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[Exercise Name] Final Planning Conference [Date] Final Planning Conference [Date]

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1 [Exercise Name] Final Planning Conference [Date] Final Planning Conference [Date]

2 Welcome & Introductions

3 [Date] [Exercise Name] Meeting Agenda  Review Exercise Purpose, Scope, and Objectives  Review Scenario and MSEL timeline  Review Participating Agencies  Exercise Facilitation  Exercise Evaluation  Exercise Documents  Exercise Logistics  Meeting Dates  Closing

4 [Date] [Exercise Name] Operational Security  This briefing contains exercise and operational material that must be safeguarded.  The materials in this briefing are categorized as “For Official Use Only (FOUO).” FOUO: Information that has not been given a security classification pursuant to the criteria of an Executive Order, but which may be withheld from the public because disclosure would cause a foreseeable harm to an interest protected by one or more FOIA Exemptions.

5 [Date] [Exercise Name] Exercise Purpose  To provide participants an opportunity to evaluate current response concepts, plans, and capabilities for a response to a terrorist event in [Jurisdiction].  The focus will be on local emergency responder command and control coordination, critical decisions, notifications, and the integration of State and Federal assets.

6 [Date] [Exercise Name] Exercise Scope  Emphasize the role of the local first responders and State agencies in response to a terrorist attack, and examine the processes and decision making involved therein.

7 [Date] [Exercise Name] Target Capabilities  Capabilities provide the foundation for development of the exercise objectives and scenario. These capabilities have been selected from the priority capabilities identified in [Jurisdiction]’s Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan.  Emergency Public Information and Warning  Emergency Operations Center Management  Public Safety and Security Response  Urban Search & Rescue  Fatality Management

8 [Date] [Exercise Name] Exercise Objectives  Determine strengths and weaknesses in current plan governing on-scene command and control, the EOC, and coordination and integration of response resources.  Review plans for area perimeter control, staging, and Incident Command Post security.  Assess the adequacy of local plans for interface with and use of media resources.  Review plans to provide information to the public and preclude dissemination of conflicting data.

9 [Date] [Exercise Name] Exercise Scenario  Terrorist attack in [Jurisdiction] using a vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED)  The VBIED is driven into the lobby of the [Building/Center] in downtown [Jurisdiction]  The attack occurs during morning rush hour, causing mass casualties  The explosion causes a partial collapse of the building, trapping many victims

10 [Date] [Exercise Name] Participating Agencies  [State] Department of Emergency Management  [State] US&R  [State] State Police  [Jurisdiction] Office of Emergency Management  [Jurisdiction] Fire Department  [Jurisdiction] Police Department  [Jurisdiction] Sheriff’s Office  [Jurisdiction] Department of Public Works

11 [Date] [Exercise Name] Exercise Facilitation  Lead Facilitator: [Insert Name]  Functional Area Facilitators  Law Enforcement  Fire / US&R  Emergency Management  Public Information

12 [Date] [Exercise Name] Exercise Evaluation  Evaluators  Scribes  Evaluation Components  Objectives  Exercise Evaluation Guides / Evaluation Criteria  Participant Feedback Form  Player Hot Wash  Controller and Evaluator Debriefing  Evaluator Reports

13 [Date] [Exercise Name] Exercise Documents  Situation Manual (SitMan)  Evaluation Plan (EvalPlan)  Facilitator Handbook  After Action Report (AAR)

14 Exercise Logistics

15 [Date] [Exercise Name] Exercise Staffing  Select Facilitators  Select Evaluators  Select Scribes  Select Support Staff  Security  Registration Support

16 [Date] [Exercise Name] Exercise Logistics  Provide Food/Water  Players  Exercise Staff  Observers  Provide Restrooms  Create an exercise logo and name  Draft and finalize AAR  Develop Media and Public Information

17 [Date] [Exercise Name] Exercise Logistics  Identify and coordinate an exercise location  Location requirements  Secure  Audio/visual capable  Tables and chairs  Adequate size  Parking

18 [Date] [Exercise Name] Meeting Dates  Initial Planning Conference[Insert Date]  Final Planning Conference [Insert Date]  Exercise Conduct[Insert Date]

19 Questions

20 Closing

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