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RULES & REGULATIONS RULES & REGULATIONS IRREGULARITY EXCELLENCE GOLDEN MOMENTS DÉJÀ VU 500 400 300 200 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200.

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2 RULES & REGULATIONS RULES & REGULATIONS IRREGULARITY EXCELLENCE GOLDEN MOMENTS DÉJÀ VU 500 400 300 200 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500


4 Members of this GJ collected puzzle pieces as attendance incentives and brought those pieces to the “Friendship and Southern Hospitality Session” in Birmingham.

5 The WGM of the 118 th “Simple Pleasures of Life” session meeting urged the 1198 members attending to BELIEVE in Miracles. She used a bee hive as her emblem, and their Grand excursion was a bus trip to northwestern NY, including the Finger Lakes, a winery, and the Corning Museum of Glass. (I’ll bet Lisa Davis knows this one!)

6 The motto for our neighbor to the west was “WE THE PEOPLE.” When asked, “HOOSIER presiding officer?” the answer was WGM Debby Thomas.

7 While addressing the State adult youth leaders at the 110 th “Treasured Memories” Session, the WGP advised to “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can.”

8 The program of the 110 th “Hands of Service” session of this Tri-State Friend boasts an illustration of the Rob Morris home on the cover.


10 In this Canadian jurisdiction, 50- and 60-year presentations were done with non-OES members of the family invited into the Chapter Room if at an event other than a Chapter meeting.

11 Something happened at the 121 “Stars of Love” session that had NEVER happened in the 127 years that OES has been in the state. For the first only time, a PGM and PGP who served together 50 years ago were able to celebrate the golden anniversary of their session. Sister Jeanne Johnson of Superior and Brother Curtis Lang of Milwaukee.

12 There were 7 70-year members, 1 75-year member, and 1 80-year member at the 123 rd “Random Acts of Kindness” session held in Pierre in this Grand Jurisdiction.

13 At the 137 th “Let There Be Light” Session held in Lincoln, 142 50- year members were honored by the WGM and WGP at a luncheon. When the WGM asked a 74-year member if she was coming to the session, she replied, “Oh no! I’m on the clean-up committee.”

14 138 50-year members were recognized by the WGM during her official visits, including 82-year member Dorothy Burgess, 102 years young during her “Canopy of Stars” year.


16 The Ritual competition in this SUNNY state is not individuals, but complete teams who present the initiatory work. Teams may be from one Chapter or many different Chapters. Six teams compete at Grand Chapter for recognition.

17 This West Coast Grand Chapter held its first Ritual Competition at its 123 rd “Dreams, Devotion, Direction” session in Pendleton. The competition included the WM, AP, Star Points, and Signet Work.

18 This southern Grand Jurisdiction recently held its 113 th “Faith, Hope, Joy, Love” session in Alexandria and presents “Purr”fect Personal Achievement Awards to members.

19 Two awards presented at the 108 th session held in Roanoke were the Maintenance Plus award for increasing membership (13 Chapters were recognized) and the Cardinal Club award for member who attended every official visit. The WGM said there are no dues, but it is one of the most expensive clubs you can join.

20 During the 120 th “Let Our Star Shine” session, the WGM of our most northeastern state presented 116 Travel Club ribbons to members who visited other Chapters, attended events of another fraternal body, and helped with a Chapter Service Project.


22 It may seem “CORNY” to you, but an irregularity for poor attendance at Schools of Instruction was given in the Cornhusker State which boasts 94 Chapters with 8,139 members.

23 Porch book being signed long before the start of the meeting was an irregularity, but posting the Canadian flag before the American flag was not in this GJ to the north, whose Grand Chapter was held in Kamloops.

24 The WGM of the 122 nd “Celebration of Life” Session held in Manchester had to give an irregularity (and ultimatum) to a Chapter refusing to pay per capita fees.

25 Some irregularities noted by the WGM of the 115 th “Stars in My Heart” session held in Casper included the Conductress using her left hand to exemplify the signs, a WP joining the Circle of Prayer, and a Chaplain giving the closing prayer during the opening.

26 Eating in the Chapter room must not be an irregularity as pre-ordered box lunches were delivered and eaten during the business session of the Grand Chapter at the 118 th “Simple Pleasures of Life” session held in the Keystone State.


28 In this Grand Chapter, which participates in Hands across the Border with Quebec, all requests for dispensations are forwarded to the WGP. Last year there were 33.

29 At the 107 th Building the Future” session held in Reno, any fundraising that competes with local gaming in illegal.

30 Annual Reports went electronic the year of the 118 th “Precious Moments” session. The many of the Roughrider state’s Chapter minutes are stored at the office of the Grand Secretary (whose first name is Roberta). She is encouraging them to investigate other available options.

31 Legislation in this Land of Lincoln Jurisdiction included prohibiting School of Instruction on Sundays.

32 Suggestions to reduce the # of long form openings required, for Grand Officers to serve two-year terms, and to translate the Ritual into French were made in this Grand Jurisdiction—the only one that rhymes with (Alex) Trebek.

