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Sly Spy vs. Pompeii: It’s Just the Beginning A L.G. Bennet Novella.

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1 Sly Spy vs. Pompeii: It’s Just the Beginning A L.G. Bennet Novella

2 We last left Sly Spy on a public park bench in France… Command is sending a unit out to recover her, but will they get there in time?

3 On a public park bench in France… So I guess I’ll just know when they show up to rescue me? Still not really sure why I’m trusting a watch, but then again, I don’t have a lot to go on. Cat, what do you think? Meow.

4 Looks like Command didn’t get there in time! This can only be the work of…

5 Pompeii, the memory stealing octopus.

6 HAHAHAHAHA! I have captured Sly Spy again, and this time she will not escape! I can now fulfill my evil plan to destroy the Command Center once and for all!!!!!!!! Not likely Pompeii, you’d have to, oh I don’t know, brain wash me, or something.

7 Hey, that’s not a bad idea.

8 Presenting Octo-Sly, my newest minion prototype! What better way to get to Command and destroy it than by using their star, their own Agent Sly!?!

9 And now, with the help of my army of gold fish and the glowing purple rock, I shall destroy Command Center for my master, Pompeii!

10 Wait, what’s that…a picture? It seems really familiar! Sly Spy etait plus calme que la ferme. Command has gathered known memories from Sly Spy’s childhood are using them to launch a counterattack!

11 That’s the village near the farm where I grew up! Well, I think it is. Elle etait moins vivante que le village.

12 I used to have more sheep than ducks? Elle etait plus de moutons que de canards.

13 Is it just me, or do those cows look more like really round dogs? Elle etait moins de poules que vaches.

14 That is one prized sheep! Le mouton le plus prise.

15 That has got to be breaking some sort of health code. Le champ le plus polluee.

16 I was a pretty decent tree climber. Elle etait meilleure que moi a grimper aux arbes.

17 When it comes down to me and the bunny, it is simply not a fair comparison. Elle etait meilleure que le lapin.

18 This was the reason why. Elle etait la meilleure pure.

19 I certainly feel more dangerous now. Why am I wearing this stupid suit? Elle etait la meilleure dangereuse. We’ve almost got you back Agent Sly! Now for the final phase: showing you the memories Pompeii left.

20 Elle etait collectionner.Elle etait faire de la balacoire. Elle etait faire de chateaux de pierre. Elle etait jouser au ballon. Elle etait sauver des les souvenirs d’enfance.

21 Command! What am I doing? Some one help me get this stupid suit off!

22 Deep inside the bowels of the Command Center… It is good to be back in Command and out of the clutches of evil. Although Pompeii still has some of my memories, I’m pretty much back to normal. Thanks Command! I know I have to stay here until I get the all clear, so I have just one favor to ask…

23 Deep inside the bowels of the Command Center… Can we acquire that cat? He was good company. Uhh…Sly? You’re allergic to cats.

24 I may have lost my best prototype to date, but this isn’t over Sly! Now it’s personal! I’m coming for you and for your precious Command Center. This is just the beginning!

25 A L.G. Bennet Novella Written By: L.G. Bennet Iillustrated by: L.G. Bennet Other Side of the Glass Publishers

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