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MarketFirst Deliverability Email Server Overview The Deliverability Problem Bounce Management Authentication & Reputation 1 Advanced Deliverability 3 Screenshots.

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1 MarketFirst Deliverability Email Server Overview The Deliverability Problem Bounce Management Authentication & Reputation 1 Advanced Deliverability 3 Screenshots 4 Deployment 2

2 © Copyright CDC Software 2 How Bad Is The Deliverability Issue? SBC Global 30% Bell South 30% Yahoo! 26% MSN 18% Google Mail 18% Hotmail 18% Average B2B 26% European ISPs >20% Percent Of Valid Opt-In Emails Ending up Blackholed or in Spam Filters… LOST

3 © Copyright CDC Software 3 But My Deliverability Couldn’t Be This Bad Could It? Are You: 1.Removing hard bounces quickly? -If not your reputation suffers! 2.Removing complainers via feedback loops in a timely manner? -If spam filters complaint rates get exceeded, you get filtered! 3.Having the correct set-up (rDNS, SPF, MX records)? 4.Authenticating your email (Sender ID, DK, DKIM)? 5.Reducing spam trap hits by monitoring opens and click activity? 6.Having a unique identity that is comprehensible and different from others? 7.Throttling your email to the ISP's recommended policy? 8.Knowing when you are on Blacklists? 9.Getting Whitelisted?

4 © Copyright CDC Software 4  Company XYZ sends 50,000 emails in a targeted marketing campaign  Past performance indicates 100 of every 1,000 emails delivered to inboxes are opened, and of these 3 people purchase products at an average of $2500  XYZ can expect the campaign to generate $375,000 in revenue if all 50,000 messages are received  If only 80% of the messages are received, 100,000 messages are undelivered costing XYZ $75,000 in lost revenue  Every 1% of increased deliverability produces $3,750 in additional revenue  XYZ needs a way to consistently achieve high deliverability… But How Much Could Deliverability Be Really Costing Me?

5 © Copyright CDC Software 5 Authentication All Major SpamFilters and ISPs can identify you and deliver your email Simultaneously Supports: Sender ID (Microsoft, Netzero) SPF (AOL, Comcast) DK (Yahoo, Google) DKIM (Cisco, Spam Assassin, Earthlink, Ironport) Spam Filters and ISPs Use Far Fewer Filters Prove you are who you are What It Means For You MarketFirst Deliverability Email Server Feature Send Certified Mail for a Charge GoodMail Enabled

6 © Copyright CDC Software 6 Web Console – Top Deliverability Issues Immediately see which deliverability issues are impacting your marketing!

7 © Copyright CDC Software 7 Bounce Back Interpretation and Action NO EMAIL flag set after X bounces helps automate management of email lists Actionable Bounce Codes let you take appropriate corrective action Intelligent Bounce Back Monitoring Lets You Quickly Identify Which Emails are not Received Categorize 5000 Global Bounce Codes into 20

8 © Copyright CDC Software 8 Sample List of Bounce Categories  HARD BOUNCE - (i.e.. User Unknown)  BOUNCE - NO EMAIL ADDRESS. VERY RARE!  SOFT BOUNCE - General  SOFT BOUNCE - DNS Failure  SOFT BOUNCE - Mailbox Full  SOFT BOUNCE - Message Too Large  GENERAL BOUNCE  MAIL BLOCK - General  MAIL BLOCK - Known Spammer  MAIL BLOCK - Spam Detected  MAIL BLOCK - Attachment Detected  MAIL BLOCK - Relay Denied  AUTO REPLY - (i.e.. Out Of Office)  TRANSIENT BOUNCE  SUBSCRIBE Request  UNSUBSCRIBE/REMOVE Request  CHALLENGE-RESPONSE Bounce Processing –Advanced Features  Classifies in-band and out-of-band messages  All bounces processed and logged in realtime  Plain-text log files with custom formatting available  Enhanced, web-based statistics views for bounce data

9 © Copyright CDC Software 9 Bounce Reporting – Web Console Note quickly and immediately if a particular company or ISP is blocking you!

10 © Copyright CDC Software 10  MarketFirst’s native integration with Return Path, Habeas, and Goodmail let’s you know and manage your reputation  Be ahead of strong industry movement away from negative public black lists and towards IP based white lists  Aggregate more than 60 different data elements from email receivers to compile a composite reputation score, even by campaign.  MarketFirst enables safe listing in email headers and Sender Score platforms.  MarketFirst & Return Path’s automatic seedlist management support enables rule definition for new campaign reputation monitoring and deliverability to reputation reporting accounts Reputation What’s Yours? Are You Managing It?