33 JUST SAYIN’ GOING TO THE DOGS All in the GRAND FAMILY All in the GRAND FAMILY Faith, Hope, & CHARITIES Faith, Hope, & CHARITIES DÉJÀ VU 1000 800 600 400 200 400 600 800 1000 200 400 600 800 1000 200 400 600 800 1000 200 400 600 800 1000


35 The emblems of WGM Jean Chance at the 113 th “Wings of Friendship” session in Ocean City were butterflies and puzzles. And, the last name of their Grand Ruth was difficult for many to pronounce: Sylvia Spriesterbach. (What do you think of that, Linda Prochazka?)

36 WGM Eleanor Tesch, presiding at the 123 rd “Beacon of Hope” session held in Great Falls in this BIG SKY state, has a sister in Findlay, Ohio, and a brother in Athens, Ohio. The AGP is Clint Frank (not Frank Clifton).

37 Member RON KELLER was presented a check for $50 on behalf of DeMolay in this FIRST STATE’s 91 st Session.

38 The WGM of the 122 nd “Celebration of Life” session held in Manchester used bee hives and honeybees as her emblem. For entertainment, a beekeeper (the husband of the Grand Organist), brought 6 pounds of bees and let gave an informational presentation. BTW, there are 60,000 bees in 6 pounds!

39 The 65 th “Reflections of Love and Music” Session was held July 3, 4, and 5, as it is not a national holiday in this jurisdiction. The WGM’s emblem was the forget-me-not, honoring “faithful members of all our Chapters who regularly attend meetings even though they do not hold an office.”

40 Faith, Hope, & CHARITIES Faith, Hope, & CHARITIES

41 WGM organized a murder mystery dinner based on the board game CLUE, giving one clue at each Grand Visitation during the year. The finale dinner in Salt Lake City raised $2365 for Breast Cancer research.

42 At the 118 th “Simple Pleasures of Life” session of this Grand Jurisdiction, held in York, it was announced that WGM’s special project for MS raised $98,031.64.

43 At the 113 th “Wings of Friendship” session in Ocean City, $27,622.84 was raised for their special project of therapeutic riding. The money was donated to Horses for Hope, and Horses for Heroes, assisting veterans.

44 The WGM special project for the WGM of the 138 th Sym- PHONE-y of Love” session held in Springfield was “Cells for Soldiers.” 675 donated cell phones were sold to buy 40,000+ minutes for military members.

45 The Pantomime Committee had three performances this year, raising nearly $9000 for the OES Home, Education, and Youth Day. The committee chairman even got the WGM to gather props, make tickets, programs, and contacts. The chairman was her husband.


47 This jurisdiction just held their 14 th biennial session. Because GC meets every other year “Down Under,” everyone in this Grand Family holds his or her respective Grand office for two years.

48 At the 107 th Building the Future” session held in Reno, the WGP Richard Sidford was the husband of Grand Conductress Elizabeth Sidford.

49 In the 138 th Symphony of Love” Session in the Land of Lincoln, The Grand Officers were Golden Notes, the Grand Representatives were Silver Notes, and the Grand Escorts were Totin’ Notes!

50 At the 65 th “Reflections of Love and Music” session held in Charlottetown, the WGP Fred Lipskey and Grand Esther Peg Lipskey were husband and wife.

51 It was “ALL in the FAMILY” as WGM Mary Heskett and WGP Gerald Busch served with their spouses Grand Warder Gerry Heskett and Grand Ruth Bonnie Busch. The 96 th “A Moment in Time” session of this Northern Province was held in North Battlefield (not Saskatoon.)


53 This west coast jurisdiction meeting in Fresno raised $80,000 for Paws for Purple Hearts, enough to train 5 assistance dogs for military members.

54 Wife and husband Hazel and Martin Bless were the WGM and WGP presiding at the 118 th “Precious Moments” session held in Mandan. They endorsed “Denim for Dogs” to raise funds for their Grand Project for service dogs. For a donation, members could attend two meetings wearing denim—including JEANS! ($6700 was donated.)

55 The 44 chapters of this Grand Jurisdiction sponsored 5 service dogs for children with diabetes. Dog Casey and boy Tyler met for the first time at Grand Chapter in the mile-high city.

56 Paws for Patriots raised over $10,000 for service animals for our veterans in this SUNSHINE state. Corporal Michael Jernigan (USMC retired) presented the Marine Corps flag during the informal pre- opening with the assistance of his guide dog Brittany.

57 At the 146 th “Nature’s Beauty” Session of the oldest Grand Jurisdiction in the World, the WGM promised to dye her hair purple and green, and WGP promised to shave his head if the goal of $90,000 was raised for Paws for a Cause. They kept their word when $90,050 was donated.


59 Fraternal correspondents are two GRs in this jurisdiction that boasts chapters named Mesa Starlight, Saguaro, Casa Grande, Grand Canyon, and Desert Star.

60 The idea of fraternal correspondents was conceived in this New England state in 1876--there were only 8 Grand Jurisdictions at the time. It helped keep us “CONNECT”-ed.

61 The fraternal correspondent for the 111 th “Soaring Eagles” session was a PGM. I wonder if she VOLUNTEERed?

62 The Empire state has only one fraternal correspondent. However, she reports only on 10 jurisdictions. Just sayin’

63 There was one HEAD fraternal correspondent plus 17 assistant fraternal correspondents giving the report the 142 nd “Winter Wonderland” session held in Atlantic City of this Jurisdiction.



66 This Grand Jurisdiction is celebrating 125 years of charity, truth, and loving- kindness. They have learned that in the journey of life, love is the key.



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