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2 Main contents 1.Supporting the national policy 2.Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises 3.Building model OSH protection system in informal economic sectors 4.Sharing information and experiences with Asean countries 5.Cooperation between two tracks of the project 6. Evaluation of the project implementation in 2010 7.Follow-up activities 8.Direction for project implementation in 2011

3 1. Supporting to the national OSH management system

4 1.1. Conducting a national workshop on developing the National OSH Programme -The national workshop was conducted in May 06 th 2010 in Hanoi to identify priorities, objectives and projects need to be implemented in development of the second National OSH Programme period 2010-2015. - The second national OSH programme is being finalized and will be appraised by competent agencies as Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice… before submitting to the Government for approval.

5 1.2. Feasibility study for ratification of the IlO Convention No. 187 on Promotional Framework for OSH (C.187) - A Service Contract was signed between Director of ILO office in Viet Nam with Director of Legal Department for feasible study forward to ratification of the ILO Convention No. 187 on Promotional Framework for OSH. - The Legal Department will organize some meetings to consult and cooperate with relevant ministries and organizations as: Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Government Office; The President’s office; Ministry of Health; Vietnam General Confederation of Labour ; Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Vietnam Cooperative Alliance. - The work started in August 2010 and will be finished in May 2011 with roadmap for ratification.

6 1.3. Workshop on Developing the national guide for applying the OSH-MS and improving the reporting system of occupational accidents - 50 participants representative for government agencies and representative of employees and employers, DOLISA, Trade union and enterprises coming from 10 provinces in the South to attend the national workshop on 06 Sep 2010. - Results discussion at the workshop and experiences from Japanese MHLW will be considered to revise the draft of national guide for applying OSH-MS and the Joint Circular on reporting, investing, statistic of occupational accidents, contribute to strengthen the OSH management system.

7 1.4. Survey on OHS in SMEs - Bureau for Safe Work carried-out a survey on OSH in 500 SMEs from Sep 2009 to May 2010 to find out the existence of working condition in SMEs, base on that to carry-out practical solutions to improve OSH in SMEs. - There are some recommendations mentioned in the survey report. One of those solutions is to provide WISE training courses for employers, managers so that they can use their available resources to improve the working condition for employees.

8 2. Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in improving working condition

9 2.1. Providing WISE training for SMEs Thai Nguyen Thanh Hoa TT-HueĐong NaiTotal No. of SMEs37523061180 Lần 1: 2009911101545 Lần 2: 201011 101648 Lần 3: 20101015101550 Lần 4: 2010715 37

10 Thai Nguyen Thanh Hoa TT-HueĐong NaiTotal No. Employers participated 11411991111435 Fist : 2009303330 123 Second: 201033263127117 Third: 201030 27117 Fourth: 20102130 2778 2.1 Training WISE for employers, manager and representative of employees

11 2.1. Improvement of working condition in small enterprises after WISE training from Oct/2009 to Aug/2010 TransportationMachineryWork designWorking environment Social affairers Sum-up Thai Nguyen 2009 12415426 2010 19812 1566 Thanh Hoa 2009 10592430 2010 13121391158 Thua thien- Hue 2009 39139943 2010 8614101149 Đong Nai 2009 602110845 2010 16251213975 Total 8769957071 392

12 A good Example on Work Improvement in Hue city Duy Khiet Printing Enterprise

13 Work-plan for improvement and certificate after WISE training

14 Keep passageway clear for transportation of materials BeforeAfter BeforeAfter Cover operating part of the machine

15 Re-arrange tolls tidily at work-place BeforeAfter New water provider

16 Arrange materials and tools tidily BeforeAfter BeforeAfter

17 Notes for operating machine Arrange materials tidily

18 Other Good Examples in Thai Nguyen province Tân Long Company

19 Tan Long company make a roof to avoid strong sunshine and installed a fan at workplace for workers after WISE training in May 2010

20 Tan Long company arranged one place for parking motorbike, installed an emergency electricity box and a medicine box at workplace

21 This is a mechanical factory, use secondhand machineries anmd equipments. After WISE training, campany caryied out many evaluate improvements: - Cover operating part of the machineries - Installed automat to replace old equipments - Keep pressure tanks stably - Attached wheel to the equipments - Re-arrange tools tidily -….. Hong Truong Company, Thanh Hoá province Hong Truong Company, Thanh Hoá province

