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1 Financial Management Service Overview for Waiver Program Participants & Providers Public Partnerships, LLC, Customer Service: (866) 896-0040 One Cabot.

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1 1 Financial Management Service Overview for Waiver Program Participants & Providers Public Partnerships, LLC, Customer Service: (866) 896-0040 One Cabot Road STE 102, Medford MA, 02155 TTY Line: (800) 360-5899 Email: Behavioral Health Division

2 2 Agenda Self-Direction Overview rFrequently Used Terms rRoles & Services in Self-Direction What PPL Will Help You Do rBecoming an Employer rHiring an Employee rPaying Your Employees Employer Enrollment rReview & Complete Employer Packets

3 3 Participant: The individual who receives supports and services. Authorized Representative: A voluntary, unpaid person who may assist a participant in directing his/her care. Employer or Employer of Record: This term refers to the person in the household directing the work of the provider. This may be the participant or an authorized representative. It cannot be a minor. Financial Management Service Agency: Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) is the Financial Management Service Agency. This means that PPL will issue payment to individual providers for properly completed timesheets, handle all taxes, and issue reports. Provider/Employee: The individual who provides services to the participant is the employee or provider. Signature: The employer of record will be asked to sign the tax forms today. If the participant acts as the employer and cannot sign his or her name, writing an “X” or other mark is acceptable. Frequently Used Terms

4 4 Self-Direction means that the participant takes on the responsibilities and duties of being an employer, deciding:  Who provides services  How services will be provided  What services will be provided Self-Direction starts July 1, 2010: It is not mandatory, but some services can only be self-directed. To self-direct, you must either go through PPL or an Agency with Choice: If you choose PPL: You will become the legal employer of your providers. If you choose an Agency with Choice: You will become the managing employer of your providers. SELF-DIRECTION OVERVIEW

5 5 Employer of Record:  Complete initial paperwork  Hire, interview, train, and fire staff  Certify employee eligibility via I-9  Define job, schedule, rate  Review and approve timesheets  Monitor budget Public Partnerships:  Serve as “Payroll Department”  Issue paychecks per timesheets  Withhold all necessary taxes  Issue annual W-2 statements  Provide monthly spending reports  Respond to all questions Support Brokers:  Provide training to the participant regarding self-direction  Be part of the Circle of Support  Assist with employer duties  Help participants manage their budget  Work around day-to-day issues Case Managers:  Develop the plan of care  Perform initial self-direction assessment  Monitors service utilization  Monitors use of budget  Work around long-term issues Roles in Self-Direction through PPL

6 6 Types of Services There are three different types of self-direction services: Hourly: A provider is paid by the hour. Example: Annie provides 3 hours of personal care services for Rebecca at $15/hour. She receives $45 in gross wages. Daily: A provider is paid for one day’s worth of work, regardless of how many hours are actually worked within that day. Example: Annie provides 10 hours of daily services to Rebecca at $25/day. She receives $25 in gross wages. Requisition: A vendor provides a good or service to the participant and gives the participant an invoice. The participant gives the invoice to PPL and PPL cuts a check to the vendor. Example: Rebecca would like a modification made to her home. Her local carpenter modifies her home and gives her an invoice for $500. Rebecca sends the invoice to PPL, who then cuts a check for $500 to the vendor.

7 7 Hourly & Daily Services Children's Habilitation Companion Services: Group & Individual Independent Support Broker Personal Care Residential Habilitation Training Respite Supported Employment: Group Individual Supported Living: Group (Hourly & Daily) Individual Requisition Services Individual Directed Goods & Services Unpaid Caregiver Training & Education There is a specific range of wages available for each service. Please see the Show Me the Money chart for details. Services in Self-Direction

8 8 We will:  Enroll participants and providers in the self-direction program  Process timesheets & invoices  Pay employees on behalf of participants, including withholding taxes  Deposit employee and employer taxes  Manage all employer tax responsibilities  Provide Form W-2s to employees each January  Operate a Customer Service Center to answer questions  Opens June 21, available 8 am – 5 pm MST on weekdays: (866) 896-0040  Provide reports to participants, support brokers, case managers, and the Division PPL was hired by the Wyoming Department of Health to be a Financial Management Service agency for the Developmental Disabilities Division. WHAT PPL WILL HELP YOU DO

9 9 Case Manager Meeting Establish Plan of Service Complete Tax Forms Recruit & Manage Staff Monitor Spending Clarify Needs & Goals Develop Service Plan Identify services needed with Case Manager Complete Employer Tax Forms Packet to give PPL authority to withhold & submit taxes as your agent Submit DFS & Fingerprint Checks Send completed Employment Packet to PPL Submit time worked PPL makes payments PPL processes taxes Becoming an Employer

