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 2015 Parent Survey Recap  Curriculum Investment  Finances  2014/15 Budget vs. Actuals  2015 Income to date  2015/16 Revised Budget  2015 Annual.

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Presentation on theme: " 2015 Parent Survey Recap  Curriculum Investment  Finances  2014/15 Budget vs. Actuals  2015 Income to date  2015/16 Revised Budget  2015 Annual."— Presentation transcript:

1  2015 Parent Survey Recap  Curriculum Investment  Finances  2014/15 Budget vs. Actuals  2015 Income to date  2015/16 Revised Budget  2015 Annual Fund  Parent Concerns Spring 2015 Meeting

2 2015 Parent Survey Moderately high response rate @ 57% 82% intend to enroll through High School 61% quite satisfied with program (11% increase) 53% quite satisfied with FoMIP (4% increase) 71% $1k suggested donation is about right 70% often agree on fund allocations Effective communication HIGHLIGHTS Info overload (too many emails!) Financial transparency Aides! Aides! Disconnect between parents’ interest vs. reality Concern over CUSD future plans past 5 th grade LOWLIGHTS

3 Funding Priorities Need support in all classrooms! Kinder and 1 st – Class Specific 2 nd, 3 rd & 4 th – Shared INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANTS

4 Mandarin Curriculum Plans for 2015/16 Fund a full-time Mandarin Curriculum Developer/ Program Coordinator – Create and/or translate curriculum to align with District standards – Coordinate and support teachers – Develop and coordinate program map and growth plan – Approximately $100,000/year Fund supplemental curriculum materials Status Recruit and hire for a Fall 2015 start – MIPAC approved job description at District office – Need to raise additional funds. $$ must be in CUSD account before job opening is posted.

5 2014/15 Budget vs. Actuals As of April 16, 2015 ItemBudgetActuals Anticipated SpendVariance Instructional Assistants$52,000$45,500$0$6,500 Program Support$22,300 $0 Technology$17,000$17,662$0($662) Singapore Math$19,000$11,516$6,399$1,085 Prof Development$14,000$1,384$12,000$616 Mandarin Textbooks$11,000$13,309$0($2,309) Teacher Support$3,000$3,900$0($900) Classroom Supplies$1,400$438$0$962 Library$1,000$730$0$270 Operational Expenses$3,000$700$2,300$0 TOTAL$143,700$117,439$20,699$5,562 $196,902 2014 income – $138,138 2014/15 expense = $58,764 surplus

6 2015 Income Statement ItemIncomeExpenseNet 2014 Annual Gala$93,051($20,497)$72,554 Other Direct Giving$36,122$0$36,122 Employer Match$1,500$0$1,500 Various Fundraisers$6,992($2,462)$4,530 Corporate Sponsors$1,500$0$1,500 2014 Fiscal Year Total $139,165($24,917) $114,248 Rollover from 2013/14$56,000$0$56,000 TOTAL $195,700($24,917) $170,835 November 1, 2014 to October 31, 2015

7 2015/16 Revised Budget Budget ItemItemizedSub-costBudget Mandarin Curriculum Curriculum Developer/Coordinator$100,000 $120,000 Curriculum Materials$20,000 Instructional Assistants 3 Assistants at $13,000/year $39,000 Singapore Math Materials$27,000 $24,200 Teacher Training & Subs$4,000 CUSD Math Rebate($6,800) Professional Development Teacher conferences and training $9,000 Technology 32 Chromebooks$9,000 $10,500 2 Document Cameras$500 Teacher Training & Subs$1,000 Library Mandarin Language Books $1,000 Operational Expenses Financial fees, website, etc $4,000 TOTAL$1,000 Suggested Donation per Student$207,700 Revisions approved April 14, 2015

8 2015 Annual Fund Direct Giving – 100% Participation Goal – $207,700 budget with cuts – $147,794 raised to date = $60,000 shortfall – Requesting $1,000 per student = Less then $112 per month or $6 per day! – 61% participation in 2013 and only 46% in 2014 – To date at approximately 30% – Will add more Instructional Assistants if we raise more then $207,700. Additional Ways to Participate – Volunteer time and goods at our fundraisers throughout the year – Volunteer services such as grant writing, public relations, etc. What will we have to cut if we don’t reach our fundraising goal? – Fewer Instructional Assistants – Less Professional Development – Lose funding for Singapore Math

9 School of Choice Background Due to a loose SOC policy and impacted schools in CUSD – including middle and high school within Spanish immersion, the CUSD Board of Trustees recently clarified and made revisions to the School of Choice Policy. Policy for 2015/16 quickly put in place for School of Choice period (March 5-31, 2015) Potential for revision Current School of Choice Policy Includes statement: “Families new to School of Choice in 2015-2016 have no guarantee of sibling priority in the future.” Trustee Jones clarified that this statement is due to impacted schools that do not include Bergeson and therefore will not affect us.

10 School of Choice Current Impact on MIP Confusion over broad policy Parent concern over changes in Sibling Priority Steps taken 1.FoMIP board members reached out to all Trustees for clarification. 1.Had email and phone conversations with Trustee Jones and Trustee Reardon 2.Received clarification on policy. 3.Request for input from MIP families as they move forward with potential revisions. 2.FoMIP Committee of Parents 1.Created document for Trustees and Superintendent Vital with information on MIP, historical policy, how changes would affect program and request for specific policy. 2.Document is posted on FoMIP website

11 Middle & High School Where is CUSD at? Vetting locations Planning to use Spanish model Parental Concerns? When will CUSD request MIP parent input?

12 News & Events Upcoming events – FoMIP Board Elections Nomination Deadline Friday, May 1st Voting Period May 11-15 – Incoming K Acceptance Letters Beginning May 4th – End of Year Playdate June 6 th 10:30am - 2pm Florence Joyner Park in Mission Viejo Incoming Kindergarten families encouraged to join us!

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