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Court System /

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1 Court System http://te /

2 Role of Courts Resolve disputes Set precedents Interpret Laws Strict construction Loose construction

3 Authority of the Courts

4 Jurisdiction: Interpret & administer law Original Hear case for first time Appellate Authority to hear case heard by lower court

5 Lower Court Organization District Courts Federal court trials Original jurisdiction Court of Appeals 20% cases appealed are heard Other Courts

6 Judiciary Act of 1789 3 Tiered structure District Court Court of Appeals Supreme Court /milestone-docs.html

7 Federal Judges Term Serve for life District Court of Appeals Lgst # of court appointments Dept. of Justice handles most appointments Senatorial courtesy Senate ok a formality

8 Court of Appeals No senatorial courtesy Senate approval more vital Judges interpret & set precedent

9 Jay’s Court John Jay- 1 st Chief Justice SC considered insignificant ourthistory_history_chief_001jay.htm

10 Marshall’s Court John Marshall- Chief Justice Marbury v Madison Est. judicial review /supremecourthistory_history_chief_004mar shall.htm


12 Justices Originally 6 Judiciary Act -9 1 Chief Justice 8 Associate Justices

13 US Court of Appeals No. of Circuits- 13 CA falls in 9 th Circuit- aka “9 th Circus”

14 http://

15 Supreme Court Term -Begin 1 st Mon in Oct and ends in June Appointment - Appointed by Pres - Senate Judiciary Cmte approves

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