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Gigabit Content Security Router CS-5800. 2 / 34 Presentation Outline  Product Overview  Product Feature  Product Application  Product Comparison 

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Presentation on theme: "Gigabit Content Security Router CS-5800. 2 / 34 Presentation Outline  Product Overview  Product Feature  Product Application  Product Comparison "— Presentation transcript:

1 Gigabit Content Security Router CS-5800

2 2 / 34 Presentation Outline  Product Overview  Product Feature  Product Application  Product Comparison  Appendix

3 3 / 34 Overview  What is the Content filter? Content filtering is the technique whereby content is blocked or allowed based on analysis of its content, rather than its source or other criteria. It is most widely used on the Internet to filter e- mail and web access.

4 4 / 34 Overview  What is IPv6 ? IPv6 is the next-generation Internet Protocol version designated as the successor to IPv4, the first implementation used in the Internet that is still in dominant use currently. It is an Internet Layer protocol for packet-switched internetworks. The main driving force for the redesign of Internet Protocol was the foreseeable IPv4 address exhaustion. IPv6 has a vastly larger address space than IPv4. This results from the use of a 128-bit address, whereas IPv4 uses only 32 bits.  Why IPv6 ? Nowadays, lots of electronic products or mobile devices can browse the Internet, which means the need of IP Address increases. However, the current IPv4 network infrastructure is not capable enough to provide IP Address to each single users / Clients. The situation forces the ISP to build up the IPv6 network infrastructure speedily.

5 5 / 34 Product Overview  PLANET Security Product Classification SMB SOHO Enterprise MH-2001 MH-3400 UTM /Content Security Gateway VPN Security Gateway Multi-Homing Security Gateway CS-1000 CS-2001 SG-1000 SG-4800 VPN Security Wireless Router VRT-402N VRT-420N CS-5800

6 6 / 34 Product Overview  PLANET Security Product Difference CS-5800 SG-4800 SSL VPN Content filter 3G/3.5G MH-3400 Security Multi-WAN load balance VPN function QoS SPI / DoS Firewall Dual stack IPv6 Full Ports Gigabit

7 7 / 34 Product Overview  Front Panel of CS-5800 8-LAN Port 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 Port 1 configurable with LAN 1(Mirror Port) 4-WAN Port 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 1-DMZ Port 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 Configurable with WAN 5 1-Reset Button  Power Consumption 100~240 VAC, 50~60 Hz, max 0.8A Reset Button 19” Rack-mountable 4 x 10/100/1000Base-T, RJ-45 8 x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 1 x 10/100/1000Base-T, RJ-45

8 8 / 34 Product Benefits  Multi-WAN Multi-WAN auto line backup (Fail Over) Realizing inbound / outbound load balancing with Multi- WAN  Performance All Gigabit Ethernet port improve Network Efficiency  Smart QoS Smart QoS control the P2P and video downloading easily Guaranteed bandwidth for QoS Schedule and Priority QoS

9 9 / 34 Product Benefits  Strong Protection for Network Security 60 PPTP/200 IPSec VPN tunnel ensure security information transmission* The built-in SPI/policy-based firewall/DoS prevent many known hacker attack  Online Behavior management Flexible for Content filter include Web Filtering and Application Blocking  Abundant IPv6 Support Meet the need for larger addressing and higher security IPv4 / IPv6 Dual Stack helps to connect to IPv6 network now and in the future

10 10 / 34 Product Key Features CS-5800 SmartQoS Multi-WAN Load balance Full Ports Gigabit IPv6 / IPv4 Dual Stack DOS prevent SPI Firewall 60 PPTP 200 IPSec VPN tunnel Content Filter

11 11 / 34 Product Features – Multi WAN  Hardware 8-LAN Port 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 Port 1 configurable with LAN 1(Mirror Port) 4-WAN Port 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 Inbound / outbound load balancing and auto line fail-over with Multi-WAN 1-DMZ Port 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 Configurable with WAN 5 Support HA (High Available)

12 12 / 34  Multi-WAN Fail over WAN1 When WAN1 Fail, the user can access Internet through the Multi-WAN Product Features 1/14 WAN2~4 LAN Group DMZ Group

13 13 / 34  Outbound Load Balancing WAN1 WAN2~4 WAN1 LoadingWAN2~4 Loading Product Features 2/14 LAN Group DMZ Group Network Traffic over loading WAN2~4 Enable Multi - WAN Ports Network Traffic Load Balancing

14 14 / 34  Inbound Load Balancing DMZ (WEB/ FTP sever) WAN1 Clients Product Features 3/14 WAN2~4 Network Traffic over loading Multi - WAN Ports Network Traffic Load Balancing WAN2~4 Enable WAN1 LoadingWAN2~4 Loading

15 15 / 34  HA ( High Available ) Product Features 4/14 High Availability is adopted in the network that requires fault tolerance and backup mechanism. Two similar devices are used to be the backup for each other. ISP1 ISP2 Slave Master

16 16 / 34 Product Features – Security & QoS  Bandwidth Management Guaranteed Bandwidth Max.Bandwidth Session Limit Port-Based QoS  Security SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) Firewall DoS (Denial of Service) prevention IP & Port filtering DMZ Host Prevents ARP Attack on LAN

17 17 / 34  Bandwidth Management Product Features 5/14 According to the IP and service (port) to ensure the important application. E-Mail:3Mbps VIP:5Mbps Set different bandwidth ERP:10Mbps Other:2Mbps