10 10 Required Employee Forms: 1.Employee Application 2.Employment Agreement 3.I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification 4.IRS Form W-4 5.Familial Relationship Form 6.Background Check Application* 7.Specific Participant Training Form 8.Provider Rate Agreement Optional Employee Forms:  Direct Deposit Form All of these forms are in the Employee Application Packet. Give this packet to the people you wish to hire and have them return it to PPL. Hiring an Employee  Over 18  Can pass background checks  Can obtain required certifications  Not a spouse, parent, step-parent, legal guardian, or conservator CHECKLIST

11 11  Timesheets can be submitted online via the Web Portal or sent via fax.  PPL will use a semi-monthly pay schedule.  PPL will pay providers when we receive an accurately completed timesheet. This means:  All employer and employee paperwork has been completed and submitted to PPL.  The provider and the employer have signed the timesheet, or the provider has submitted the timesheet on the Web Portal and the employer has approved it.  The participant has funds available in the Plan of Care. Paying Your Employees

12 12 Here is approximately what the timesheet looks like. Paper Timesheet Instructions

13 13 Login  find your participant and select pay period Enter your time  hit submit. Web Portal Timesheet Instructions - Employees

14 14 Login  Find timesheets  approve/reject Web Portal Timesheet Instructions - Employers

15 15 One-Time Task – Complete Employer Tax Forms TODAY ENROLLMENT

16 16 YOUR PACKET CONTAINS:  Federal tax forms from the IRS  State of Wyoming tax forms TODAY, WE WILL:  Walk through each of the tax forms  Answer your questions about the forms INDIVIDUAL AND EMPLOYER DEMOGRAPHCS  The first form in your packet has individual and employer demographics. These form the basis for information on the other forms.  Please verify the Employer Name, Address and Social Security Number  If you have any changes, please notify a PPL or WY DDD staff member Employer Packet

17 17  This is a one-page form. You are asked to review, sign, and date the form.  This form tells the IRS that you are going to be an employer. After PPL submits this form, the IRS will assign you an Employer Identification Number. This is what the IRS uses to identify employers when filing tax returns and depositing withholding taxes.  We have entered PPL’s address in lines 4a and 4b so that IRS paperwork relating to this program will not be sent to your home. IRS Form SS-4: Application for Employer ID Number

18 18  This form has multiple pages. You are asked to review it and then sign and date the bottom of page 4.  By signing and submitting this form, PPL can register you for the State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) and Worker’s Compensation (if required by the Division). PPL will be given the ID numbers that we need to file your state taxes properly on your behalf. WY Joint Business Registration Form

19 19  This is a one page form. You are asked to review, sign, and date the form in the boxes below boxes nine (9) and ten (10).  This form tells the IRS that you are giving PPL permission to complete tax processes on your behalf for this program.  This form only allows us to withhold taxes from your employee’s paychecks and deposit those taxes with the IRS. It does not allow PPL access to any of your personal income tax information. IRS FORM 2678: Employer Appointment of Agent

20 20  This is a two page form. You are asked to review, sign, and date the form on the bottom of the second page.  This form establishes PPL as the mailing address on your employer account. By filing this form, PPL ensures that all IRS mail attached to your EIN comes to PPL.  This form tells the IRS that you authorize PPL’s CPA to sign quarterly and annual employer tax reports.  This form does NOT allow PPL to obtain or sign for any personal income tax information. We will only be able to sign the forms listed on the document. IRS Form 2848: POA & Declaration of Representative

21 21  This is a one-page form. You are asked to review, sign, and date the form.  This form tells the Unemployment Tax Division that you authorize PPL to represent you in matters concerning state unemployment insurance. WY Tax Division Limited Power of Attorney

22 22  This is a one page form. You are asked to review, sign, and date the bottom of the page.  This form allows PPL to discuss your employer withholding account with the IRS.  This is different than the Power of Attorney form because it does not allow PPL to sign the forms, only call or write the IRS on your behalf.  PPL will only be able to discuss the employer forms listed on the document. We will never be able to obtain any personal income tax information. IRS FORM 8821: Tax Information Authorization

23 23 There are a few more things to do:  Turn in completed Employer Tax Packet to PPL. PPL staff will review the packet for completeness. Please do not leave the Enrollment Session until your packet has been checked and approved by a PPL staff member.  Make sure your provider completes his/her paperwork. NEXT STEPS Congratulations! You have completed your Employer packet.

24 24  Contains forms and training materials  Includes payroll schedules and timesheets  Link to the Web Portal Username: WYDDD Password: pplwyddd67

25 25 Contacting Public Partnerships Phone: (866) 896-0040 TTY: (800) 360-5899 Administrative Fax: (877) 818-9787 Email: Colleen Fox, Program Manager Sarah Winawer-Wetzel, Assistant Program Manager

26 26 Questions?

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