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INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION IECEx vs. ATEX – a view in the (near) future ATEX Symposium in Ankara, Türkiye 22 – 24 Eylül, 2011 Dr Uwe Klausmeyer.

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Presentation on theme: "INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION IECEx vs. ATEX – a view in the (near) future ATEX Symposium in Ankara, Türkiye 22 – 24 Eylül, 2011 Dr Uwe Klausmeyer."— Presentation transcript:

1 INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION IECEx vs. ATEX – a view in the (near) future ATEX Symposium in Ankara, Türkiye 22 – 24 Eylül, 2011 Dr Uwe Klausmeyer IECEx Immediate Past Chairman

2 Relation of ATEX, CEN/CENELEC, ISO and IEC/IECEx – the EU and UNECE New Practice of many ATEX Notified Bodies (which are also IECEx ExCB) is to use the elements of IECEx (ExTRs, QAR) to issue a EC Type Examination Certificate, the QA Notification and the IECEx Certificate of Conformity ATEX Notified Bodies - Nando TC 31 National/ regional international

3 Who is the IEC ?  The International Electrotechnical Commission  Founded in 1906 to promote international co- operation on all questions of standardization and related matters in the field of electrotechnology, including Conformity Assessment (see ISO/IEC CASCO)  Partner for legislation authorities (UN, WTO)  Turkey: P member in IEC/TC 31 and IECEx

4 Benefits of Preparing Standards and Conformity Assessment thru IEC  IEC Brand  Global recognition  WTO + UN recognised + + +  More and more IEC Standards adopted Nationally  Open and Transparent Process  Clearly defined rules (ISO/IEC Directives, IEC Statutes)  Transparency in process and results  Industry have a say and provide direct input  Direct industry involvement at all levels, eg Management,Committee, MTs and expert WGs

5 5 IEC Structure IEC COUNCIL National Committees COUNCIL BOARD EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (IEC Officers) Management Advisory Committees Central Office (The Executive) MARKET STRATEGY BOARD Industry Sector Boards Tech. Advisory Cttees Technical Committees STANDARDIZATION MGMT BOARD Management of International Consensus Standards Work SWG Tech Watch SWG SLCA SWG EEE IECEE CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT BOARD Management of CA policy and Systems IECEx IECQ Current Systems

6 IEC TC 31 IEC TC 31 PTs, MTs, SCs IEC/TC 31 and IECEx Management and Governance Structure CB Committee - Ensure common approach to Certification, eg Standard Test Report Forms, ExTRs, Decision Sheets IECEx ExTAG all ExCBs and ExTLs represented Coordination Role for day to day Management, finance approves Rules,, CBs, TLs Comprise Industry experts IEC ExMC Management Committee Member Countries IECEx Marks Committee Oversee operation of Mark License system Comprise industry experts Set Policy and Oversees Systems CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT BOARD (CAB) STANDARDS MANAGEMENT BOARD (SMB) Standards Work Conformity Assessment work Scope of TC 31: Explosive Atmospheres

7 What is IECEx? The single International IEC System with Schemes covering Certification to Standards that relate to Equipment and Services in areas relating to Explosive Atmospheres, to provide an Internationally accepted means of demonstrating claimed compliance with International Standards IECEx is a “Conformity Assessment Tool” providing confidence that Products, Services and Personnel covered by an IECEx Certificate meet specified requirements, (International Standards) “IECEx is the International Standard way of doing Ex Certification”

8 8 Schemes within the IECEx System IECEx System IECEx Conformity Mark License Scheme IECEx Services Scheme Certification of Ex Service Providers, eg Repair and overhaul workshops + Install. IECEx Certified Persons Scheme (CoPC) Competency to work in Ex field (New) IECEx Equipment Scheme Certification of Ex Equipment IECEx Equipment Scheme Certification of Ex Equipment IECEx “Certificate of Conformity” IECEx “Unit Verification” Cert. 3 Types: IECEx “Component Certificate” ExCBs 39 ExTLs 43 ExCBs 14 ExCBs 11 ExCBs 3 IECEx Bodies

9 9 Fundamental Disciplines of Ex and the comprehensive tools of IECEx  Area Classification IEC 60079-10-1/-2 (IECEx 03 – competence of engineering companies)  Equipment Conformance IEC 60079-0 foll. (IECEx 02 and 04 – competence of manufacturers)  Installation Conformance IEC 60079-14 (IECEx 03 – competence of installation companies)  Maintenance, Repair + Overhaul IEC 60079-17/-19 (IECEx 03 – competence of service companies)

10 Ex Officio Members IEC General Secretary IEC TC 31 Chairman 10 IECEx Structure IEC CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT BOARD, CAB Oversees IEC Conformity Assessment policy and Systems, eg IECEx IECEx Management Committee, ExMC National Members (Countries) Overall management of the IECEx System IECEx Expert Assessors Officers + Executive, TC 31 Chair, IEC Gen. Sec ExMC Expert Working Groups IECEx Technical Assessment Group Membership: ExCBs + ExTLs ExTAG Expert Working Groups TC 31 + SC Liaison IECEx Marks Committee Management of the IECEx Mark ExMC Appointed Members IECEx Executive IECEx Secretariat Technical Support Administration

