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is/are/was/were+being+V-en S+V(make/find/think/consider...) +it+Adj+to V....

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2 is/are/was/were+being+V-en S+V(make/find/think/consider...) +it+Adj+to V....

3 1. A poll is being carried out to find out people's opinions on UFOs. is/are/was/were+being+V-en 2. Some people said that the alien bodies were being kept by the government in a secret place.

4 Rewrite the following sentences with the above pattern. The first one has been done for you. Someone was playing a Beetles song when I entered the room. ____________________________ 1. A Beetles song was being played when I entered the room.

5 Someone is giving away free samples of milk on the street now. ______________________________ __________ on the street now. 2. Free samples of milk are being given away Someone was taking Jerry to the hospital when the police called me. ______________________________ ________ when the police called me. 3. Jerry was being taken to the hospital

6 The languages of the world's dominant cultures are replacing those of smaller cultures. ________________________________ _________________________________ ________________ 5. The languages of smaller cultures are being replaced by those of the world’s dominant cultures. The detective felt that someone was following him, and he started to run. The detective felt that, ____________ ________ and he started to run. 4. he was being followed

7 Complete the following story with the given words and the above pattern. The first one has been done for you. It was a busy morning for Detective Bill at the police station. When the phone rang, a meeting was being held (hold), and a case of robbery __________(discuss). was being discussed

8 Bill: Hello, Detective Bill speaking. Wendy: Honey, it's me, Wendy. Bill: You'd better have something really important to say. I'm very busy. Wendy (crying out): I was kidnapped by aliens! Bill: You were what?

9 Wendy: I was kidnapped by an alien a few minutes ago! When that...that thing took me into a UFO, I found several people __________ (put to sleep). It seemed that some kind of experiment __________ (carry out). Bill: Experiment? What kind of experiment? were being put to sleep was being carried out

10 Wendy: I don't know. I panicked. I...I struggled and I hit the alien next to me on its head. I ran. Some aliens ran after me and caught me... Bill (getting serious): And...?

11 Wendy (murmuring, realizing she had a dream): And...and...I woke up, but the moment before that, I dreamed...I __________ (inject) with some green stuff... Bill (yelling, clenching his fist): WENDY CARLOS! was being injected

12 Bravo! You are the best!!! BACK

13 So many stories of people who claim to have seen UFOs make it impossible to deny their existence. S+V(make/find/think/consider...) +it+Adj+to V....

14 Make sentences with the items in Box A and those in Box B. The first one has been done for you.

15 1. airplane/make/convenient 2. cell phone/make/possible 3. Jerry/find/lucky 4. many students/think/difficult 5. people/consider/impolite point at others learn to speak English travel around the world get his lost wallet back communicate with people far away in less than a minute

16 Airplanes make it convenient to travel around the world. 1. Cell phones make it possible to communicate with people far away in less than a minute. 2. Jerry found it lucky to get his lost wallet back. 3.

17 Many students think it difficult to learn to speak English. 4. People consider it impolite to point at others. 5.

18 Allen and Betty are talking about the Roswell incident. Complete the following dialogue with the given words and the above pattern. The first one has been done for you.

19 A: Do you know anything about the Roswell incident? B: Sure. Some people argued that the incident made it impossible to deny (incident/make/impossible/deny) the existence of UFOs. A: That's probably why __________ (many people/find/interesting/visit) the desert town. But I wonder how people can be so sure about the incident. many people find it interesting to visit

20 You know, __________ (cover-up by the government/make/difficult/find out) what really happened in Roswell. B: That's true. But why did they do that? __________ (I/think/wrong/cover it up) People have the right to know the truth. A: Don't want to cause panic, I guess. Maybe__________ (they/consider /better/let) people live without knowing the truth. Sometimes the truth can be horrible. the cover-up by the government makes it difficult to find out I think it wrong to cover it up they consider it better to let

21 Bravo! You are the best!!! BACK

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