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3 DISPOSAL METHODS Sale To Former Owner(s) Public Sale Exchange For Land Needed Special Limited Methods / Public Agency / Historic Release (with Legislative Approval) of Dedications / Access Rights District Recommends & Acquires Initial Required Documents Orders / Prepares Survey and Legal Description Orders / Prepares Appraisal(s)

4 EXCESS LANDS REVENUE Averages / Last Three Years Public Sales : $ 278,697.00 Former Owners : $ 17,940.00 Dedication Releases* : $ 472,173.00 Directed Sales* : $ 205,230.00 Total Avg. Revenue : $ 957,894.00 * Authorized by Illinois General Assembly

5 IDOT Rental / Leasing IDOT Rents Properties That Will Not Immediately Be Needed For Construction To Partially Offset Acquisition Costs. This Allows Short Term Occupancy Which Reduces Maintenance Costs and Acts To Protect The Property Until Needed. Occupancy May Be Either Residential or Agricultural. Property is Thereby Maintained, A Revenue Stream is Provided and The Local Taxing Agency May Receive “Lease-hold Revenue” Taxes.

6 IDOT LONG-TERM LEASING IDOT Leases Properties, Such as Those Under Elevated Urban Interstates / Expressways For a Maximum Term of 5 Years, With Value to be Determined by Appraisal. Leases of This Type Provide Substantial Revenue to The Department and Provide Excellent Opportunities for Business Expansion and Development. These Have Been Some of The Most Sought-after Offerings, and Are Advertised, When Available on The Departments Catalog Site.

7 IDOT RENTAL / LEASE REVENUE Average / Last Three Years Rental / Lease Revenue : $ 1,285,330.00

8 CENTRAL OFFICE SERVICES All District Submittals are Reviewed for : Legal Requirements Appraisal Standards Legal / Survey Requirements and Procedural Standards Conformity with Other State or Federal Agencies Procedures Central Office After Reviews Completed: Recommends For Director of Highways Approval Prepares All Documents For Districts & Returns For Further Action Reviews / Recommends Governors Approval Returns Documents To District For Recording

9 IDOT INVENTORY CONTROL “NORWAY” This inventory is referred to as Non-Operating Highway Right-of-Way (NORWAY). The definition for NORWAY is as follows: "Department properties that are not devoted as public ways for vehicular travel and areas, structures, and facilities for support of the public ways; but have not been declared as unnecessary for highway maintenance or future expansion of highway right of way". These parcels of non-operating highway right of way are to be managed until such time as they are disposed of either by public sale, by exchange, by direct sale to the former owner from whom acquired, by transfer of jurisdiction to another state agency, by legislative release, when an unfunded future highway construction project becomes funded and constructed or when any mitigation lands acquired per law or policy that can be jurisdictionally transferred to the appropriate agency in accordance with the approved environmental documentation. Data screens illustrating this new system follow. This is a Microsoft Access data-base



12 IDOT Innovations The IDOT Catalog / Subscription Service, National Winner of The FHWA’s 2003 “Excellence in Right of Way” Technical Specialties Award

13 Catalog and Subscription Service Features Provides a Complete Listing of All IDOT Properties For Sale or Lease State-Wide Provides a Contact “link” and General Info, including a map, on Each Parcel Maintains a Public Record of Activities Subscription Service Features: Eliminates District Record Keeping Customer Sign-on, Sign- off Targets Subscribers Provides Automatic email Notification of All Sales, Leases, and Limited Demolition Offerings

14 Illinois DOT Internet Catalog and Subscription Service

15 Main Catalog Page with Links to Sales and Subscription Service

16 Subscription Page with Instructions And Graphic

17 Sales / Demolition Index Page with District Links

18 Catalog Page with Listings and Links

19 “Thumbnail” Album View

20 Enlarged “Thumbnail” View

21 Pop-Up Map Window With Print Button

22 Unsubscribe Page With Instructions & Graphic

23 Recent IDOT Property Auctions



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