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Almost PhinisheD? Prof Alan Kelly, Dean of Graduate Studies Prof David Ryan, School of History Helen Buckley, Graduate Studies Office.

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1 Almost PhinisheD? Prof Alan Kelly, Dean of Graduate Studies Prof David Ryan, School of History Helen Buckley, Graduate Studies Office

2 Objective of today Is the end (almost) in sight? What is your deadline (personal, fees, registration)? Entering critical phase of PhD How do you manage the key elements that need to be managed between now and submission - Final stages of your research - Elements of your thesis and eventual thesis - Your supervisor and feedback - Managing complex mess of files and information - Publishing your outputs - Thinking about your viva - Time and lack thereof for all of above - Registration and fees

3 The role of your supervisor(s) Entering phase of greatest interaction since the beginning Good working arrangement is critical Know your supervisor’s schedule and work around it Make the most of the time you will get by planning How will feedback work (electronic, hard copy)? How long will it take for feedback? Little and frequent sections or large and few? How to handle input from multiple supervisors? Also, key to discuss publication plan What if things break down? - note UCC has a dispute resolution framework - supervisor sign-off on thesis submission desirable

4 Final structure of your thesis should be visible by now Have you looked at other theses? Do you know what is expected? When is enough enough? Increasingly: thesis = collection of publications PhD degree awarded for publishable research What are expectations in your discipline? Twin goals: papers and thesis – how to balance? What will your thesis look like?

5 Thesis = Literature review + Results Chapter/Papers + Overall Discussion Need a theme and flow which can be stated at start as set of objectives and at end as the Overall Discussion which ties the rest together One big project or lots of smaller ones? The modern scientific thesis

6 The inclusion of published work in doctoral theses Increasingly common practice in some areas but no procedures in place Requests from examiners, staff and student Allow thesis to be presented which includes chapters that correspond to publications (not PDFs) Can be published, submitted or in preparation, but at last one should be published Indicate this format at ‘intention to submit’ stage Student contributions must be significant and explicit Strong emphasis on Introduction and Discussion sections of thesis as a whole Otherwise, examination procedure unchanged

7 Developing good writing habits Writing is not recording or typing; writing is creative and needs clear thought Don’t wait for perfection but get used to rewrites Feedback is key Give yourself all the help you can (time, energy, concentration) Key part of your time management and planning process

8 Thinking ahead: submission and the viva PhD examination in two parts: the thesis and the viva Two categories of examiner will be appointed: Internal [may include supervisor(s)] and External Your supervisor may discuss the Examiners with you Timelines and deadlines clearly set for stages Thesis is key opportunity to impress - Academic quality - Clarity and organisation - Form key first impression for Examiners Viva builds on this to match person with thesis as PhD level Talk to those who have been through the process Viva training workshops will follow

9 Ways to delay finishing your thesis Some bits you keep avoiding Some bits you keep rewriting Keeping reading Keeping doing research work Lack of flexibility and willingness to change Lack of a plan and discipline Lack of good and timely feedback Getting a job Two types of thesis: Perfect and Submitted

10 Electronic Theses in UCC

11 Why electronic theses? Increase dissemination and impact of your research –Retrievable through internet searches –Harvested by e-thesis aggregators such as and Dart Europe E-theses Portal rian.ieDart Europe E-theses Portal Increase accessibility within UCC & externally Useful for online CVs, visibility to employers, research profile Common practice nationally & internationally

12 UCC Hard bound theses consulted in Boole Library 2008 - 2009

13 Top 10 downloaded items from CORA since 1 June 2010 4 PhD Theses



16 E-theses procedures PhD candidates are now expected to submit an electronic copy (PDF) of their thesis as well as hard bound copy after examination –If you do not want to archive an e-thesis, you must complete a ‘Request to Withhold’ form in consultation with your supervisor You can delay access to your e-thesis by requesting an embargo –Part or entire thesis –Specified duration (1, 3, 5 years) or indefinitely

17 Procedure to follow From Mar 2013 online submission via CORA. All PhD candidates post examination will –Register with CORA –Complete online submission form –Upload PhD thesis abstract –Upload e-thesis or indicate ‘Request to Withhold’ –Agree to deposit licence –Submit online to primary UCC supervisor Supervisor will approve online and send to Graduate Studies Office

18 Procedure to follow All PhD candidates will then –submit hard bound thesis to Graduate Studies Office –submit letter confirming corrections made to thesis post examination if necessary –submit a ‘Request to Withhold’ form if not submitting an e-thesis

19 Procedure to follow

20 Procedure Documentation can be downloaded from Graduate Studies website or requested from Workshops will be announced from March 2013 onwards to provide guidance on e-theses and submission procedures Any other comments, queries or feedback?

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