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The US Judicial System.

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1 The US Judicial System

2 Unit IV: Institutions of Government: Congress, Presidency, Bureaucracy, Courts (35-45%)

3 The Judicial Branch of Government What is its function
The Judicial Branch of Government What is its function? How is it different from other two? Snyder v. Phelps (2011)

4 What are the facts of the Westboro case. What was the outcome
What are the facts of the Westboro case? What was the outcome? What does this tell you?

5 The Judicial Branch – Basic terms
Litigation Standing to sue Class action suit Attorney American Bar Association US Attorney (district attorney) Plaintiff Defendant In forma pauperis Judge /Justice Magistrate En banc Grand Jury Indictment Jury Civil case Criminal Case jurisdiction Tort Brief Settlement Plea Bargain Remedy Appeal Habeas Corpus



8 VA State Court Jurisdiction



11 The US Judicial System - Key Questions
Who creates federal courts and specifies # of judges? How long do federal judges serve and how are they selected? Who creates state courts and specifies number of judges? What types of cases have original jurisdiction in federal court? What types of cases are heard in state court? What jurisdiction do federal appellate courts have? What types of US Courts are there? How many of each? What is the jurisdiction of each? How many judges/justices in each? *

12 Judicial System – Dispute resolution
How do most civil cases end? How do most criminal cases end? What enforcement power do the courts have?

13 ontline/shows/plea/view/
Frontline – The Plea ontline/shows/plea/view/ Run from

14 Supreme Court Cases – key terms
Judicial review Marbury v. Madison Writ of certiorari aka “granting cert” or “denying cert” Rule of four Political questions Judicial activism Judicial restraint Amicus Curaie Brief Stare Decisis Solicitor General Oral Argument Conference Majority opinion Concurring Opinion Dissenting opinion

15 Supreme Court - Key Questions
How are Supreme Court Cases different from lower court cases? What cases have original jurisdiction in the Supreme Court? What percent of appeals are granted cert? What is the process of granting cert? What cases are more likely to receive cert? What is the impact of a denial of cert? What takes place in an oral argument? What is the role of stare decisis? What takes place in conference? How is the opinion writing assigned? What is the role of the majority opinion? The dissenting opinion? Who are the nine current Supreme Court Justices? Is the court today considered to be liberal or conservative and why?

16 US Supreme Court

17 US Supreme Court – three Videos
SCOTUS parts 1, 2, and 3 YouTube *


19 The Current US Supreme Court


21 The Courts (Unit IV)

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