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“Con Law” It’s in the BudgetDecisions “Chief” among Equals Juris- diction Policy Points Mis-cell- any 100 200 200 300 400 500 AP Government Jeopardy –

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1 “Con Law” It’s in the BudgetDecisions “Chief” among Equals Juris- diction Policy Points Mis-cell- any 100 200 200 300 400 500 AP Government Jeopardy – Judiciary, Budget, and Policy

2 Final Jeopardy! Question Judiciary, Budget, and Policy Selection of Federal Judges

3 Creates the Supreme Court, but not the federal court system – also gives Congress the power to create federal courts below the Supreme Court Article III “Con Law” 100

4 Philosophy that the Supreme Court should play an active role in determining national policies, especially those related to social and political issues Judicial activism “Con Law” 200

5 Philosophy that holds that the Supreme Court should avoid taking initiative on social and political issues Judicial restraint “Con Law” 300

6 Judicial checks on the Legislative Branch Can interpret the meaning of laws, nullify laws or parts of laws by declaring them unconstitutional “Con Law” 400

7 Can interpret executive orders and federal regulations, can nullify an executive order or federal regulation by declaring it unconstitutional Judicial checks on Executive Branch “Con Law” 500

8 Federal Reserve efforts to control the money supply, primarily through interest rate changes, to stimulate the economy Monetary policy It’s in the Budget 100

9 Gradual increases/decreases in funding that produce major changes over time Incrementalism It’s in the Budget 200

10 Legislative process that produces laws granting the expenditure of money for specific programs Authorization It’s in the Budget 300

11 Legislative process that distributes money to programs in order to run the government and carry out public policy Appropriations Process It’s in the Budget 400

12 Used to continue funding the government when an appropriations bill has been stalled by gridlock in Congress or a presidential veto Continuing resolution It’s in the Budget 500

13 An opinion that summarizes the opinion of the court and provides a precedent for future decisions in similar cases Majority opinion Decisions, Decisions 100

14 An opinion from one or more justices who agree with the majority on the end result but disagree with the reasoning in the majority opinion Concurring opinion Decisions, Decisions 200

15 Opinion from one or more justices who disagree with the reasoning and end result of the majority opinion; there can be more than one of these in a case Dissenting opinion Decisions, Decisions 300

16 How previous cases that involved similar issues were decided Precedent Decisions, Decisions 400

17 Submitted to an appellate court by interested parties or “friends of the court” who have an interest in the case and want to influence the decision Amicus curiae brief Decisions, Decisions 500

18 Chief Justice Presides over the Supreme Court but has no more real power than associate justices (as all of them get one vote) “Chief” among Equals 100

19 Marbury v. Madison (1803) Marshall Court decision that established the principle of judicial review; declared a portion of the Judiciary Act of 1791 unconstitutional “Chief” among Equals 200

20 Warren Court Liberal court from 1953 to 1969 that expanded the rights of the accused and pushed forward civil rights Ex: Brown v. Board of Education, Gideon v. Wainwright “Chief” among Equals 300

21 Burger Court Court from 1969 to 1986 that edged toward a more conservative view, though it continued to take some activist positions such as Roe v. Wade “Chief” among Equals 400

22 Roberts Court Current Supreme Court, distinguished by more conservative ideology; created limiting language in areas with previous liberal decisions “Chief” among Equals 500

23 Writ of certiorari Order by Supreme Court directing a lower court to send records of a case for review; the SCOTUS issues 80-150 per year Jurisdiction 100

24 Original jurisdiction Authority of courts to hear new cases; for the SCOTUS, this includes disputes between state governments or cases involving foreign governments Jurisdiction 200

25 Appellate jurisdiction Authority of courts to hear appeals of decisions made in lower courts; the Supreme Court is the ultimate and final court with this kind of jurisdiction Jurisdiction 300

26 U.S. District Courts Have original jurisdiction in the federal court system and never hear appeals; 94 of these in the U.S. conduct both civil and criminal cases Jurisdiction 400

27 U.S. Courts of Appeals Have only appellate jurisdiction, never conduct trials; 13 of these in the U.S., each serving a region called a circuit Jurisdiction 500

28 Agenda setting The process of forming the list of matters that policymakers intend to address Policy Points100

29 Public policy Government actions to solve a problem or accomplish an objective Policy Points 200

30 Environmental impacts statement Required studies of likely environmental consequences, filed with the Environmental Protection Agency prior to the beginning of a project Policy Points 300

31 Entitlement program Payments made to people meeting eligibility requirements, such as Social Security Policy Points 400

32 Deficit spending When government expenditures exceed revenues, requiring borrowing of money; common because public projects are popular but taxation is not Policy Points 500

33 Fiscal policy Use of taxing and spending by the government to stimulate the economy Mis-cell-any 100

34 Senatorial courtesy The traditional practice of giving senators veto power over the nomination of U.S. District Court judges; meant to maintain a good working relationship between the President and Congress Mis-cell-any 200

35 Worcester v. Georgia (1832) Supreme Court ruled that state government actions violated Cherokee sovereignty established by federal treaties; ruling was ignored by Andrew Jackson, who refused to enforce it Mis-cell-any 300

36 Rule of Four Procedure for deciding whether or not the Supreme Court will hear a case; named for the number of justices that must agree Mis-cell-any 400

37 Mandatory spending 2/3 of the federal budget is devoted to paying for entitlement programs such as Social Security, interest on national debt, etc., leaving little for discretionary spending – or spending cuts Mis-cell-any 500

38 What are the formal qualifications for federal judges, and what is their typical background? What factors does the President consider when choosing federal judges? FINAL JEOPARDY

39 There are no formal qualifications for federal judges listed in the Constitution, but they usually have experience as private lawyers, federal or state judges, law professors, and/or district attorneys. The President chooses judges that share his/her judicial philosophy, and looks for balance of race, gender and religion, but most importantly looks for a well-respected individual free from scandal (and therefore likely to gain Senate approval). Senatorial courtesy is used for district courts. FINAL JEOPARDY

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