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Zlatan Dzinic SharePoint MVP SMC Enterprise Session Code: OFS321

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2 Zlatan Dzinic SharePoint MVP SMC Enterprise Session Code: OFS321
Building Powerful Business Intelligence Solutions on the SharePoint 2010 Platform Zlatan Dzinic SharePoint MVP SMC Enterprise Session Code: OFS321

3 Agenda SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence
Challenges in BI and Performance Management Overview of the new BI features in SharePoint 2010 Excel Services Excel Services and PowerPivot PerformancePoint Services Reporting Services and Report Builder Visio Services Solutions Business Intelligence Performance Management Feature comparison to competitive products

4 Microsoft BI Solution Focus
Areas of Business Intelligence Organizational business intelligence Organizational business intelligence describes a set of tools that help people align their objectives and activities with overall company goals, objectives, and metrics. It is business intelligence that helps synchronize individual efforts by using scorecards, strategy maps, and other tools that connect to corporate data. Business intelligence for the community People don’t work just as individuals but in groups and teams to complete projects. Business intelligence for the community delivers information that reflects this, providing business intelligence that focuses on the ability to promote collaboration, and rapid sharing of information to drive to a common decision. Self-service and personal business intelligence Personal and self-service business intelligence is information available or delivered to people when they need it and in the desired format. IT may integrate a self-service business intelligence platform to reduce the backlog of requests. Typically there is little or no IT involvement.

5 Performance Management and BI according to Gartner
Business Intelligence Performance Management Focused: process efficiency or cost reduction Scope: Excel Department Operational: improve business effectiveness Dashboards Interactive query Intra-department Strategic: integrated business execution and management. Scorecards, Analytics Corporate Portal Inter-departments Increasing business value Opportunistic Tactical Strategic Pervasive: Agility with change and innovation. Integrated corporate performance experience. Communicate actions about ‘one version of the truth’. Decide and Manage Measure Optimize Lead and Innovate

6 Better Execute on Strategy
Monitor What happened? What is happening? Analyze Why? Strategy Plan What will happen? What do I want to happen? Continuous business improvement, not just an annual exercise 6

7 Business Problem Scenario
Challenge Imagine one Catalog with a common destination… Unite disparate BI assets from across the enterprise Access reports, scorecards and dashboards for all businesses from one portal Attain secure and centralized delivery with data level security Empower power users to publish BI using agile, self service model Improve productivity, allowing users to locate, share and organize BI assets Implement zero footprint deployment using thin client / browser Imagine being able to … HR Finance S&M IT Unproductive Wasteful Inefficient Consolidate Share Organize Silos of unorganized BI assets Sharing and access challenges

8 Introducing Microsoft CBI
Definition: A centrally hosted, secure, and personalizable BI Portal destination for scorecards, reports & business analysis 8 One BI portal using: SharePoint Server 2007 Performance Point Excel Services ProClarity SharePoint Server 2010 * PowerPivot SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 Analysis Services 2008 Disconnected report catalogs for various back end Data Sources and different apps. DM for HR business2 Business n Single Enterprise Catalog of Reports for all applications, regions and Microsoft BI Technologies Enterprise Report Catalog Business groups expose the right information in agile manner with auto-group and security groups Report repository & report level security based on user’s security access Personalization, Targeting and BI Reporting Consolidation in Extranet and Corpnet * SharePoint 2010 with PowerPivot recently added to EDW Sandbox infrastructure and reports can be added to the CBI catalog

9 OLAP analytics and Ad-Hoc Reports Scorecards and Dashboards
BI Capabilities & Tools used OLAP analytics and Ad-Hoc Reports Scorecards and Dashboards Standard Reports

10 Data Analysis and Visualization
Excel 2010 Vision User Experience And Collaboration Data Analysis and Visualization Hosted Spreadsheet and Programmability Slice Work together Excel Web App Recognize Trends across the PC, phone, and browser Extensible Platform bring ideas to life Enable Self-Service

11 Top 10 Features … Excel Excel Services
Conditional Formatting Sparklines Slicers Search Filters Named Sets More workbooks Client Fidelity Edit Collaboration REST Pivot Charts JSOM PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint

12 Excel Services ‘14’ Excel 2007 Client Custom Applications Authoring
Thin Rendering in Browser Excel Services ‘14’ View, Interact View, Interact, & Edit Excel 2007 Client Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Open Spreadsheet or Snapshot Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari Web Services, UDFs, JavaScript OM, & REST Web Services, UDFs Custom Applications Author and Publish Spreadsheets Authoring Exploration and Consumption

