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Monsoon Plan: 2013 Monsoon Plan: 2013 (1 st June – 30 th September) Prepared by Prakash.V, Chief General Manager, Operations, BESCOM Approved by P. Manivannan,

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1 Monsoon Plan: 2013 Monsoon Plan: 2013 (1 st June – 30 th September) Prepared by Prakash.V, Chief General Manager, Operations, BESCOM Approved by P. Manivannan, IAS, Managing Director, BESCOM Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited

2 BESCOM Profile Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM) is a Power Distribution Utility distributing electricity across 8 districts. Population Base : 2.07 Cr Consumer Base : 79 Lakhs

3 Monsoon in India Monsoon, derived from the Arabic word "Mawsim" meaning "season", although generally defined as a system of winds characterized by a seasonal reversal of its direction. A Monsoon of the Indian subcontinent is among several geographically distributed observations of global monsoon taking place in the Indian subcontinent. In the subcontinent, it is one of oldest weather observations, an economically important weather pattern and the most anticipated weather event and unique weather phenomenon. The unique geographical features of the subcontinent, along with associated atmospheric, oceanic and geophysical components, are extremely influential in ensuring the anticipated behaviour for a monsoon in South Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Due to its effect on agriculture, flora and fauna and the general weather of India among other economic, social and environmental effects, a monsoon is one of the most anticipated, followed and studied weather phenomena of the Indian subcontinent.

4 Objectives Necessity for Monsoon plan Operational readiness Safety - i) General Public / Consumer ii) Within the Department Resources -i) Power supply restoration ii) Safety equipments Monitoring – ‘How BESCOM team will function during Monsoon’ How to reach us.

5 Necessity for Monsoon plan Since the monsoon is approaching and power disruption, uprooting of electric poles and snapping of conductors could occur due to cloud bursts, gusty winds, lightning and heavy rains. BESCOM under its licensed distribution area covers 8 districts, spread over the 41,092 Sq. Kms., the company has initiated a proactive action plan to meet requirements arising out of various situations during monsoon, such as water logging, power failures, electrical shocks, sparking, fire, etc. to minimize inconvenience to the consumers. As a part of this plan, consumers' safety is being given a top priority and is committed to ensure consumers' safety first. Multi pronged strategies during monsoon for operational preparedness. However, Company's proactive action plan also envisages measures to overcome such issues and ensure its preparedness to meet any exigency arising during monsoon. A 60 seater centralized helpline (080-2287 3333) is established at K.R. Circle, Bangalore and planning to avoid congestion of receiving incoming calls to resolve the grievances.

6 Safety guidelines: General Public and consumers Ensure that your building’s meter cabin is adequately protected from water logging. Get the entire wiring in your premises thoroughly checked and tested by authorised persons only. Put off the main switch in case there is water logging or leakage observed in the meter cabin. Put on the main switch only after ensuring that all faults have been rectified properly. If any water clogging happens at Basement/Ground floor, where any electrical accessories like meter Board/Meter cabin/Transformers/ Distribution boxes etc. and requested consumers not to enter that floor and call BESCOM Helpline 080-22873333 to disconnect the power. Don’t touch any streetlight pole, Transformer centre fencing, LT feeder pillar box etc during rainy time. Stay away from downed power lines. Call BESCOM Helpline(080-2287 3333) to report downed power lines. Unplug sensitive electronic/electric equipment before the storm arrives.

7 Safety within the Department 1. All the linemen/field staff shall use relevant safety gadgets while working on distribution network and also creating proper safety zone before starting repair/maintenance work. 2. The sketch shows how to create safety zones before starting the repair work:

8 Safety within the Department Essential safety materials are: Table 1 Sl. No. Safety Equipment Sl. No. Safety Equipment Sl. No. Safety Equipment 1 Earthing Rod sets 8 High voltage Tester, 15 Safety Helmet with induction sensor. 2 Safety Goggles. 9 Safety shoes 16 Tool spanners, 3 Safety belt. 10 Safety Reflecting Jacket. 17 Tester, 4 Rubber Hand gloves, 11 Cutting Pliers, 18 Poly propylene Rope with different size 5 Screw driver, 12 Rain coat 19 LED Torch, 6 High voltage Tester, 13 Men at work’ sign board. 20 Head Torch 7 Insulated GOS operating Rods 14 Fibber ladder. 21 Hickory roads,

9 Power Supply Restoration - Plan To restore the power supply to esteemed consumers on shorter response time, the following materials are kept under stock at each sub-division and each division/Store, for easy mobilization of materials and to complete the work on faster rate. 1. 11kV/LT Aerial Bunched Cables. 2. Poles 3. Conductors/Cables 4. Cable Jointing kit/Pot head. 5. Insulators (Type-Pin and Disc) 6. LT/11kV line Materials The following special equipments shall be kept under good condition in each subdivision and each division 1. Mobile Transformers of different capacity 2. Crane, Ladder/Bucket Van. 3. Fire extinguishers

