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ATTORNEY SERVICES INFORMATION MEETING March 11, 2013 Department 1 Stanley Mosk Courthouse.

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1 ATTORNEY SERVICES INFORMATION MEETING March 11, 2013 Department 1 Stanley Mosk Courthouse

2 TODAY’S OBJECTIVES Describe Briefly the Court’s Consolidation Plan Provide Resources for Your Information Describe New Procedures Provide the Timing and Location(s) of Documentation Processing from March 18, 2013 Forward

3 FIRST, TERMINOLOGY General Jurisdiction: $25,000 & Greater Personal Injury/Remaining Cases Limited Jurisdiction: $25,000 & Less Collections, Unlawful Detainers, Remaining Small Claims

4 SECOND, LOCATIONS General Jurisdiction: PI @ Mosk, I/C @ Mosk and Designated District Locations Collections: Norwalk & Chatsworth Unlawful Detainers: Lancaster, Mosk, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica Remaining Limited: Mosk Small Claims: Mosk, Alhambra, Downey, Inglewood, Lancaster, and Van Nuys East

5 COURTHOUSE CLOSURES Ten Courthouses Will Be Closed or Limited in Usage – Huntington Park; Whittier – Pomona North; Malibu – West Los Angeles; Beverly Hills – San Pedro; Beacon Street – Catalina; Kenyon Juvenile Justice Center

6 Starting from Small and Going Forward……… Small Claims Limited General Jurisdiction


8 SMALL CLAIMS: FROM 27 TO 6 Hub Small Claims In Five Courthouses Small Claims Cases Will Be Filed And Heard Only At These Locations. Mosk, Alhambra, Downey, Van Nuys, Inglewood

9 SMALL CLAIMS Sources of FilingsCourthouse Central (Mosk) Stanley Mosk East District, North Central District, North East District, East LA Courthouse Alhambra North West District, North Valley District Van Nuys - East South District, Southeast District, South Central District Downey West District, Southwest District Inglewood

10 Van Nuys Mosk Alhambra Downey Inglewood

11 CIVIL: THE BIG PICTURE Utilize Differential Case Management For Certain Case Types – Collections Cases, PI Cases, and Limited Civil Cases Maintain I/C Courts Reduce Number Of Courtrooms Use of Master Calendar Departments (MCD)

12 Limited Jurisdiction: CRC 3.740 Collections Chatsworth All Others Except UD’s Mosk Collections Norwalk

13 REMAINING LIMITED……. TO MOSK MASTER CALENDAR All Limited Civil Cases Except for Collections & Unlawful Detainers Filed at the Mosk Courthouse

14 LJ c c c c Chatsworh Norwalk Mosk

15 Unlawful Detainer Santa Monica Pasadena Stanley Mosk Long Beach

16 Unlawful Detainers Sources of FilingsCourthouses Central (Mosk) Stanley Mosk North Valley District, North Central District, Northeast District, East District, East LA Courthouse Pasadena Southeast District, South Central District, South District, Southwest District (not Inglewood) Long Beach West District, Northwest District, Inglewood Santa Monica

17 Pasadena Mosk Long Beach Santa Monica

18 GENERAL JURISDICTION Individual Calendar Courts (I/C) Retained PI Cases Transferred To Mosk Master Calendars All PI Cases Filed At Mosk Courthouse – Master Calendar – With Limited Exceptions

19 PROBATE All Probate Matters Will be Transferred to the Mosk Courthouse; New File Date is April 8, 2013 with Remaining Transfers by June, 2013

20 IMPLEMENTATION DATES New Filings in Hubs: March 18 Lay-Offs and Cascades: June 15 Court Closures: Completed by July 1

21 General Jurisdiction Personal Injury Cases Limited Jurisdiction Non-Collection Collection Cases Unlawful Detainers Small Claims General Jurisdiction Personal Injury Cases Limited Jurisdiction Non-Collection Collection Cases Unlawful Detainers Small Claims

22 General Jurisdiction New Filing Personal InjuryFiled @ Stanley Mosk

23 Definition of “Personal Injury” Case Tort Action for Bodily Injury, Wrongful Death, Damages to Personal Property Unlimited Civil Action Described on the Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum (LACIV 109) Exclusions: Asbestos, Toxic/Environmental, Injury to Real Property, IIED, Defamation, Civil Rights/Discrimination, Malpractice ( ≠ Medmal )

24 Supplemental Filings Filings for PI cases (General as Defined and Limited as Non-collections, Non-Unlawful Detainers) will be scheduled as follows:

25 PI and LJ Moves Mosk (IC to PI)3/186,400 Chatsworth 4/21,300 Norwalk4/21,200 Pasadena4/8900 Torrance 4/81,300

26 Compton 4/15700 Long Beach 4/151,000 Antelope Valley4/22600 Burbank 4/22800 Pomona4/221,200 Glendale 4/29700

27 Glendale 4/29700 Santa Monica5/62,100 Van Nuys5/131,800

28 Collections April 2Mosk 6400 April 8Santa Monica1800 April 15Alhambra1200 Burbank500 Glendale1300 April 22Van Nuys 5300

29 April 29Lancaster1800 Beverly Hills1700 Compton1700 Inglewood1200

30 May 6Bellflower1000 Downey1000 El Monte1000 Huntington Park1000 Long Beach1900 Pasadena1000 San Pedro700 Torrance1000 West Covina3500 Whittier100

31 UNLAWFUL DETAINERS May 13Bellflower200 May 20Alhambra200 Beverly Hills100 Burbank100 Chatsworth800 Compton500 Downey300 East Los Angeles200

32 UNLAWFUL DETAINERS El Monte300 Glendale200 Huntington Park200 Inglewood400 Pomona300 West Covina500 May 28San Pedro700 Torrance200 Van Nuys 1,300

33 SMALL CLAIMS May 13Bellflower 200 Chatsworth1,100 El Monte 300 Pomona 300 May 20Beverly Hills 600 Compton 500 East Los Angeles 300 Glendale 900 Huntington Park 400 West Covina 500

34 SMALL CLAIMS May 28Long Beach 900 Pasadena 500 San Pedro 300 Santa Monica1,000 Torrance 500 West Los Angeles 700 Whittier 200

35 Filing Collections Cases Dedicated Collections Filing Windows Drop Off Model (DOM) Document Order Court Email Address Fax Filing

36 Collections Filing Windows The Chatsworth and Norwalk Collections Hubs will have at least two dedicated filing windows open during business hours.

37 DOM The new “Drop Off Model” currently utilized by the Civil Filing Windows at Stanley Mosk Courthouse will be implemented at Chatsworth and Norwalk Collection Hubs. Exceptions may be made under certain circumstances (e.g. for self-represented litigants), however, no more than three (3) filings will be processed at the filing window at a time.

38 Document Order To facilitate efficient processing of your documents, we ask that you submit them in the following order: 1. Complaint 2. Civil Case Cover sheet 3. Civil case cover sheet addendum 4. Summons 5. Consent Form 6. Check (payable to Los Angeles Superior Court)

39 Court Email Address Collections Email Addresses have been established for clerical and courtroom staff to send and receive notifications to attorneys (or designees) regarding collections filings (e.g. rejections, fees, etc.). Court staff will NOT be obligated to respond to emails received by attorneys (or designees). Documents/attachments will not be sent or received. Emails (sent and received) will be automatically deleted after 3 days.

40 FAX FILING Fax Filings for collections cases will only be accepted at the appropriate Collections Hub effective March 18, 2013. Fax Filing numbers (if different) will be announced prior to March 18, 2013 and posted on the Court’s Website. Fax Filing procedures and charges will apply as before.


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