22 Cover operating part of the machinery

23 Installed automat to replace old equipment

24 Attached wheels to the fan for moving easely TRƯỚC CẢI THIỆN SAU CẢI THIỆN Make a simple chute to cut off material

25 Guidance for using electric box Keep pressure tank stably

26 Rearrange the tools tidily

27 3. Building model OSH protection system in informal economic sectors

28 3.1. Training of trainer course on WIND - 25 officials of 4 target provinces and farmer union have participated WIND/TOT in Thai Nguyen from 7 to 15 May 2010. - Return home, they have provided WIND training for 80 farmer volunteers in 4 target provinces (20 volunteers per province). - As schedule, 800 farmers will be participated in WIND training and they will improve the working condition by themselves.

29 - 25 officials from 4 target provinces and training center participated in a training of trainer course on Work Improvement for Safe Home (WISH/TOT) from 22 to 24 July 2010 in Hue city. - As schedule, in October, each target province will conduct one WISH training for 25-30 home workers and assist them to improve working condition at workplaces. 3.2. Training of trainers course for on WISH

30 - The Workshop on OSH in SMEs was organized in Thai nguyen from 12- 13 Mar 2010 - 82 participants including 18 delegates coming from Asean countries articipated in the workshop. - Based on the workshop discussion, the participants adopted the Recommendations for submitting to the governments of ASEAN member countries to take stronger initiatives and actions towards the higher OSH standards as well as OSH services in ASEAN. 4. Sharing information and experiences with Asean countries

31 1. Developing the National Profile and National Programme on OHS. 2. Developing a action guide on BOHS to improve OSH in SMEs 3. Developing the leaflet, Website to distribute project information to users. 4. Collaborating activities at provinces: ILO/MOLISA project invited health staff of 4 provinces to attend training courses for core trainers on OHS in SMEs (WISE/TOT); OSH in Agriculture (WIND/TOT) and OSH for home workers (WISH/TOT). 5. Collaborating activities between 2 projects

32 1.Most of main project activities were implemented and completed timely as showing in the work-plan 2010. 2.The core trainers accumulated many good experiences, they selected properly SMEs for WISE training, therefore the SMEs participated actively in improving working condition, and obtained many good achievements. 3.The concerned agencies and organizations cooperated closely and effectively. WIND and WISH were implemented in 4 target provinces 4.The provincial PMU regularly control and monitor project’s activities to ensure progress and quality of the project. 6. Evaluation the implementation in 2010

33 7. Follow-up activities in 2010 1.A meeting among ILO-WHO-MOLISA and MOH to discuss on first draft of the action guide on BOHS to improve OSH in SMEs that was developed by Dr. Kogi, international consultant. Tentative time will be 17 November 2.Organize the national workshop with participation of multinationals enterprises to introduce ILO Code of Practice on OSH in the transfer technology to developing countries and discuss on prevention of life-habit diseases and reduce work-related stress. The tentative time will be 22 November. This activity need technical support from experts from MHLW.

34 7. Follow-up activities in 2010 3. Complete WIND mini training for farmers and prepare for conducting the national achievement workshop on WIND to share information and experience on improvement of OSH in agriculture between selected farmers in 4 target provinces with Can Tho farmers (where the WIND have been implemented since 1995). Tentative time will be 01-02 December. 4.Organize a study tour training for some employers of SMEs and selected officials of 4 target provinces. The study tour will be followed by an Asean workshop to share information and experiences on improvement OSH in SMEs among Asean countries and Japanese colleagues.

35 1.Complete all activities and objectives showing in the project document to ensure progress, quality and effectively of the project. 2.MOLISA propose ILO to provide financial and technical support to conduct training of trainers courses on WISE, WIND for other provinces. After that they can use local or state budget in the national OSH programme to provide training for SMEs and local farmers. This is one of necessary activities to obtain objectives of the project and maintain project’s activities after ending. 3.Propose ILO to introduce the training method on Work Improvement in Small Construction Site (WISCON). Construction has a highest rate of occupational accidents every year and OSH in construction is one of priorities of the second national OSH programme period of 2010-2015. 8. Direction for implementation of the project in 2011

36 Thank you for your attention!


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