10 Power Supply Restoration - Plan Assistant Engineer(Elec,)/Junior Engineer will supervise the work for restoration of power supply in their jurisdiction duly utilizing the resources. Assistant Executive Engineer(Elec,) will monitor the work of pooling man-power, materials, vehicles, etc, among the O&M units in their jurisdiction and also ensure that all resources listed in the table (1-4) are available round the clock. Also the Assistant Executive Engineers will ensure the updation of interruption information shall reach the consumer via face book / Fault Management System (FMS) duly updating the information by feeder managers. Executive Engineer(Elec,) will monitor all resource mobilization like man power, materials, vehicles, etc, among the subdivisions in their jurisdiction. Superintending Engineer(Elec,) will be the Nodal officer of the Circle to facilitate the work of pooling man power, materials, vehicles, etc, among the divisions in their jurisdiction. On safety aspects, all the section officers will inspect the hazardous locations and same may be rectified before starting of monsoon especially distribution box/metering box/LT feeder pillar box where door is open, take action to close the door properly to avoid leakage of current during rain and blocking of water inside the equipment. All the service station vehicles shall be well equipped with (additional 1 JE + 4 Linemen) manpower, materials and safety accessories rendering services on hired basis shall be equipped with Medical Kit for providing First Aid treatment for the fatalities and tool kit for attending vehicle minor breakdown.

11 Resources: Stock of major essential materials at field level. Table 2 Sl No MaterialSub- division DivisionCircle 1 Poles25 Nos75 Nos200 Nos 2 11kV AB Cable 1 Km 5 Km 15 Km 3 LT AB Cable 1 Km 5 Km 6 Km 4 Rabbit Conductor 1 Km 30 Km 60 Km 5 Coyote conductor 0.5 Km 15 Km 25 Km 6 11kV UG cable each size 0.5 Km 1 Km 2 Km 7 LT UG cable each size 0.5 Km 5 Km 10 Km 8 Pin Insulators 30 Nos 200 Nos 500 Nos 9 Disc Insulators 30 Nos 150 Nos 300 Nos 10 Jointing Kit each size5 Nos 11 Pot head each size5 Nos

12 Resources: Transformer Buffer. Table 3 Sl No MaterialSub-division ( in Nos) Division ( in Nos) Circle ( in Nos) 1Transformers capacity 25 KVA 51550 63 KVA 51550 100 KVA 51550 250 KVA 51550

13 Table 4 Resources: Table 4 Sl No EquipmentSub-division (in Nos) Division (in Nos) Circle (in Nos) 1 Emergency Light1312 2 Crane 1 2 6 3 Ladder/Bucket Van 1 2 6 4 Power Hack saw 3 15 45 5 Telescopic proner 3 15 45 6 Fire extinguisher 3 15 45 7 Lorry139 8 Mobile Transformer 250 KVA 500 KVA 2222 6666 15

14 How BESCOM team will function during monsoon ? Each O&M section is working as a service station having full-fledged 2 teams of 1 Junior engineer with 4 line men each with separate vehicle including all safety tools/equipment and other necessary line materials with wireless facility and functions 24x7. Additional 150 Nos vehicles are provided. The cable testing team will work for 24x7 to locate the fault in the under ground cable system and cable testing team in each Division ready to attend to any cable fault within 3 Hrs. Field level Escalation matrix formed to resolve any power supply disruptions. 260 teams will work efficiently during night time also as in a day by using all resources. The O&M cum Service Station teams (minimum of 2 teams / O&M section) consisting of one JE with 4 linemen with all safety and necessary line materials in all districts. Prior information to consumers regarding power outages through FMS wherein Feeder managers will update the status. All the District/Circle control rooms will act as Nodal centers to co-ordinate with field and Helpline.

15 In Case of any grievances ! Reach us 1. Online Complaint Registration Log onto to register your 2. 24 X 7 SMS Facility Just type BESCOM Subdivision code nature of complaint and send it to 92431 50000 3. 24×7 Helpline Call BESCOM Helpline -22873333 (60 lines)

16 Escalation Matrix Once you get a docket number from the BESCOM Helpline, the power should be restored in 1 hr or the local BESCOM officer should intimate you the expected time of restoration. If you don’t get docket number or if complaint is not attended within limited time then kindly SMS to the below mentioned numbers:  9449844640 (Shift in-charge)  9449844778 (GM Customer relations)  9663369333 (MD BESCOM) Kindly escalate to the next level only if there is no response for 30 minutes. Kindly do not call but only SMS, as your call may clog the lines.

17 Thank You

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