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Department of Environmental Conservation 1 DEER MANAGEMENT PERMITS MODULE 10.

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1 Department of Environmental Conservation 1 DEER MANAGEMENT PERMITS MODULE 10

2 Department of Environmental Conservation 2 Welcome! To help you understand how to get from one screen to the next, here are a few pointers! To navigate the presentation: 1.To advance – use any of these keys; Page Down, Right Arrow or Enter 2.To go BACK – use any of these keys: Page Up, Left Arrow Key

3 Department of Environmental Conservation 3 Before we get started with the module, here are a few helpful hints! 1.Take your time! Read each slide carefully. 2.Take notes! You will need to contact DEC after viewing all modules to receive a quiz. The phone number is: 518-402-8843. 3.Slides are designed to show you the steps to complete an action. 4.Some screen captures may not look EXACTLY like you will see on your system. It all depends on the computer system setup that you are using. 5.REMEMBER to refer to the License Issuance Handbook for further information on Business Rules.

4 Department of Environmental Conservation 4 1.Slides are designed to show you the steps to complete an action and use screen captures from the application. 2.Red squares points out things that require an ACTION or INPUT. 3.Red circles point out the button to COMPLETE the action and move to the next step. 4.Yellow shaded boxes with red print are there to EXPLAIN items on the screen or business rules. Explains the screen and points out business rules.

5 MODULE 10: OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this module the Agent will: Complete a sale of a Deer Management Permit (DMP) Enter Landowner information Select Wildlife Management Units (WMU) Understand Preference Points Understand First-Come/First Served DMPs Department of Environmental Conservation 5

6 BUSINESS Department of Environmental Conservation 6 Customers can purchase DMPs starting on the first day of sales for the new license year through the close of business October 1 There is a $10 non-refundable application fee except: If the Customer purchased a Lifetime License/Sportsman prior to October 1, 2009 Junior Hunters holding a Lifetime License OR an Annual License Applicants can apply for up to two (2) DMPs and they must be applied for at the same time (but may be different WMUs) Instant lottery occurs at the time of purchase First come/first served DMPs sales begin Nov. 1 (See Agent Handbook for details) DMPs cannot be voided

7 TERMINOLOGY Terms associated with Deer Management Permits (DMPS) Instant Lottery – DMP selection at the time of purchase Landowner – Applicant must own 50 or more contiguous acres of land in the WMU where they apply for DMP SWIS Code and Tax Map Identification – must be supplied by the Customer and can be found on their tax bill Disabled Veteran – must have proof of 40% or greater military disability and be a NY state resident (unless the Customer is already in the system with a permanent disability on file and is still a NY state resident) Preference Points – are issued to increase a Customer’s chances of winning DMPs. Preference points are won and lost on the first WMU/DMP selection in the Instant Lottery. Customers can earn up to four preference points. Department of Environmental Conservation 7

8 CHOOSE LICENSE YEAR Department of Environmental Conservation 8 Select (newest year for all Hunting and Lifetime) Click Choose activity – either Buy Any Sporting or Express Buy Any Sporting License item on the Choose Activity Screen Be sure to Locate a Customer using the steps in Module 3

9 LICENSE/PERMIT SELECTION Department of Environmental Conservation 9 The upcoming slides will focus only on the Hunting License/DMP/WMU and Land Owner sections The License/Permit selection screen will list: Active Holdings License(s) available for purchase including DMPs Land Owner Information Other Sales Payment Method

10 LICENSE SELECTION WITH DMP Department of Environmental Conservation 10 Select license(s) for purchase DMP Lottery will not run until PAYMENT has been made! Select DMP Hunting License MUST be selected in order to offer a DMP sale to a customer

11 LICENSE SELECTION WITH DMP Department of Environmental Conservation 11 DMP selection will expand to display: Existing Preference Points WMU choices (Customer can make two choices, both selections must be made at the same time) Select DMP Click the Dropdown arrow to select the WMU’s. Be sure to select the correct units. License Sales suggest you have your customer write down their 1 st & 2 nd choice. Check if the Customer wishes to use Land Owner for Choice(s)

12 ADD/ENTERING LAND OWNER INFORMATION Department of Environmental Conservation 12 Click to Add Information (to add multiple land parcels use the drop down arrow) If needed you can Edit or Delete the landowner information that has already been entered – check the box associated with the parcel of land and then select the Edit or Delete Landowner Information buttons Be sure to ask every customer that is purchasing a DMP if they own 50 acres or more of land within the WMU(s) they are selecting. If the customer does have landowner information you can add it through this section.

13 ADD/ENTERING LAND OWNER INFORMATION Department of Environmental Conservation 13 Click Enter required information. Documentation is NOT required, but the Customer is responsible for providing the SWIS Code and Tax Map ID/Parcel ID. This information can be found their tax bill. Landowner information can only be applied to ONE WMU per year. Select to use landowner information for DMP

14 LICENSE/PERMIT SELECTION Department of Environmental Conservation 14 Continue completing the License Sales screen and select the Payment type Click Select Select the type of payment. This will notate the sale as to how the Customer paid. It is not meant to tell Agents what form of payment to accept.

15 APPLICATION REVIEW Department of Environmental Conservation 15 Click Edit button The Application Review Page shows the Agent every possible choice that could have been made in this Customer’s profile. Agents can review by floating their mouse over the different sections. License Sales suggests that you continue past this page to the Pay Fees page where you will be able to review the exact items the Customer wants to purchase along with their total fees. Continue button Abbreviated screen view

16 PAY FEES Department of Environmental Conservation 16 Click Review all the items and fees with the Customer and collect the total fees before hitting continue. By clicking Continue you will commit the sale to the system & the DMP lottery will run. COLLECT fees BEFORE continuing! DMPs cannot be VOIDED

17 LICENSE ISSUANCE Department of Environmental Conservation 17 Print Documents button is used by Customers purchasing on line Click to view DMP results DMP results are not immediately visible on this screen. After collecting all fees and clicking continue a successful License Issuance screen will display. The Agent will now “Click the Print Tag” button to print the Customer’s license and tags. At this screen the sale and license/tag information has been committed to the system.

18 Department of Environmental Conservation 18 Please continue to Module 11- Reports

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