11 © Copyright CDC Software 11  Problem: XYZ wants to proactively ensure the emails it delivers will be readable by all it’s end users. It also needs to ensure positive relations with ISPs.  Solution: Campaign Preview  MarketFirst Deliverability Email Server enables XYZ to:  Identify rendering problems before sending campaigns  Continue to test the rendering until it gets quality results MarketFirst Deliverability Server w. Return Path: Campaign Rendering

12 © Copyright CDC Software 12 MarketFirst Deliverability Server w. Return Path: Campaign Rendering

13 © Copyright CDC Software 13 Seed Lists MarketFirst MarketFirst Deliverability Email Server Generate email Send email ~300 seed mailboxes Deliverability report

14 © Copyright CDC Software 14 MarketFirst Deliverability Email Server Conclusions By integrating the entire deliverability chain, MarketFirst gives you a marketing advantage for a reasonable period of time. Advantages To MSP / Marketing Department:  Single Reporting will contain all Relevant Information By Campaign Including:  Did dummy boxes get delivered? To what degree?  Did I get Throttled? Blackholed? By whom? On both splits?  What was my complaint rate?  Did one campaign cause blacklisting and/or complaint rate?  Did one aspect of ABC split cause blacklisting or complaint rate?  Single System Control of all three arenas will allow:  Segmentation By ISP, Images Opened Status, Bounce Categories  Potential Automatic Determination of Handheld  Testing, testing, testing across true real-time results from all 3-4 vendor levels  Dynamic feedback loops. STOP a campaign immediately upon complaint rate rise!  STOP a campaign based on excessive bounces or external throttling

15 © Copyright CDC Software 15 MultiVIP® Technology Advanced Deliverability Server Functions Efficient Queuing and High Concurrency Advanced Traffic Shaping Clustering, Failover and Redundancy Integration

16 © Copyright CDC Software 16  Bind messages into groups such as per-customer, per-campaign, bulk vs. transactional.  Each binding has a distinct “personality”  Unique IP address  Unique hostname  Unique mail queue to the outside world  Segregating messages prevents issues such as cross-customer blocking and queue backups.  Messages can be assigned to MultiVIP bindings based on envelope, headers, incoming/originating IP, message content or even data queries. MultiVIP (Virtual Interface Support) Technology

17 © Copyright CDC Software 17 Efficient Queuing and High Concurrency  Designed for “worse case” queue management  Prevents Blocking  Use of highly efficient data structures to produce an efficient queue hierarchy with great speed (0(1))

18 © Copyright CDC Software 18 Traffic Shaping Delivers! Traffic Shaping Delivers Speed!  Messages delivery rate  Number of connections  Connection initiation rate  Per-phase session timeouts  Expiration periods  Retry intervals  Batch size limits  All configurable on a global, per destination-domain, per MultiVIP, and per-domain/MultiVIP

19 © Copyright CDC Software 19 Clustering, Failover & Redundancy  Cluster Configuration  Dynamic Failover  Clustered Metrics  Clustered Logging

20 © Copyright CDC Software 20 Cluster Configuration  Single configuration file for entire cluster  Simplifies administration  Guarantees consistency

21 © Copyright CDC Software 21 Dynamic Failover  Both inbound listening IPs and outbound DuraVIP bindings are configured for failover.

22 © Copyright CDC Software 22 Dynamic Failover

23 © Copyright CDC Software 23 Clustered Logging and Metrics  Fault Tolerant centralized logging  Aggregate statistical data across the cluster  Implement cluster-wide traffic shaping policies  Identify emergent threats faster

24 © Copyright CDC Software 24  Support for SMTP, ESMTP and other vendor’s merge protocols  Custom logger allows for seamless transition from existing systems  Integrate with 3 rd party and legacy applications  Modular approach to message validation, manipulation, logging and storage  Users can embed business logic directly into Message Systems  Robust APIs used by our developers are available to our customers  Native C/C++ API and SDK  Optional SDK and embedded RTL:  Perl  Java  PHP (unpublished) Integration and Extensibility

25 © Copyright CDC Software 25 Web Console -- Summary

26 © Copyright CDC Software 26 Web Console: Detailed Domain Information

27 © Copyright CDC Software 27 Web Console: Log Navigation - Deliveries

28 © Copyright CDC Software 28 Web Console: Log Navigation – Domains / Rejections

29 © Copyright CDC Software 29 Web Console – Top Deliverability Issues

30 © Copyright CDC Software 30 Web Console -- Graphing

31 © Copyright CDC Software 31 Web Console – Graphing Detail

32 © Copyright CDC Software 32 Log Navigation

33 © Copyright CDC Software 33 Web Console: Log Navigation - Domains

34 © Copyright CDC Software 34 Bounce Reporting – Web Console

35 © Copyright CDC Software 35 Web Console -- Configuration

36 © Copyright CDC Software 36 MarketFirst Deployment MarketFirst Email Server (e.g. Exchange, Postfix, etc) Email Sending Campaign Design and Management Segmentation Personalization Campaign Design and Management Segmentation Personalization Generate emails Send emails Recipient’s Email Server

37 © Copyright CDC Software 37 MarketFirst Deployment MarketFirst Campaign Design and Management Segmentation Personalization Campaign Design and Management Segmentation Personalization Send emails Recipient’s Email Server MarketFirst Deliverability Email Server (M1DES) Email Sending Authentication Throttling Bounce Processing Multiple IP Addresses Email Sending Authentication Throttling Bounce Processing Multiple IP Addresses Generate emails

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