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Civics Review.

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1 Civics Review

2 The term meaning a 2/3 vote can end a filibuster

3 Cloture

4 What is the term for an appellate court sending a case back to a lower court for further action.

5 Remand

6 What is the term meaning the senate has the ability to approve a presidential appointment?

7 Senatorial courtesy

8 Which courts use witnesses during trial?

9 District courts

10 How does one become a federal judge?

11 Appointment

12 Term that means a majority of evidence supports a decision by jury in a civil case (majority rule, rather than unanimous decision).

13 Preponderance of Evidence

14 One reason for objection in a court – statement based on what one has heard, rather than on any solid evidence.

15 Hearsay

16 In a court, a motion made against a testimony or evidence.

17 Objection

18 What is jurisdiction?

19 Authority or dominion over a case

20 Action in which an executive can remove the parts of a bill.

21 Line-item veto

22 Which court in the United States is the highest authority?

23 Supreme Court

24 What is the term for the ability of the Supreme Court to review bills for constitutionality?

25 Judicial Review

26 During what Supreme Court case did the court gain the ability of judicial review?

27 Marbury v. Madison

28 Which federal court has original jurisdiction?

29 District court

30 What is the role of a court in a criminal case?

31 Determine guilt/innocence

32 What type of decisions are made in an appellate court?

33 Reviews of lower courts

34 Committee action in which a bill is put off to the side, ignored, and likely to die.

35 Pigeon-hole

36 What types of civil cases are handled by the federal court?

37 Private parties Private parties v. Govt US v. state/local government

38 A judge who is often in a lower court
A judge who is often in a lower court. Often appointed by federal judges.

39 Magistrate

40 How many state court systems are in America?

41 50

42 How many district courts are in the US?

43 At least one per state. (89; 94 including territories)

44 What does a judge in a federal court base their opinions on?

45 precedent

46 What is the tenure of a federal judge?

47 Life

48 Of which branch of government are the US Marshals a part?

49 Executive

50 What is the duty of a US Marshal

51 Serve as enforcement agency within judicial branch

52 What is the term that means to take legal action?

53 Litigation

54 When a court orders a party to do/not do something.

55 injunction

56 A document used pre-trial as a means of stating an argument.

57 Brief

58 What type of decisions are made by an appellate court?

59 Review

60 When discussing a federal court, what is an “opinion”?

61 A decision

62 When a decision in a legal dispute has been made outside the court.

63 Arbitration

64 In a civil dispute, when should a person choose to take a case to trial?


66 Action in which a member of the senate speaks ad nauseam as a means of keeping a bill from passing.

67 filibuster

68 Jurisdiction in which multiple courts are able to decide on a matter within the same territory.

69 Concurrent jurisdiction

70 During an examination, when a witness is given a chance to address points made during a cross-examination.

71 redress

72 Governing whether, how, when, and for what purpose evidence is to be used.

73 Rule of evidence

74 A legal document calling a person into court.

75 Subpoena

76 This refers to the sole power of a court to adjudicate a case.

77 Exclusive jurisdiction

78 To solve a dispute through use of a third party.

79 mediation

80 Who is the only president to have ever served as a Supreme Court Chief Justice?

81 William Howard Taft

82 How many justices are in the Supreme Court?

83 1 Chief Justice + 8 Associate Justices

84 Who was the first black Supreme Court Justice?

85 Thurgood Marshall

86 Who is our current Supreme Court Chief Justice?

87 John Roberts

88 Who is the first female member of the Supreme Court?

89 Sandra Day O’Connor

90 In what types of cases does the Supreme Court have final authority?

91 Constitution Acts of Congress Treaties with other nations

92 Who approves the budget set by the OMD?

93 Congress

94 In what situations does Supreme Court have original jurisdiction?

95 Diplomats from foreign countries
Disputes between states

96 What are the powers of the Supreme Court?

97 Judicial Review Interpreting Laws Review any federal, state, or local law/action for constitutionality Nullify or cancel laws found unconstitutional

98 How does someone become a member of the Supreme Court?

99 Appointment by President

100 How long is the term of a Supreme Court justice?

101 Life.

102 What are some reasons for this lifelong term?

103 Kept free from political influence

104 What are some reasons a person may be rejected from a Supreme Court position?

105 Qualifications Political philosophies

106 What does the 25th Amendment do?

107 Line of presidential succession.

108 Who is the only president to have ignored a Supreme Court ruling?

109 Andrew Jackson

110 Which president served more than 2 terms?

111 FDR

112 With what were presidential terms limited?

113 22nd Amendment

114 What 3 qualifications are necessary to become president?

115 35 years old 14 years residency Natural born citizen

116 What is the system by which the government is run, including non- elected officials.

117 Bureaucracy

118 List in order, the first 5 people in the line of presidential succession.

119 President Vice-President Speaker of the House President Pro-Tempore Secretary of State

120 Power granted to the president to execute a proclamation with full force of the law

121 Executive orders

122 Who is the Commander in Chief?

123 President

124 What are the duties of the Commander in Chief?

125 Leader of armed forces

126 How often is the State of the Union address made?

127 annually

128 Who gives the State of the Union address?

129 President

130 What is the system by which a president appoints their supporters to positions in the government?

131 Patronage System

132 What is a type of pardon, often given before a person even goes to trial, often for political offenses?

133 Amnesty

134 What is the title of the position of the President’s assistant?

135 Chief of Staff

136 What is the OMB?

137 Office of Management and Budget

138 How many departments are in the executive branch?

139 15

140 The secretaries of each of these departments make up what group?

141 cabinet

142 Which department collects taxes?

143 Treasury Department (IRS)

144 Which department has 3 branches which protect our nation?

145 Department of Defense (Army, Navy/Marines, Air Force)

146 Which department handles the National Parks?

147 Interior Department

148 Which department deals with soil conservation?

149 Department of Agriculture

150 Which department handles passports?

151 State department

152 Which department handles Race to the Top?

153 Department of Education

154 Which department includes the Secret Service?

155 Department of Homeland Security

156 What is the money used for collateral in a criminal case when a person is released from jail to await trial?

157 Bail

158 What is it called when an accused person in a trial agrees to a lesser charge in order to forego trial?

159 Plea bargain

160 Where are cases involving minors typically held?

161 Juvenile courts

162 Who decides if formal charges will be filed in a case?

163 Grand jury

164 What happens in a criminal case when a jury is unable to reach a unanimous decision?

165 Hung jury/mistrial.

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