11 11 IECEx Foundation  Compliance with IEC Statutes + Rules  One single set of Rules and Operational Procedures for TLs + CBs  ALL TLs and CBs undergo the same qualification process to join IECEx (peer/technical assessment in acc. to ISO/IEC 17025/17024/17065)  Common Test Report and Certificate Format used by ALL TLs and CBs but always maintaining CB Brand  Solely ISO Guide 67 Type 5 certificates (with ongoing surveillance)  Use of Internet “On-Line” Systems for Certificates. Equipment, Services, Personnel EquipmentServicesPersonnel  Congruent with ATEX elements IECEx DNA

12 12 IECEx Certificates + Licenses Issued Ex Equipment, Components + Systems Ex Equipment Unit Verification Ex Equipment Mark License Ex Competent Person Ex Services, eg Repair to IEC 60079-19 + Installation coming

13 13 IECEx On-Line CoC System key Features  Web site version is the MASTER  Certificates issued by ALL ExCBs in the one place – if not on IECEx website – then not issued !  Certificate / Report Number automatically generated by system, all Cert. Nos begin with “IECEx….”  Certificates + reports deleted only by Secretariat  Editing only allowed during first 14 days of Issue  ExCBs only issue CoCs within their scope  ExCBs retain their OWN BRAND  Supported by technical Secretariat.

14 14 IECEx On-Line Certificate System Select Scheme Cert No. or Key word

15 IECEx Statistics to end 2010 15

16 Outline of IECEx History - Timeline 1996 1997-99 1999 2000 2002 2003 2007 2009 2010 1992 Concept of IEC International Scheme for Ex Considered by IEC TC 31 + Agreed 1 st Meeting of the New Management Committee (Comprising TC 31 Experts) Develop Initial Structure + CB/ExTL qualification requirements Commence Initial Phase (Transitional Arrangements) Exchange of Ex Test Reports Commence (no IEC Certificate) Decision to move to next stage (issue IECEx Certificates) 1 st IECEx Certificate issued via “On-Line” System New Ex Scheme for Services/Repairs Commenced + IECEx Mark Of Conformity Introduced UN Formal Endorsement of IECEx, via UNECE New Ex Certified Persons Scheme Launched 2011 > 15’000 Reports and Certificates issued

17 17 IECEx – Further information  The IECEx website  IECEx Brochure, + Guides  The IECEx Officers (Executive)  IECEx 2011 Annual Meetings  Contact any of the listed IECEx Approved Certifiers  Equipment Scheme  Services Scheme  Personnel Scheme  Presentations from the IECEx 2010 Berlin meetings  The IECEx Secretariat (responsible for day to day operational management of the IECEx) E-mail:

18 Life Cycle approach within UNECE Model Regulation (congruent with the ATEX regime) 1.Definition/Jurisdiction a)Market Surveillance b)Certification Bodies c)Manufacturer d)Operator 2.Interaction a.Cert. B. ↔ Manu. b.Manu. ↔ Oper. c.MS ↔ Oper. d.MS ↔ Manu. e.MS ↔ Insp. B. f.Cert. B.↔ Insp. B. UNECE Regulation ISO, IEC Market- surveillance Certification Bodies Operator Manufacturer Field- Inspection Maintenance Repair Production ISO/IEC Guide 67 Type 5 Risk assessment

19 Congurence of the ATEX (ESRs) and UNECE regime (CROs – Common regulatory objectives) ATEX Regime  Standardization CEN/CENELEC via Parallel Voting with IEC: - ESRs of the EU Dir. 94/9/EC - safe use 1999/92/EC  Standard assessment ATEX Consultant for the Assessment of Standards regarding compliance with ESRs (EU Directive 94/9/EC), published in the Official Journal of the EU  Conformity Assessment ATEX Notified Bodies  Steering of Regulators ATEX Standing Committee  Cooperation in Market Surveillance Adco group UNECE Regime  Standardization IEC - CROs part 1 „equipment“ - CROs part 2 „safe use“  Standard assessment Standard Acceptance Group (UNECE Ex-SAG), published in the Appendix of the CRO list, CROs part 3  Conformity assessment IECEx, CROs part 4  Steering of Regulators UNECE Explosion Protection Steering Committee, UNECE ExSC, CROs part 5  Cooperation in Market Surveillance UNECE ExMARS group, CROs part 6 19

20 Comprehensive regulation package for UNECE provided by IEC  IEC/TC 31 – Explosive Atmospheres  IEC/TC 31 – Explosive Atmospheres - WG 22 General Requirements (part 0) - SC 31G Intrinsic Safety (part 11, 25, …) - SC 31J Classification, installation (part 10, 14, …) - SC 31M Non-electrical equipment (part 34, 36, …) - MTs xy for all standards standards to be assessed by the ExSAG (Standard Assessment Group of UNECE)  IECEx System – Certification  IECEx System – Certification IECEx 02/04 – equipment and its production IECEx 03 – Competence of Service companies IECEx 05 – Competence of Persons happy to assist the national market surveillance authorities 20

21 21 IECEx Key Updates, since Seattle IEC GM United Nations new Publication, March 2011 New United Nations Publication via UNECE endorsing IEC TC 31 Standards + IECEx as “world’s best practice” itiatives/EquipmentForExplosiveEnviron ment/SIEEE.html

22 IECEx general meeting in Berlin 2010 with 120 delegates 22 Meeting 2011 – Split, Croatia, 05th to 09th of September, 2011 National IECEx Conference UAE - Dubai, 20th/21st of March, 2012 Meeting 2012 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Meeting 2013 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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