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Abraham, Man of Faith God forms a people The Journey of Abraham 2000 BC.

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2 Abraham, Man of Faith God forms a people

3 The Journey of Abraham 2000 BC

4 I.Abraham’s culture  Abraham comes from a culture that commonly practices: – Polytheism (belief in many Gods). – Polygamy (having more than one wife), – Concubinage ( having children through another besides a wife) –Child Sacrifice (to the gods)  These were very common in his culture. It might have been easy for him to feel that God desired these things. (even though God didn’t)..

5 II. The three-fold promise to Abraham Genesis 12:2-3  Promise Land/Nation“Name” (Dynasty) Worldwide blessing  Promise made Gen. 15 Gen. 17 Gen. 22 into a covenant  Fulfillment Covenant CovenantNew Covenant with Moseswith Davidin Jesus Christ Abram’s Call (Abram’s Doubt) (God’s covenant with Abraham) Isaac (Sacrifice of Isaac)

6 III. Hospitality  To give hospitality (shelter & food) to visitors was a sacred obligation & matter of survival.  We can see this in the actions of Lot & Abraham, giving food & shelter to visitors.

7 IV. Ishmael  In Ch. 17:18-22 - God says the Covenant will be through Isaac not Ishmael.  Because only Isaac is the legitimate child of Abraham & Sarah. -God says he will still bless Ishmael & make of him a great nation. -God miraculously saves Ishmael & Hagar in the desert


9 Ha!  Abraham announced to Isaac one day that he had decided to upgrade their family computer to Windows XP Professional.  Isaac said, "But father, we don't have enough memory!" To which Abraham replied, "Don't worry, my son, the Lord will provide the RAM."

10 V. Isaac & Jesus  In Ch. 22: 12- There are many parallels between Isaac & Jesus (see exercise 30 for more detail on the “typology” between Jesus & Isaac)exercise 30  IN GENERAL: Abraham didn’t withhold his beloved son from God. –As a result- God did not withhold the life of his only Son, Jesus Christ, so we could have eternal life. –Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac in ‘the land of Moriah’. Jesus Christ died on the cross on Mt. Calvary, which was a mountain in the land of Moriah.

11 VI. Comparison Pagan Religions of Abraham’s time  1. Child sacrifice of first born to the gods.  2. Polygamy & Concubinage for tribal survival. Jewish Religion  1. No child sacrifice –First born are redeemed (saved) by God.  2. Monogamy as the standard. (one husband & one wife)


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