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Usman Javaid, PhD Vodafone, UK Broadband For Everyone - INCC 2008 Panel - May 2008.

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1 Usman Javaid, PhD Vodafone, UK Broadband For Everyone - INCC 2008 Panel - May 2008

2 Major Drivers ??? Change in Customer Behavior  Internet is a point of convergence −Emails, shopping, videos, information, music, pictures, TV, radio, social networking, database, …  Passion for new services (communities, VoIP, …) Change in Technology  Emerging Innovative radio access  Multi-functional, multi-interface user devices Changing Business Models  New players, Change in roles

3 Broadband Market – Developed World Broadband Penetration (Household)  In France, 55.50 %  In UK, 52.25 %  Reaches 71% in Europe by 2013 (44% 2008) [Source: Forrester] Average Advertised DL Speed

4 Broadband Market – Developing World Broadband Penetration in Asia  Lowest in Asia, Cambodia, 0.01%  China, 3.85%  Highest in Asia, Korea, 29% [Source: ITU, 2006] Case Study: Pakistan  Mobile Phone Penetration −2.6% in 2004 −30% in 2007 −46% in 2008 [Source: GSM Association]  Broadband −Broadband Penetration, 0.04% (2008) −Dial-up Penetration, 10% [Source: PTA]

5 Broadband Enablers Fixed Broadband – ADSL  Involve high deployment and installation cost  Suitable for the developed world, where the infrastructure already exists Mobile Broadband – Wi-Max and LTE  LTE comes ~2 years later than Wi-Max (2009/2010), whereas Wi- Max is already commercially deployed in some parts of the world  LTE has few technical advantages over Wi-Max  LTE can simply go as an extension of UMTS based networks  Wi-Max (no vendor lock-in) Learning from Experience  Wireless transformed telephony; It will also transform broadband  Wi-Max vs. LTE : Different Markets

6 Last Few Words… WiMax Provides Pakistan a Leapfrogging opportunity  Faster, cheaper and more mobile access Knowledge divide between rural and urban areas  Even if broadband gets to the remote villages, the people then need computers and the ability to use them Need for creative projects  Nepal Wi-Fi, First Mile Solutions etc.

7 Thank You Contact:

8 Defining a Telecommunication System Core Network Access Devices Services The User

9 Wireless Broadband Cellular Evolution: Long Term Evolution (LTE)  Next generation of UMTS at 3GPP  Data-rates upto 100 Mbps (DL), 50 Mbps (UL)  Fully support All-IP notion  Based on OFDM, MIMO  Demos and Trials are planned for 2007/2008 Data Evolution: Wi-Max  Wireless solution for high data-rate mobile access over long distance  Fixed Wi-Max: point-to-point and point-to-multipoint  Mobile Wi-Max: includes mobility support (70 Mbps)  Mobile Wi-Max Now included in IMT-2000  375 trials and Deployments [Source: Wi-Max Forum]  WiMax-II would be proposed for IMT-Advanced-4G Goal:  100 Mbps Mobile and 1Gbps fixed nomadic bandwidth (4G NGMN)

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