, D(x)  C Results Tree search enhanced with learning mechanisms Tree-based local search: discrepancy search improvements Large neighborhood search embedding implicit enumeration Constraint propagation-based cutting planes for integer programming Applications to industrial problems Frequency assignment in telecommunications Production scheduling, project management, supply chain management, passenger transportation… Discrete Optimization and Constraint Satisfaction

7 November 2011MOGISA7 Robust discrete optimization Problems computationally challenging and currently intractable even for small instance problems New constraint & integer programming approaches Application for robust scheduling (facing to limits of interval representation for uncertainty of data) Constraint propagation and satisfaction Methods hybridization, integration and cross-fertilization for discrete optimization pbs From CP, SAT, MIP, Metaheuristics, Mach. Learning, Parameterized Complexity Multi-objective optimization Exact methods MIP as search components Matheuristics (e.g., local branching) Discrete Optimization and Constraint Satisfaction: trends

8 November 2011MOGISA8 Scheduling Objectives Integrating complex constraints from real-world applications and tackling uncertainty Results Complexity results on open problems Branch-and-bound methods for complex shop problems New MIP formulations (OMSP, RCPSP) Generalized resource constraint propagation New approach to generate flexible solutions for robust scheduling Applications to industrial problems wafer manufacturing crew scheduling

9 November 2011MOGISA9 Scheduling: trends New challenges Parallel processors Resource flexibility in production systems Power management systems Energy New efficient (exact and approximate) methods for cyclic scheduling problems under resource constraints scheduling under alternatives multi-objective scheduling mathematical models and constraint propagation approaches for energy constraints & objectives (max,+) algebra for solving and for performance evaluation of schedules 3

10 November 2011MOGISA10 Robust scheduling Cooperation vs. Robustness (ROBOCOOP) Tasks are distributed among a set of agent Agent schedules are robust Distributed and reactive scheduling: Negotiation between Agents Convergence of negotiations in finite time Trade-off between global and local objectives Cooperation mechanisms Robust scheduling for innovative projects Problem Activity failure implies project failure Past project investments are definitively lost Alternative activities exist (flexibility): if an activity fails, but one alternative activity succeeds, project can go on Decision variables Determine which activities have to be launched and their start time Objectives Investments minimization Risk of project failure minimization (robustness)

11 November 2011MOGISA11 Land transportation Objectives Solving complex Vehicle Routing / Passenger Transportation Problems Results: New models and methods for Generalized TSPs Multi-objective VRPs VRP with route balancing Bi-objective TSPs with accessibility VRPs on multi-graphs Unusual objectives: stability Large Arc Routing Problems Applications Waste collecting Railway tracks examination

12 November 2011MOGISA12 Land transportation: trends Goal Convergence toward more realistic problems Optimization of individual/public transports Challenges Multi-modality in passenger transportation and VRPs Advance the use of multi-objective optimization Problems with many constraints (“rich”) Dynamicity Take into account the human side of problems Applications Door-to-door service network (ANR + DHL) High-capacity and real-time on-demand transportation Multi-modal algorithms for GIS

13 November 2011MOGISA13 Optimization in space ROSETTA/MOST (Post-doc – CNES Contract) Scheduling of scientific experiences Data transfer management system Limited energy

14 November 2011MOGISA14 Optimization in space Image-taking Scheduling of Earth observation satellites (PhD thesis THEOS Operational Training Program + Project CNES + Astrium/ONERA on flexible scheduling)

15 November 2011MOGISA15 Optimization in space Frequency allocation for satellite communications (Collaboration with Thales AS)

16 November 2011MOGISA16 Contracts & collaborations Industrial contracts : EADS, Airbus, Thales, Astrium, CNES, SNCF, Amadeus Academic projects Local and National collaborations IMT, LARA/ENAC, CLLE/LTC IBM/ILOG, INRIA Lille-Nord Europe, LAMSADE, LAGIS/ECL, LAPS Bordeaux, LI Avignon, LI Tours, LIMOS, LISA Angers, LOSI Troyes, LIP6,… International collaborations : Spain, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Tunisia, Algeria …

17 November 2011MOGISA17 Other visibility Involvement in life of ROADEF (French OR&DA society) Reporting (CRSNG Canada, ECOS-Sud/Nord, FWO Belgium, ANR, ANRT, “Régions”…) Program committees of conferences (IESM, ILS, MISTA, MOSIM, ROADEF, JFPDA, CIGI) Conference organization : ROADEF 2010, JFPC 2012, Odysseus 2015

18 November 2011MOGISA18 Publications 01/2005-12/2010 40 journals with review board 2 books (editor) 80 refereed conferences with proceedings 11 book chapters 15 PhD thesis 2 “HDR”

19 What do we wish to develop ? Multiobjective optimization New methods Parallelization to overcome computational complexity Applications Optimization under uncertainties Robust optimization Stochastic programming Collaborative logistics Intermodal transportation Integrated systems November 2011MOGISA19

20 November 2011MOGISA20 MOGISA Group Modeling, Optimization, and Integrated Management of Systems of Activities November, 2011

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