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Governed By Gramin Dak Sevak (Conduct and Engagement) Rules

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1 Governed By Gramin Dak Sevak (Conduct and Engagement) Rules-2011.
Engagement of GDS Governed By Gramin Dak Sevak (Conduct and Engagement) Rules-2011. Came in to effect from 2.6.1

2 Categories of GDS GDS BPM; GDS Mail Deliverer; GDS Mail Carrier;
GDS Mail Packer; GDS Stamp Vendor. 2.6.1

3 Terms and Conditions of Engagement of GDS
GDS need not perform duty for more than 5 hours a day. Should give an undertaking that he has other sources of income for livelihood of himself and his family. 2.6.1

4 Terms and Conditions of Engagement of GDS
He shall not be retained in service beyond 65 years of age. A Sevak can be transferred from one post/unit to another post/unit in public interest. 2.6.1

5 Terms and Conditions of Engagement of GDS
He shall be outside the Civil Service of the Union. He shall not claim to be at par with Central Government employees. 2.6.1

6 Terms and Conditions of Engagement of GDS
He should take up residence in the BO village/within jurisdiction of post office within one month after selection but before engagement. This is a mandatory condition for a Sevak. 2.6.1

7 Terms and Conditions of Engagement of GDS
Failure to reside in place of duty shall be treated as violation of conditions of engagement and liable for disciplinary action under Rule 10 of the Conduct Rules requiring removal/dismissal. 2.6.1

8 Terms and Conditions of Engagement of GDS
Post Office is located in the accommodation to be provided by the GDS BPM and must be suitable for use as Post Office premises. Combination of duties of a Sevak shall be permissible. 2.6.1

9 Terms and Conditions of Engagement of GDS
GDS is eligible to receive the Time Related Continuity Allowance (Pay). Not entitled to any pension. Entitled to ex-gratia Gratuity and any other payment decided by the Government. 2.6.1

10 Recruiting Authority for GDS BPM
The Recruiting authority for the posts of GDS BPM is the SSP/SP of the Division. 2.6.1

11 Recruiting Authority for Other GDSs in Sub Divisions
GDS MD, GDS Packer and GDS Mail Carrier is the Sub Appointing Authority, IP/ASP of the Sub Division in respect of all the offices which are coming under his administrative jurisdiction. 2.6.1

12 Recruiting Authority for Other GDSs in HOs/LSG SOs
In respect of Head Post Offices, HSG II and LSG Sub Offices which are Sub Appointing Units, the Postmaster/SPM is the competent person. 2.6.1

13 Recruiting Authority for Other GDSs in HOs/LSG SOs
In respect of posts falling within the jurisdiction of HSG II and LSG Town SOs, the IP/ASP of the Sub Division in whose jurisdiction those offices are situated, is the competent authority to make appointments. 2.6.1

14 Assessment of vacancies
Records to be referred to- Personal files of GDS Record of service Register of services Seniority list Punishment registers 2.6.1

15 Representation for Reserved communities
SC/ST/OBC and physically handicapped categories will have representations in the appointment of GDS. (DG Posts Letter No /94-ED&Trg dated 5th October 1994) The reservation should be made as in the case for the Departmental Group ‘C’ and ‘MTS’ categories of officials. 2.6.1

16 Representation in Engagement of GDS
The Compendium of Instructions on reservation for OBCs issued by the Department of Personnel and Training would also apply. The recruitment to the post of GDS should be made following the instructions relating to reservation. 2.6.1

17 Permission for filling up GDS vacancies
Every permanent engagement can be made to the post of GDS , only after sanction is received from the Postmaster General of the Region for the retention of the post. 2.6.1

18 Reference to Waiting List of Surplus GDSs
While the post of GDS is being filled up, it should be seen whether any post has become rendered surplus in the Establishment review and it is yet to be transferred for want of vacancy. 2.6.1

19 Reference to Waiting List of Surplus GDSs
For this, the register of Waiting List of Surplus GDSs (retrenchment register) is to be consulted. If such a person is available, the vacant post should be filled up with that person provided that person is eligible to be posted to the post. 2.6.1

