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ISLAND VISIONING Gillian Cambers Small Islands Voice.

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1 ISLAND VISIONING Gillian Cambers Small Islands Voice

2 Outline Conflicts over environment and development in small islands Small Islands Voice – widening the discussion and local action Island Visioning - in the long term it may help to find the right balance between environment and development

3 Island views



6 Island peoples

7 we replace this ……

8 ……with this

9 Fishermen are moved out

10 Beaches are only for tourists

11 Does it have to be like this? Or are there alternatives?

12 Small Islands Voice Small Islands Voice is all about seeking this elusive balance between environment and development, and then sharing the experiences

13 Objectives of Small Islands Voice People in small islands: exchanging their views on environment and development issues working together to solve their problems taking part in the Small Island Developing States Programme of Action

14 Finding out the issues Developing a network of partners in small islands Opinion surveys, meetings, media Using the internet to exchange views and widen the project’s reach

15 Opinion surveys Opinion surveys in six islands and three regions 1% of the population sampled Results compiled

16 Open ended questions: What changes have you seen in the last 10 years? What changes would you like to see in the next 10 years? Does the general public play a role in planning the future development of your island?

17 SIV Youth Internet Forum Students in 40 schools in 12 island territories Using the internet to discuss issues ranging from incest to island heritage

18 SIV Youth Internet Forum View the discussion at with username view and password only

19 SIV Global Internet Forum SMALL ISLANDS VOICE Do you live in a small island? Tell us what you think. ********************************‘ Climate change is not like terrorism, it is terrorism’ was one response to………….

20 SIV Global Internet Forum Web based discussion Articles emailed out every 2 weeks to more than 20,000 e-mail addresses of people living in small islands Discussions compiled and summarised on the web

21 SIV Global Internet Forum Topics started with road development in Palau

22 SIV Global Internet Forum and covered a range of other topics including crime and violence in small islands

23 Key issues in all islands economy and high cost of living unemployment lack of health care better education improved infrastructure environmental degradation

24 Key issues in some islands over-dependence on tourism (Seychelles) decline in moral and/or traditional values (Palau) increased crime and violence (St. Kitts & Nevis) need for good governance (Cook Islands)

25 Issues and views compiled Views and issues regularly compiled and available at www. smallislandsvoice.or g and in publications and newsletters

26 Addressing the issues In St. Kitts & Nevis a Back Chat Project involves youth in dialogue among themselves and their peers to address this very complex issue

27 Addressing the issues In Seychelles – hoteliers are working to monitor and manage their beaches

28 Island visioning Island visioning is emerging as one of the key areas for Small Islands Voice There are two main areas of concentration: Community visioning Youth visioning

29 Community visioning In Palau, Small Islands Voice partners, the Palau Conservation Society, are working with communities on a Community Visioning project

30 Where is Palau?

31 What is Community visioning? Community visioning is essentially a long term planning process whereby communities lay out a blueprint for changes they want to see within their communities, they then implement the plan and evaluate their progress on an ongoing basis.

32 Community visioning Community visioning is designed to provide communities with the opportunity to reflect on and decide upon a shared vision for the future. By working together, visions can become a reality

33 Stages of community visioning developing a vision statement and a strategic plan implementing the plan monitoring and evaluation

34 Communities working together A group, blindfolded, construct a rope house and learn that working together is the only way

35 Communities at their best

36 Developing a vision statement One of the first steps is for the community to develop a view of how they want their community to develop; in Palau this has been done by building a photo mural

37 Building a photo mural Community members take photos of the good things they want to keep and the bad they want to see addressed or removed

38 Sonsorol’s Vision Statement We envision preservation of our cultural values and tradition of family respect We envision that people on the islands will live self sufficiently and in harmony with the environment We envision more people wanting to live on the islands with feeling of security in health care services and education for their children

39 Moloka’i’s successes Taro patches and fish ponds are returning Cruise ships are not allowed to dock, instead passengers arrive via tender from a neighbouring island Dialysis centre has been established Landuse conflicts reduced

40 Youth visioning Youth visioning has been started as a way to involve youth in the Programme of Action for Small Island Developing States

41 Small Islands Voice SIV is you, SIV is me, SIV is all ah we For more information, see Thank you

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