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Munoz Enterprises, Inc. Best Practices

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1 Munoz Enterprises, Inc. Best Practices
27TH Annual Safety Excellence Award Winner David Summers HS&E Compliance Director. Belma Trevizo HSE Admin. Jon Hillier Mechanical Manager.

2 Best Practices: Prevention of a Silent, “Low Information Employee”
Munoz Goals - To expand by 30% that means hiring of new employees. With new hires you get employee silence. Whether intentionally or unintentionally. Employees withhold information that might be useful to the organization. People often make decisions about whether to speak up or remain silent. To share or withhold ideas, opinions, and concerns. The problem is that – most new hires choose the safe response of silence. This silence keeps managers from receiving information that is needed to improve Munoz. Munoz Best Practice is the Prevention of the “Low Information Employee” to get the employee to stop being silent and get involved.

3 HSE Daily Safety Moments
Munoz Best Practices are excellent vehicles for communicating with employees: Munoz App HSE Daily Safety Moments Communicates our concerns about safety to all levels. Daily Conference Calls - MEI Documents all communication efforts, to demonstrate that our system of effective communication is in place. Munoz Learning Center - Training programs. Munoz Self-Auditing system Self Audit Process Insures that “what we audit gets done”. Provides scheduled and documented self-inspections. Safe work practices are being followed Conditions or procedures are identified and corrected in real time.

4 Munoz Enterprises, Inc. App

5 Munoz App Employee/Customers can Contact MEI By writing a or Call Direct Tap this button Up comes the Menu Pictures of events & Employees MEI Locations Tap on The Blue V MEI News This will take you to MEI Video site

6 HSE Daily Safety Moments
At Munoz Enterprises, Inc. We start each and every meeting with a safety moment. We keep a repository of safety messages for our employees, customers.

7 # 2 Daily Conference Call
Issues to discuss Employee Supervisors/Lead employes & Senior Leadership MEI SAFETY MOMENT Access Phone Number OPERATIONS ISSUES: Schedule Code # # Office Admin: Manpower Equipment Last year we felt this was a very positive idea in improving the Prevention of a Silent, Low Information Employee. Audio conference calls are the most underused but highest value tool for helping a distributed team work together. The fact is that audio conference calls are the simplest, least expensive, and most accessible way to bring our group together. Payroll Invoicing Permit Request

8 # 3 Munoz Learning Center
Online learning continues to grow as a component of the overall workplace learning mix. It allows us to deliver our training quickly and efficiently, while reducing any impact on productivity. Communication: Whether it’s HR policy changes or specialized job tasks. Anytime, Anywhere Access Munoz Employees can take our courses whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them. Munoz Employees just need a web browser and internet connection to take courses.


10 Munoz Self-Auditing System
Field Job packages - are able to prevent hazards from occurring. Find the hazards and mitigating such hazards. What we audit gets done. Scheduled and documented self-inspections. Established safe work practices are being followed. Unsafe conditions or procedures are identified and corrected properly in real time.


12 Munoz Self-Auditing System
MUNOZ ENTERPRISES MONTHLY SELF AUDIT PUNCH LIST Days DESCRIPTION RESPONSIBLE PARTY DUE DATE NOTES WEEK NUMBER 1 Comments Monday Munoz Safety Meeting Material Sign in form return to safety PPE Inventory Operations Tuesday Hand tools, Slings, Chains, Straps, Drill Press, Bench GrinderPreventative Maintenance For the Month Fire Extinguishers SAFETY MEETING VOPAK Operations, Safety Dept Wednesday Audits, Chemical Inventory, Inspect Spill Kit Operation Personnel Thursday Forklift Inspection, Yard Inspection Friday Number Behavioral Observations, Equipment Hours & Milage The topics change each day for the week to Audit for the Month

13 “Thank-you for your time”

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