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Computer Booking & Access Management. Agenda Introduction Introduction to MyPC Live MyPC demonstration MyPC Summary.

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1 Computer Booking & Access Management

2 Agenda Introduction Introduction to MyPC Live MyPC demonstration MyPC Summary

3 Computer Access Issues Optimising Usage Fair Usage Block Booking Tutor Booking Staff Time Avoiding Conflict Policing Usage Behaviour Web / Intranet Booking Control User Surveillance Network Integration & Security Compatibility with Other Solutions Usage Statistics Key Performance Indicators Banning Users Acceptable Usage Policy

4 Architecture Everything is in a grid How that grid is configured is up to you Grid is: Computers Locations Users Time All controlled via policies you create on the server Real time access and control to clients Web based to control the server

5 Architecture Network Windows AD Novell RM Networks Clients Windows XP/2000 (Vista in development) Mac (10.4) Windows Terminal Server 2000/2003

6 Architecture Client/Server Client controls the sessions Instant update of settings to client if changes made at the server Constant communication between client/server TCP port 33334 Client RAM usage Client process 35Mb, Client Session process 30Mb Disk space < 10Mb Server usage AAA service 22Mb MyPC 24Mb SQL variable All configuration occurs via web browser, however can be accessed via SQL if required.

7 Functionality Flexible Booking Options – Run your locations how you want them. User and Location Policies – Superior control of both users and resources. Comprehensive Reports – Via your browser and in CSV & XML format. True Multi-Site Support – Centralised Database & Web-Based Admin Multi-Lingual Support Different Levels of Administrator Access Dynamic Activity View – Spreadsheet look and feel Advanced Banned User Management Remotely reboot, shutdown, logoff and send messages to computers Wake-On-LAN – automatically start-up computers User Surveillance – iSPY Corporate branding and custom text

8 Walk-up Users access idle computers. Users book in advance Users book in advance via kiosks or during sessions. Users book via the Internet / Intranet Web-based booking allows for access from anywhere. Staff book for users Staff can solely / occasionally make bookings for users. Staff make block bookings Staff can block book any number of computers in a location for class or group usage. Block bookings can be password-protected. Combination of the above? MyPC’s extreme flexibility allows your organisation to mix and match any combination of the above from location to location. Booking Methods

9 Walk-Up Usage MyPC allows users to access computers that have not been booked in-between sessions. There is no need to book an available computer. User Group and Location policies still apply. Student Computers Available PC In Use Booked

10 Users Book in Advance MyPC can create a self-service computer booking system whereby users book computers via a web browser which can be conveniently located on kiosk terminals for easy access. Kiosks are optional and are ideal for larger sites and can reside on other computers such as WebOPACs MyPC Web Kiosk Student Computers

11 Users Book via the Internet / Intranet MyPC allows users to book computers from home, work or elsewhere using the Internet and a standard web browser. Users can also book their next session whilst using a MyPC controlled computer. Campus Users Student Computers Off-Campus User Internet

12 Staff Book for User MyPC staff can always book on the behalf of users. MyPC can restrict access to computers so only staff may make bookings. Student Computers Staff Perform Bookings

13 Block Bookings MyPC allows staff to block book computers for classes. Staff can book further in advance than students ensuring their bookings get preference. Banned users may use computers as part of a block booking if required. Student Computers Staff Perform Bookings

14 MyPC on Client Computers Customisable with your colours and graphics

15 MyPC on the Client Computers MyPC Does Not Replace Your Network Logon!

16 Messaging

17 Proof: Live Demonstration End user experience Admin Bookings User Bookings Block Bookings System Administration System Configuration User Administration Reports and Statistics Online Demo MS Logon RM Logon Novell Logon Block Booking Logon

18 Summary Flexible Booking Options – Run your system how you want it. User and Location Policies – Superior control of both users & resources. Comprehensive Reports – Access information that would be otherwise unknown. Ease of use – Simple Booking Interface and Web-Based Administration. Powerful Control Messaging, remote log off, shutdown and reboot Wake-On-LAN End-user surveillance - iSPY Support for industry standard network operating systems - AD/Novell/RM Does not replace your existing logon system. Advanced user control Multilingual Support Centralised Database and Web Booking as standard!

19 Requirements Minimum Server Requirements: PIII CPU or better 1 GB RAM or better 8 GB Free Hard Disk Space (Preferably Mirrored for Redundancy) Windows 2000 / 2003 /2008 Server MSDE 2000A / MS SQL 2000 / 2005 (including Express Edition) IIS.NET Framework 2.0 No need to dedicate a server, however many sites prefer to do this. Client Computer Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP Professional (Vista in development) Windows Terminal Server 2000/2003 Mac OSX 10.4 Staff Computer Requirements: IE 6 / Firefox 1.5 or higher Sun Java (where iSPY has been implemented). All software included on installation CD.

20 Installing CD Installer screenshot

21 Documentation Setup & Installation Guide – 65 pages Reference Guide – 146 pages Day to Day Usage Guide – 78 pages Mac Install Guide - 26 pages Silent Client Install Guide – 5 pages Easy, step by step instructions – with many screenshots, guiding you on each step.

22 Thank you

23 Email from Mark – follow up Hi Colin, Thank you for the time given for the MyPC presentation. Attached is the powerpoint presentation (minus the pricing). There were 2 questions in the presentation. Below are the answers. ------------------------- Can Extend Can Extend controls whether or not the user is offered an option to extend their session if the computer they are using is not booked for another user after their current session. Setting Can Extend to "Yes" means that users will be offered extensions. Leaving Can Extend set to "No" (default value) means that no extension will ever be offered. Clicking on the arrow will display the two choices. If Can Extend is set to "Yes", the user will be offered a session extension at the time their level 1 warning is due (see below). If they do not accept the extension they will be asked again at the level 2 warning. If they accept the extension, their session will be extended, subject to the following rules. 1. For the time specified in "Maximum Extend Time" (see below). 2. Until the next advanced booking scheduled on the computer, if that is before the Maximum Extend Time rule comes into force. Please note that the extend session feature can potentially allow users to use computers for longer than their Group Policy allows. The extension granted will never be more than the "Maximum Extended Time". Please note that a user may ask a TA/NTA logged into the MyPC Booking Page to extend their session. The Maximum Extended Time setting, or the users Maximum Daily Time setting do not restrict sessions extended by a TAs/NTAs.

24 Email cont. -------------------------- How to manage No Shows: Logon Wait Time Logon Wait Time specifies how long a computer will wait for a user to log on to an advanced booking. The default is 10 minutes. For example, if an advanced booking is scheduled to start at 10:00, the reservation will be held on the computer until 10:10. If the user does not log on by 10:10, the reservation will be cancelled and logged by MyPC as a No Show. You can alter the Logon Wait Time by specifying a new value. ------------------------------ Best Regards, Mark A. Hacker Mail: PO Box 516 Double Bay NSW 2028 Australia Australia Voice1: + 61 3 9629 4455 Australia Voice2: + 61 2 9555 7355 Australia Fax: + 61 2 9475 0493 - 100% Restore PC on every reboot - Unauthorised executables will never run - Returning Control to the Teacher - IT Asset Management, software licensing/

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