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Securus Escrow Limited welcomes you to an introduction to our services.

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1 Securus Escrow Limited welcomes you to an introduction to our services

2 Welcome Introduction What is Escrow Why Securus Why Securus is different Who are we How it works Client base

3 What is Escrow ?  escrow entails an arrangement whereby funds and/or documents are held by a neutral third party (the escrow agent) until certain conditions to a transaction are fulfilled.  Once the conditions are fulfilled then the funds and/or documents will be released/delivered by the escrow agent to the relevant party simultaneously.

4 Why Securus? Securus Escrow has been born out of necessity Existing escrow services, predominantly USA based, so unsympathetic to geographically expanding aviation market Existing services offered are limited & are not bound by UK legal jurisdiction Other escrow agents were rarely offering signed terms and conditions to protect all parties

5 Why are we different? We are based in Europe We insist on agreed and signed terms and conditions between all parties We offer independent accounts for our escrow clients We work with triple A rated banks to offer maximum security We offer a risk-adverse escrow service

6 Who are we ? Geoff Gates – Director Supported by Aoife O’Sullivan and Sean Gates of the respected aviation legal firm Gates and Partners

7 How we work? Transfer of buyer funds and seller documents through an independent third party (Securus) Handling of relevant documentation through the independent party (Securus) Risk free transactions across the globe Fees paid on a percentage of transaction basis

8 Client base Any aviation buyer or seller could be a client High Net Worth Individuals Business aviation companies Charter companies Commercial Airlines From all over the globe - UK to South Africa, Australia to Czech Republic and UAE

9 Securus Escrow…. …….secure escrow services for a complicated financial world.

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