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 Meals through Scholarship Stipends  Meals through On-Campus Dining Hall.

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2  Meals through Scholarship Stipends  Meals through On-Campus Dining Hall

3  It is permissible to provide › Unlimited meals  Beginning the evening before a home competition  Ending at the release of the team › Student-Athlete may receive a post- competition meal that incidental to participation  This is the only time student-athletes may receive cash or per diem for meals

4  Coaches must choose between two meal options during team travel for away competition  Option 1: coach can provide meal per diem at the institutional rate, food or a combination of each towards the daily limit of three meals per day › Note that per diem may not be provided for a specific meal when a student-athlete received that meal from another source (i.e. team banquet)  Option 2: Provide unlimited food beginning with the time the team reports on call for team travel and ending with the team's return to campus › Meal per diem may not be provided at any point during the trip except in lieu of a post-competition meal  The same option must be applied the entire trip

5  At the discretion of the institution, student- athletes may receive $15 in lieu of a post- competition meal  Cash may not be given in lieu of a pre- competition meal  Pre-competition meals may take place the evening before a competition that starts the following morning  The pre- or post-competition meal may be provided over and above any other legislation

6  Student-Athletes on a meal plan who miss a meal due to practice may receive the value of that meal

7  Rules of the Snack › During away from home travel when the unlimited food option is not being utilized › May only be in the form of food › May be provided over and above any other permissible meals

8  All team members are allowed to receive an occasional meal in the locale of the institution on an infrequent basis  Meals provided by individuals not employed by the University must take place in their home  It is the responsibility of the Compliance Office to monitor the occasional meals

9  It is permissible to provide student-athletes with meals not covered by an athletics scholarship › up to three meals per day (food or per diem) on days that they are required to present for practice or competition  A fourth meal may be provided during each day of the vacation period that student-athletes are required to be present for practice or competition. › Cash may not be provided in lieu of the fourth meal.

10  Only one training table meal per day  Full Scholarship › Deducted from scholarship stipend  Partial Scholarship › Deducted from scholarship or pay the same amount as the deduction from scholarships  Walk-On › May pay the same amount as the deduction from scholarships

11  Fruit, Nuts, and Bagels may be provided at any time when the weight room is open › For pre and post workouts for all Student- Athletes

12  May receive supplements to the meals for the purpose of providing extra calories and electrolytes  They can be › Carbohydrate/electrolyte drinks › Energy Bars › Carbohydrate boosters › Vitamins and Minerals

13  Per diem may only be provided in conjunction with away from home competition  NCAA rules require that all student- athletes on the team receive an identical allowance  It is not permissible to withhold the meal money based on athletic performance

14  It is not permissible... › To provide a student-athlete with both a pre- game meal and post-game meal › For student-athletes to take a training table meal separately or at a different location than the rest of the team  The meal must be eaten as a group

15  It is permissible... › To provide a transfer student-athlete, who is serving a year in residence, the pre- competition or post-competition meal and/or snack for home games › To provide meals to a student-athlete between the Fall and Winter academic terms for up to 48 hours when the team returns from competition and team members are not required to remain on campus for further practice or competition

16  2013-31-A › Institutions may provide meals to Student- Athletes incidental to practice activities during the playing season while they are representing the institution at a non- competitive event › Institutions may provide snacks at any time  2013-31-B › Institutions may provide meals and snacks to Student-Athletes as a benefit incidental to participation in athletics at any time

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