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Hail to the Chief Prez Powers Look in the Cabinet … Or the Bureau Policy & the Exec He’s Not Alone Mis-cell- any 100 200 200 300 400 500 AP Government.

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1 Hail to the Chief Prez Powers Look in the Cabinet … Or the Bureau Policy & the Exec He’s Not Alone Mis-cell- any 100 200 200 300 400 500 AP Government Jeopardy – Presidency and Bureaucracy

2 Final Jeopardy! Question The Presidency & Bureaucracy Impeachment

3 Article that creates the executive branch, headed by the president, and defines his/her powers and duties Article II Hail to the Chief 100

4 Length of a president’s term Four years Hail to the Chief 200

5 Limited presidents to two terms (a maximum of 10 years) 22 nd Amendment (1951) Hail to the Chief 300

6 Pardon Power to release those convicted of federal crimes; though normally done after conviction, President Ford granted a “blanket” one for Nixon before he was charged Hail to the Chief 400

7 Right of the president to withhold private communications from Congress or to refuse to testify Executive privilege Hail to the Chief 500

8 Made with another head of state; does not require approval from the Senate, and may not be binding on future presidents Executive agreement Prez Powers 100

9 The president directing an agency to carry out policies (or existing laws); may be done to bypass Congress Executive order Prez Powers 200

10 Presidential power to conduct military operations or call out the national guard or military to preserve domestic order Commander-in-chief Prez Powers 300

11 Though many of his/her powers are listed in the Constitution, some – like the use of the “bully pulpit” or leadership of his/her political party – are these Informal Presidential powers Prez Powers 400

12 When the president refuses to accept a law passed by Congress; bill can only then become law if a 2/3 majority of both houses approve Presidential Veto Prez Powers 500

13 Implements foreign policy, manages foreign aid, communicates with foreign governments, represents the U.S. abroad and in international organizations Department of State (1789) Look in the Cabinet… 100

14 Collects taxes, pays bills, mints coins and prints money, manages federal debt; includes the IRS Department of Treasury (1789) Look in the Cabinet… 200

15 Enforces federal laws, representing the U.S. in court, operates federal prisons, investigates and prosecutes crimes; includes FBI, DEA, and ATF Department of Justice (1870) Look in the Cabinet… 300

16 Administers Medicare/Medicaid, manages public health programs, enforces food and drug laws; gets the largest part of the budget “pie” Department of Health & Human Services (1953) Look in the Cabinet… 400

17 Works to prevent terrorist attacks, manages disaster response programs, and enforces border security; includes Coast Guard, FEMA Department of Homeland Security (2002) Look in the Cabinet… 500

18 Patronage/Spoils system Practice of giving government jobs as rewards to political supporters; though a merit system now exists for most federal jobs, top government officials are still appointed Or the Bureau 100

19 Civil Service System Ensures that federal workers are hired and promoted based on merit, not politics; administered by the Office of Personnel Management (an independent agency) Or the Bureau 200

20 Independent Agencies Agencies outside the department structure that generally report directly to the President Ex: CIA, NASA, EPA, Social Security Administration Or the Bureau 300

21 Independent Regulatory Commissions Independent agencies of the executive branch not under presidential control; perform a regulatory mission Or the Bureau 400

22 Government Corporations Independent business-like agencies created by Congress; charge for services and make money Ex: Amtrak, USPS, TVA Or the Bureau 500

23 Impoundment Refusal of the President to spend money appropriated by Congress; since 1974, he/she may only do so if approved by Congress (otherwise he/she must spend all money appropriated) Policy & the Exec 100

24 War Powers Act Presidents are limited in their ability to fight undeclared wars, and must obtain a resolution from Congress for continuing combat overseas Policy & the Exec 200

25 U.S. v. Nixon (1974) Supreme Court ruled that executive privilege did not extend to judicial demands for evidence in a criminal trial Policy & the Exec 300

26 Twenty-Fifth Amendment (1967) Clarified presidential succession and provided procedures for eventuality that president is not dead but is unable to perform his/her duties Policy & the Exec 400

27 Hatch Act Prohibits federal employees from engaging in partisan political activities while on duty; also prohibited from running for federal office or seeking funding even while off duty Policy & the Exec 500

28 One vote per state If no candidate has a majority in the Electoral College, the President is chosen by the House from the top three candidates. How are votes allotted? He’s Not Alone 100

29 Bureaucracy All departments, agencies, and offices of the executive branch (2.8 million employees); responsible for carrying out the day-to-day tasks of the U.S. government He’s Not Alone 200

30 Cabinet Advisory body consisting primarily of department heads, though the President can choose other key advisors and officials; no official powers He’s Not Alone 300

31 National Security Council Principle forum for creating and coordinating national security policy; includes President, VP, Sec of Defense, national security advisor, chair of Joint Chiefs, Director of National Intelligence He’s Not Alone 400

32 Office of Management and Budget Assists the President in the creation of his budget proposals He’s Not Alone 500

33 Line item veto The president can reject a part of a bill while approving the rest Declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court Mis-cell-any 100

34 Iron triangle Alliances between staffs of interest groups, congressional committees, and executive agencies due to a common goal; allows interest groups to exert powerful influence on public policy Mis-cell-any 200

35 Executive checks on the Judicial Branch Nominating federal judges, granting pardons, reprieves and amnesty, choosing whether to enforce court decisions Mis-cell-any 300

36 Executive checks on the Legislative Branch Veto powers, deciding how (and whether) to enforce laws Mis-cell-any 400

37 Pocket veto Refusing to sign a bill into law, allowing it to “die” if Congress adjourns within ten days Mis-cell-any 500

38 What are the grounds for impeaching a President? What is the process (including majorities needed)? FINAL JEOPARDY

39 Grounds = treason, bribery, or “high crimes and misdemeanors” (left intentionally vague, so it is left to Congress to interpret) Process = House brings charges (simple majority vote) and Senate tries (2/3 majority needed for removal) FINAL JEOPARDY

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