20 Variations in selection Process
While the general conditions for selection are clearly prescribed by Directorate there are some local variations in procedures: Eg: some circles allow 30 days for submission of applications and others 15,21 and so on. Some circles have a committee for opening of applications while others do not Some circles call the top five meritorious candidate for verification of documents and select the most meritorious while others call all applicants for verification and select the most meritorious. 2.6.1

21 Notification of Vacancy
A notification has to be issued calling for applications from the prospective candidates giving 30 days time for submission of application. 2.6.1

22 Notification of Vacancy
Notification should specifically state the category for which it is reserved and applications from other community would not be considered. 2.6.1

23 Notification of Vacancy
After notifying the reservation for a community, change of community or selection of a candidate of an unreserved community or any other community for such notified post is violation of instructions. 2.6.1

24 Re-Notification of Vacancy
If there are less than three applications for a post, a re-notification has to be issued noting the reasons in the register. Re-notification has to be issued only for the community, for which the original notification was issued. 2.6.1

25 Notification to Employment Exchange
A copy of the notification has to be sent to the Employment Exchange which serves the area of vacancy. They should be asked to sponsor the candidates immediately after the receipt of the notification. 2.6.1

26 Employment Exchange Candidates to be addressed
The candidates sponsored by Employment Exchange, should be supplied with a copy of application form and notification (for giving him the conditions of engagement). The candidate should be informed that he should apply for the post within 10 days from the date of receipt of the communication. 2.6.1

27 Eligibility conditions for GDS other than BPM
The applicant should have attained the age of 18 years. The minimum educational qualification for the post is a pass in VIII standard however preference is given for SSLC or Matriculation. No weightage is given for higher educational qualification (above matriculation) 2.6.1

28 Conditions for Selection of GDS other than BPM
The engagement is purely temporary and in the nature of a contract, liable to be terminated by the competent authority at any time with one month's prior notice. The work is part time for 3 to 5 hours a day and the engagement will not confer any right on the candidate to claim any regular full time post in the Department. 2.6.1

29 Conditions for Selection of GDS Other than BPM
The merit list of all eligible candidates will be drawn. A panel of selected candidates strictly as per merit will be prepared. The candidates in the panel will be asked to attend the Sub Divisional Office for verification of documents. The top meritorious candidate will be considered for selection. This is just one of the method followed in a particular circle 2.6.1

30 Acts which Disqualify candidature
Bringing Recommendation or canvassing in any form. The candidate should not be an agent of LIC or any other financial/insurance company. The candidate should not be a member of any political party or an organization banned by the Central Government. 2.6.1

31 Acts which Disqualify candidature
Persons holding elective office as ward member of Town Panchayat etc. will not be considered. The candidate should not have married a person who is already having a spouse or should not have two spouses living. Applications will not be accepted in person. 2.6.1

32 Security to be furnished
BPM-25000/- Other than BPM /- In the form of FG Bond(Fidelity Guarantee bond) obtained from LIC or Co-operative Society or National Savings Certificate pledged to the President of India 2.6.1

33 Format Application for the Post Of GDS (MD,MC,MP)
APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF GRAMIN DAK SEVAK 1. Name of the Applicant (IN BLOCK LETTERS) : 2. Father’s/Husband’s name : 3. Date of Birth in Christian Era (Documentary proof to be attached) : 4. Sex :  5. Native place (Tahsildar/Zonal Dy. Tahsildar’s certificate for Nativity should be attached) : 6. Present Residential address :  7. Permanent address :   8. Name of Police Station :  9. Community (viz.SC/ST/OBC/OC) (in case of SC/ST/OBC, attested copies of proof should be attached) :  10.Educational Qualification : (Attested copy of Marksheet should invariably be attached) : 11.Annual income/occupation : 2.6.1

34 Application for the Post Of GDS ------
12. Are you a member of any local body/ supporter of any political party (Say Yes or No) :  13.Are you married? If so, have you got more than one wife living? :    14. Do you know cycling? 15. If selected are you ready to reside under BO jurisdiction? 15. Are you an LIC agent :   I, _________________________________________________________ hereby solemnly declare that the particulars furnished above are correct and I hold myself responsible for any incorrect particulars furnished above and I am ready to accept any action taken by the Department against me in case any of the above said particulars are found to be incorrect. Station :  Date : Signature of the candidate 2.6.1