13 Zlatan Dzinic SharePoint MVP SMC Enterprise
demo Excel Services Zlatan Dzinic SharePoint MVP SMC Enterprise

14 PowerPivot and Excel Services
PowerPivot add-in for Excel PowerPivot add-in for SharePoint

15 Excel and PowerPivot Add-in
Excel 2010 is the end user's analyst's tool of choice for viewing, manipulating, performing analysis on, generating intelligence from, and creating reports about their organization's data. As the end user tool of Microsoft for Business Intelligence, Excel is where BI begins. Excel 2010 PowerPivot Add-in is an extension to Excel that adds support for large-scale data. It has an in-memory data store as an option for Analysis Services. Multiple data sources include corporate databases, worksheets, reports, and data feeds. Can publish to SharePoint Server 2010. Consider using Excel and PowerPivot Add-in when ... PowerPivot Add-in with Excel: You can combine native Excel 2010 functionality with the PowerPivot Add-in in-memory engine to allow users to interactively explore and perform calculations on large data sets. Use Excel and PowerPivot Add-in when you want to quickly manipulate millions of rows of data into a single Excel workbook for ad-hoc reports.

16 Excel Services and PowerPivot
demo Excel Services and PowerPivot Zlatan Dzinic SharePoint MVP SMC Enterprise

17 What is PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint 2010?
Business Intelligence dashboards

18 What are BI dashboards? Visualizations Spreadsheets Metrics Diagrams

19 PerformancePoint Reports
Aggregate what? Content Spreadsheets Diagrams PerformancePoint Reports Reports Data Spreadsheet List Data Warehouse 3rd Party

20 PerformancePoint Services
demo PerformancePoint Services Zlatan Dzinic SharePoint MVP SMC Enterprise

21 Reporting Services 2008 Enterprise Reporting Platform
Author Impactful Reports Powerful Designers Flexible Report Layout Rich Visualizations Manage any Workload Enterprise Scale Platform Central Deployment Strong Manageability Deliver Personalized Reports Interactive Reports Rendering in the Format Users Want Delivery to Location Users Want

22 Reporting Services Empower End Users Share & Collaborate
Timely access to information Intuitive authoring Powerful visualizations* Share & Collaborate Publish to SharePoint “Grab and Go” access* Componentize existing reports* Increase IT Efficiency Central deployment & management Build reusable components for broad use* Deliver analytics data through reports*

23 The Reporting Life Cycle Delivering Reports
Runtime report rendering HTML, MHTML, Excel, PDF, TIFF, Word, CSV, XML Pull delivery: Report requested by user SharePoint document library and web parts Push delivery: Report delivered by Report Server Standard subscriptions Data-driven subscriptions Delivery to , folder or document library

24 Architecture SharePoint 2010 WFE Report Server
SSRS 2008 R2 Add-In Install Report Server SharePoint 2010 WFE SharePoint Object Model SharePoint Config / Content DB Report Server in SharePoint Mode (2008 R2) Security Extension Data Management Reporting Services Add-in Report Viewer web part Report management UI SSRS Proxy SharePoint Object Model Report Sever DB

25 Reporting Services and Report Builder
demo Reporting Services and Report Builder Zlatan Dzinic SharePoint MVP SMC Enterprise

26 Request #1 “I want to share/view diagrams in SharePoint”
Central location Never leave the browser No more dialogs!

27 Request #2 ”I want diagrams that are always up to date”
(1 hour later) Not just a snapshot in time Diagram only created once View existing data in context

28 Request #3 ”I want diagrams on my SharePoint pages!”
Free-form vector diagrams on your web pages Diagrams in context with other relevant data.

29 Visio Services Features In detail…
Rendering Browser-agnostic Full Fidelity rendering using Down-level experience in PNG Visual Refresh of Data Diagrams Refresh diagrams connected to: Supports Kerberos, SSO & Unattended Auth. Automatic refresh SQL Excel SP Lists OLEDB ODBC Custom ODC

30 Visio Services Features In detail…
SharePoint Integration Visio Web Access web part JavaScript Mash-up API Supports web part connections Administration Visio Services is a Shared Service Customizable in Central Admin & PowerShell Can tune performance to your hardware

31 Visio Services Visio Services in the technology stack
Windows Server SharePoint Foundations SharePoint Services Visio Services Geneva Framework IIS SQL Available to SharePoint Services ECAL customers Available in hosted & non-hosted SharePoint Requires Visio 2010 to create web drawings

32 Zlatan Dzinic SharePoint MVP SMC Enterprise
demo Visio Services Zlatan Dzinic SharePoint MVP SMC Enterprise

33 question & answer Twitter: @ZlatanDzinic

34 Resources Required Slide Speakers,
TechEd 2009 is not producing a DVD. Please announce that attendees can access session recordings at TechEd Online. Resources Sessions On-Demand & Community Microsoft Certification & Training Resources Resources for IT Professionals Resources for Developers

35 Complete an evaluation on CommNet and enter to win an Xbox 360 Elite!

36 Required Slide © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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