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Constitution Ratification

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1 Constitution Ratification

2 4 reasons why the Federalists won
They pointed out many of the problems with the Articles of Confederation to the public. Federalists united behind the constitution, the Anti-Federalists had no particular plan. Federalists were connected at a national level the Anti-Federalists tried to work on local and state levels. The federalists had the support of George Washington.

3 1. Defining Constitutional Terms
a. Ratify – to give final approval b. Censure – to express disapproval c. Dissent – to disagree or withhold approval d. Successor – person or thing that replaces another

4 2-A) Why did some of the delegates want to censure the convention?
Because they went beyond their instructions to revise the Articles of Confederation.

5 2-B) Which three influential Virginians were opposed to the Constitution?
Patrick Henry, George Mason, and Richard Henry Lee

6 To guarantee the rights of citizens
2-C)Why did the Massachusetts ratifying convention propose that a bill of rights be added to the Constitution? To guarantee the rights of citizens

7 3-A)What was the difference between the Federalists’ and Antifederalists’ positions on the new Constitution? Federalists- supported the constitution and a strong national government Antifederalists- were opposed to the constitution because they felt it gave to much power to the central government

8 3-B) Why was the support of New York and Virginia so important, even after nine states had ratified the constitution? Because they were the two of the largest states in the country so without their support the Constitution would have not been successful

9 3-C) What important action did the First Congress take in 1789?
They approved a series of 12 amendments the first 10 of which were ratified as the Bill of Rights in 1791.

10 4. Why did the promise of a bill of rights convince many delegates at the state ratifying conventions to vote in favor of the constitution? Issues to think about: Guaranty of basic human rights, limits governmental power, prevents treatment as Pre-Revolutionary War governments, always changing

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