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Wer nicht fliegen kann, wird niemals träumen können. Antoine de Saint Exupery.

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1 Wer nicht fliegen kann, wird niemals träumen können. Antoine de Saint Exupery

2 Or, the story about the flight to Bujedvice (Budweis) CZ For another pictures look at

3 Lay back and enjoy the pic´s. The presentation will work automaticly

4 ULJIH invited all Fascination Pilots for a small Fly Inn to Bujedvice, CZ, on 18.08.2007

5 At the beginning of every flight, is the Preflight Check.

6 Ahhh, the heart goes still around.

7 Oh, the wheels are still alive

8 After the preflightcheck, the packing.

9 Climbing up at Heubach. The first destination will be Weiden / Oberpfalz. There we will meet 2 another Fasci´s. Therefore I have to fly for nearly 1 hour.

10 The Main-Donau-Channel

11 Nürnberg out of 7500ft MSL

12 On the fist leg. The sky above Franken, behind Nürnberg is getting more cloudy.

13 As I talked to René before the flight, he looked onto the Radar. „The clouds are still nearly closed, but Weiden/Oberpfalz is free to land.“ So we´re staying in 7500 feet over the ceiling. „I would like to jump into this white heep of wool!“

14 After landing in Weiden, we took a small, tricky briefing about the way to Budejovice. The flighttime for the next leg, will take nearly an hour.

15 Taxiing in Weiden for the departure to Budejovice

16 At the border to the Czech Republic. The weatherconditions are still ok. The planned flightlevel 75 will work. Praha Info, Delta-Mike-Romeo-Mike-Romeo-Formation, dobre dan. Praha Info: „We have all your details, squak 4317, take care of parachuting“ on the way to Budweis.

17 The clouds are growing more and bigger. We´re climbing up to 10.000 feet MSL. The formation is wide feathered. We´re flying in Slalom between the clouds. Nice and fantastic!!

18 René takes another way. Does he is flying through the clouds?

19 No, not really. I have still to learn a lot.






25 What a lovley Design! A big „thanks“ to Wolfgang!

26 Through the clouds, enjoying the view.



29 Guck, Guck, René, I´m still here.

30 The Landinggrid is more than 3000 m and so wide, that we´re landing in formation. The Taxiing to the parking position takes a long, long way.

31 A small view from the parkingline

32 The Parkingline at Bujedvice. At least nearly 20 Fascis has found the way to Budweis

33 The first „highly technical“ discussions

34 Bleifrei! Avgas ! 2-Blatt Propeller 3-Blatt Propeller Transponder? Awahh, schwätz net! Gibt’s hier n Bier? Wouw, Wouw? Jungensgespräche / Boystalk Brummm, brummm Was Landegebühr 2 €? Ha, da muß ich doch gleich noch ein paar machen!

35 The working Area from ULJIH at the Airfield

36 René, the formation leader, with his last instructions.

37 The Formation is starting back to good old germany.

38 „Gears up, Prop turned to 4700U/min, powersetting reduced.“ Now René is flying alone, and so he´s faster than we are.

39 The last view to the airfield. A nice day is getting to the end.

40 René and his really nice Fasci

41 The time has come to say „sayonara“. At the border to the Czech Republic and Germany we´re giving up the formation. René will inform the FIS and close the flightplan. For us, we have a calm flight back to Heubach. Thinking about the day. What a day! And we´re still thinking about the sentence from Antoine de Saint Exupery

42 A nice Day, and a fantastic flight Powered by WD´s Fascination

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