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Kalamazoo, Michigan. Downtown Kalamazoo April 15, 2011 Green Earth Michigan.

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1 Kalamazoo, Michigan

2 Downtown Kalamazoo

3 April 15, 2011 Green Earth Michigan

4 PROJECT GREEN LIGHT PARTNERS Green Earth Michigan Downtown Kalamazoo Inc.

5 Downtown Kalamazoo City of Kalamazoo provided space Downtown Kalamazoo Inc. funded installation Charge Point America’s grant funded equipment Green Earth Michigan coordinated program

6 Downtown Kalamazoo The first Level II downtown Kalamazoo electric car charging stations For public use Located in Kalamazoo Mall Ramp #3, next to Rave Motion Pictures Currently free to use

7 Municipal Questions Where: public right-of-way? Are spaces reserved? Who owns and maintains? Who pays for installation and maintenance? Loss of parking and parking revenue? What is the fee & who collects fees? Will it become obsolete? Legal agreements? Liabilities?

8 Role of the Local Jurisdiction Typically to provide infrastructure & services Now, to advance improvements, innovations Be a leader in energy conservation To provide access and opportunities To assist the private market

9 Advice When Working With Local Governments Don’t assume we know about this technology Meet early, ask who else should be involved Educate, educate, educate Give examples, especially agreements Plan for delays, process Don’t expect much financial help Show how this will have a larger appeal Offer to facilitate the project


11 Jeff Chamberlain, AICP Community Planning & Development Director 269-337-8044


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