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Joint Cryptologic Mission Simulation (JCMS) M&S Program

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1 Joint Cryptologic Mission Simulation (JCMS) M&S Program
LTC Keith Ochoa Chief of Operations NSA JFCOM

2 Agenda The Problem JCMS Mission Challenges What we are doing Where we are going

3 Our biggest challenge today is to synchronize
The Problem “It is widely recognized in both theaters that our home station training models and doctrine are outdated and we are operationally far ahead of our current DOTLMPF solutions to include formalizing our intelligence organizations to fight as joint/inter-agency teams.” GEN David Petraeus Our biggest challenge today is to synchronize the effectiveness and capabilities of these systems for the mission. The first time that BCT commanders experience the windfall of these assets is often when they assume responsibility over battlespace in Iraq. We must develop appropriate simulations and training scenarios to replicate these assets. GEN Raymond Odierno

4 Mission and Focus Areas
JCMS Mission: Deliver realistic, robust NSA/CSS capabilities to the Joint Intel / Ops training and experimentation environment. JCMS Focus: Training Unit Interface….”real-world” based capabilities Model and Simulation (M&S) Integration….be part of a system! Exercise and Data Control….tied to training objectives Security and Accreditation….leverage cross-domain capabilities

5 JCMS Challenges Diverse technologies Complex comm networks
Converging technologies Large, complex data sets Fusing national to tactical Near real-time! Cross domain data sharing TS/SCI data down to Brigade / Regiments Integrating Cyber Diverse data sources HUMINT Media expoloitaion (MEDEX) Etc. CAS

6 What We Are Doing NSA Real Time – Regional Gateway (RTRG) training node at JFCOM Suffolk, VA complex Operations enabler incorporated in CJCS-directed pre-deployment training events Supported last 4 Mission Rehearsal Exercises (MRXs) Integrated TS/SCI support to training objectives JCMS Program of Record beginning FY 2010 MIP funding authorized for FY10-15 Initial developments underway Ongoing efforts to integrate initial JCMS capability in Joint Live Virtual Constructive federation 40K+ SIGINT events and growing per MRX! Based on real-world events and data!

7 Where We Are Going Control Thrust Integration Thrust Analytic Thrust
Net-centric “cloud” architecture Ozone framework based Any training, anywhere, anytime, by/to anybody! Cross-domain configuration, control, collaboration Quantitative and qualitative measurements of all users Integration Thrust Subscribe to &/or provide federated entities Purpose focused Ability to participate with other federations…high & low side Analytic Thrust Incorporate NSA capabilities as needed Flexible to allow and provide use of any service’s, COCOM’s requirements

8 COCOM JCMS Requirement
Fuses National to Tactical collection & analytical capabilities COMINT CYBER ELINT Integrate Irregular Warfare Intel Capabilities Targeting Networks & Individuals Collection Management across domains Ground, Air, Sea, and Space Cyber Integration of conventional & special force operations Support to Intel / OPs fusion JCMS V1.0 target delivery in January 2010!

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