18 18 / 34  Smart QoS Product Features 6/14 When the bandwidth usage over the set percent, the smart QoS will enabled automatically to limit each users bandwidth. Over the preset usage!! Each user be limited 1Mbps 5Mbps2Mbps 10Mbps20Mbps 10Mbps20Mbps

19 19 / 34  SPI Firewall/DoS Prevent Product Features 7/14 The SPI firewall have check and filter the abnormal packet,the DoS prevent will protect the user avoid the DoS / DDoS attack. Cracker Internet Web / FTP server User Group

20 20 / 34 Product Features – VPN & VLAN  VPN Feature* IPSec, PPTP and L2TP Pass through Supports IPSec IPSec Hardware acceleration IPSec Encryption DES / 3DES / AES128 / AES192 / AES256 IPSec Authentication MD5 / SHA1 VPN Hub  Support VLAN IEEE 802.1Q Tagged VLAN on WAN port* Port VLAN

21 21 / 34  IPSec VPN (Site to Site) VPN Tunnel Product Feature 8/14 Cause the data via the VPN tunnel will be encrypt, so even the hacker intercept this data still can’t read this information. Headquarter Branch Office Hacker !@#$%^&*())_ ?????????

22 22 / 34 VPN Tunnel  VPN Hub Product Features 9/14 Firewall Gateway Secured VPN Connection No need to create the new VPN tunnel

23 23 / 34  Port VLAN Product Features 10/14 The manager can via the Port VLAN feature collocate with the multiple subnet to manage the network. VLAN1 VLAN2 VLAN3

24 24 / 34 Product Features - Management  Full Management IPv4 / IPv6 Dual Stack Standard-based Management WEB-based SNMP v1 and v2c Remote management Content Filter Restrict Application Download/Upload blocking URLs/Scripts Filter Statistic Traffic Graphic statistic Monitoring, Logging, and Alarms of system activities

25 25 / 34 IPv6 network IPv4 network Product Features 11/14  IPv6 / IPv4 Dual Stack Application Transport Layer IPv4 Stack IPv6 Stack IPv4 Host IPv6 Host WEB Remote Management Load Balance Log ICMP DHCP CS-5800 DMZ

26 26 / 34  Content Filter* Product Features 12/14 X The content filter feature can block the P2P, IM software and the specified file extension as.exe or.pdf.

27 27 / 34  Traffic Statistic Product Features 13/14 Network manager can observe the user’s traffic usage and the behavior, It help the manager to make the bandwidth of the network distribute easily. Inbound/ Outbound Statistic Physical port Statistic Service Statistic Client traffic Statistic

28 28 / 34 Product Features 14/14  Management TCP/IP HTTP Web Management (IPv4/IPv6) The CS-5800 provide the SNMP and http web management, the manager can supervise this device easily. Compliant with many web browser. SNMP v1 / v2c

29 29 / 34 Product Feature-summary Security VPN Tunnel connection Remote management via VPN Tunnel Multi-ISP improve the bandwidth SPI Firewall/ DOS Prevent Fast access for full Gigabit port Content Filter

30 30 / 34 Product Application  Headquarter-Branch Office Remote Multi Service Solution A company locates in Taipei,Taiwan and its branch office is in New York, US. The two places needs many service like VoIP, Video conference, data transmission and IP surveillance to communicate with each other. The MIS manager needs some product to accord with those demand: Extend the bandwidth and make a cost-effective network Stable network connection( fail over) The reliable VPN connection Use the bandwidth management mechanism (QoS) to ensure the average bandwidth for each user

31 31 / 34 Headquarter Branch Office Product Application  Multi Service Solution Internet ISP 1 ISP 2 CMS/Data HTTP / video Traffic VoIP Traffic VoIP Phone IP Camera Server Multi-WAN connect with Multi-ISP improve the bandwidth and cost savings Via the VPN tunnel to established the secure and High efficiency network

32 32 / 34 Model PLANET CS-5800 Draytek Vigor3300 Product Photo Hardware Processor Cavium CN3120-500MHz Unknow RAM 1G DDR2 MB Unknow Flash32 MBUnknow DimensionDesktop/19 inch rack Network port5 x WAN(1 x configurable for DMZ) 8 x LAN (All Giga ports) 3 x WAN 10/100 Ethernet (1 x configurable for DMZ) 4 x LAN 10/100 Ethernet 1 x Console Port System Performance Firewall performance1GbpsUnknow 3DES performance 154Mbps Unknow Concurrent Session 40,000 Unknow Product Comparison  External Comparison

33 33 / 34 Model PLANET CS-5800 Draytek Vigor3300 Firewall Content FilteringYes Policy-based FirewallYes SPI FirewallYes VPN Feature VPN TunnelIPSec : 200 PPTP : 60 IPSec : 200 PPTP : Unknow VPN HubYes- Management WAN Load balancingOutbound / InboundOutbound High AvailabilityYes StatisticsTraffic statistic- SNMPSNMP v1, v2cYes QoSYes Alert by emailYes IPv6Yes - VLANPort VLAN,802.1Q VLAN tag Dynamic routingRIPv1/2, Strategic RouteRIPv1/2, Static Routing Product Comparison  External Comparison

34 34 / 34  Target Markets SMB/ Enterprise Office Security Reseller  Target Customers Who buy our Security Gateway SG-1000/SG-4800 Who buy our Multi-Homing Security Gateway MH-3400/MH-2001 VRT-420N Who buy our UTM Content Security Gateway CS-1000/CS-2001 Appendix - Sales Target

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