35 Processing of Applications Received
A committee (3 members) will be formed and generally one ASP will be the member of the committee for opening the covers containing the applications on the prescribed date. The covers opened will be entered in a Register of Applications Received for appointment to the post of GDS of the particular BO. 2.6.1

36 Panel of Meritorious Candidates
The selection has to be restricted to VIII standard and preference will be given to those having Matriculation . A panel of five candidates of highest scorer of marks in the qualifying(Matriculation) examination is to be made and entered in the Register of Applications Received. All the members to sign the register. 2.6.1

37 Checking of Original Certificates
The top ranked candidate will be asked to come with originals for verification giving 10 days time Notice to be issued by registered post with AD. Comparison of documents with originals will be carried out. The candidate will be offered the post provisionally. 2.6.1

38 Verification of Mark Sheet and Community Certificate
Copies of his Mark Sheet and the Community Certificate in case of reserved community are sent to the authority concerned for verification. 2.6.1

39 Residence certificate/ Income Undertaking of GDS
The selected candidate is required to furnish a certificate within one month after selection regarding his taking up residence in the BO village. An undertaking that he has other sources of income besides the allowances paid or to be paid by the Government for adequate means of livelihood for himself and his family. 2.6.1

40 Issue of Selection Order
After production of the required certificate and undertaking and after getting the residence certificate verified by the field officer, necessary Provisional Appointment orders are issued. 2.6.1

41 Issue of Formal Appointment Order to GDS
The formal Appointment Order is issued after The Attestation Form collected from the GDS and sent to the Collector is received back with the certificate of verification on his conduct and character and his identity. Verification of marks card and caste certificate. The Fidelity Guarantee Bond is received from the Co-Operative Society and approved. 2.6.1

42 Issue of Formal Appointment Order to GDS
The Declarations to be furnished by the GDS are recorded and kept on record. The Medical Certificate obtained from the Authorised Medical Attendant is received and filed at the HO. 2.6.1

43 Validity period of the Panel & Waiting List
The panel of five candidates prepared and kept in the Register of applications Received is valid for one year from the date of preparation. If the selected candidate does not join or tenders unwillingness, the next person in the panel may be considered. 2.6.1

44 Review of Selection by Superior to the RA
Can call for the records of engagement of a GDS and take action fit if the Recruiting Authority has, exercised his jurisdiction not vested in it by any law or rules time being in force , failed to exercise a jurisdiction so vested , Exercised its jurisdiction illegally or with material irregularity. 2.6.1

45 Review on Selection by Superior to the RA
If any irregularity is noticed either in the procedures followed or in the selection made, corrective action will be taken by him and suitable notice on the authority who made the selection, will also be taken. 2.6.1

46 Maintenance of Waiting List for Surplus GDSs
When the GDS Posts are abolished, the surplus GDS should be accommodated in the alternative posts in the following manner: He may be accommodated as far as possible under the accounts jurisdiction of the SO where he is working. Subject to the availability of vacancies and fulfillment of the conditions of educational qualification. 2.6.1

47 Maintenance of Waiting List for Surplus GDSs
If there is no vacancy in the BOs under the SO, he may be informed of all the vacancies in the Division and asked to exercise the option for choosing the post. If he is not willing, his name may be kept in a waiting list which will be maintained for two years for offering him any vacancy that may arise subsequently in the accounts jurisdiction of the SO. 2.6.1

48 Treatment of interim Period of Non-Engagement
If he refuses to avail himself of the opportunity, his name may be deleted from the waiting list. The interim period of non-engagement of Surplus GDSs, will count for qualifying service for eligibility to take departmental examination of Group D and postmen. 2.6.1

49 Treatment of interim Period of Non-Engagement
However, this period will not be counted for purposes of ex-gratia gratuity and payment of severance amount. Exercise 1 Progress test 1 2.6.1

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