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Trike Frame Redesign Concept Design Fiona Hughes Gina Policelli Jodie Wu.

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1 Trike Frame Redesign Concept Design Fiona Hughes Gina Policelli Jodie Wu

2 Community Partners Response Biggest problem with current tricycle frames: –(i)The Frame is not adjustable though it is made of standard size to suit most users and small size is also available. –(ii)It is very bulky Reasons for current tricycle breakage: –“Our design is made of round tubing having several bends forming a base frame. If the tube is flattened on bending or the material is a bit thin then it breaks easily. Also if the type of tubing frame do not withhold the weight of the persons then it breaks.” Most time consuming part of building a frame: Bending the frame Most expensive frame material: Round hollow tubing 25 X1.5 mm for base frame. Man-hours to produce a frame: 5 hours

3 Community Partners Concerns Does the size and weight of tricycle cause problems for the users? –Yes it is bulky and weighs almost 25kg. Are there any size limitations? –Yes. The oversize people will have to use the stronger material and also the tricycle has to be wider and extra large for accommodation. Where are the tricycles sold? –Large number of tricycles are given free to the disabled persons wither from the workshops or the specified project where they are delivered for handing over. How are they transported from the shop to the users home? –They are transported by vehicles e.g. courier services it far or the owners come for handing over and cycle them to their homes.

4 Functional Requirements Strength: withstand 350 lbs of load –Strengthen and stiffen high moment areas Manufacturing time: <=5 hours Frame Materials: Cost<$200-TBD Size: <= 50” in length and 26” in width (including wheels) Seat: More comfortable, adjustable, waterproof Shippable: Stackable Design

5 Defining the Concept Concept: –Adjustable to the user –Stackable Frame for shipping Goals: –To address this concept by developing modules –Develop Most Critical Module

6 Our Concept and Modules

7 Most Critical Module: Sturdy Base Frame Features/Advantages: –Rectangular pieces (stronger base) –Distribution of load Risks: 1) Joint issues between square and circular cross sections 2) Attaching the stem in terms of sturdiness Countermeasures: 1) Place circular pipe against the square pipe rather than square pipe against the circular pipe 2) Use a pipe fitting in the section

8 Stackable Frame Features/ Advantages: –Shippable to more clients –Lowers shipping cost Countermeasures: 1) Provide a manual (with drawings) 2) Increase the safety factor Risks 1)Assemblers on receiving side may not be able to put trike together 2)Possible weakening of structure

9 The Adjustable Seat (with hand tools) Features/Advantages: –Adjustable to user –Biomechanically optimized Risks: 1) Adjustability over time Countermeasures: 1)Maintenance Guide

10 The Sliding Tray/Storage Features/Advantages: –Convenience –Small Business Possibilities Risk: 1) May tip tricycle over Countermeasures: 1)Provide Counterweights, lower center of gravity

11 Plan and Countermeasures Plan: –Develop most critical module first –Solid model everything –Gather all materials and arrange lab times by end of April –Build Prototype Countermeasure: –Build upon solid model to make a manual so design can be constructed in machine shop in Africa

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